Zenobia L. Kindle-Davis – Wayne State University Commencement Speaker


I chose Wayne State because I want to give
people a chance to heal and cope with what they’re dealing with so that they can be in
this seat one day. My teachers were not just text book teachers,
they’re also really open to giving you a chance to try something different. Tamarie Willis, my advisor and Shantalea Johns,
my undergrad field supervisor, really inspired me a lot. The chances that Wayne State gives people
are allowed to mix well, not just as far as their skin or their country that their from
– but also by their passion. My name is Zenobia Kindle-Davis and I am Warrior

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3 thoughts on “Zenobia L. Kindle-Davis – Wayne State University Commencement Speaker”

  1. Jeannie Lawrence says:

    You are truly an exceptional individual. You overcame insurmountable odds to succeed. We are all so very proud of you. Professor Lawrence

  2. Jessica Andrews says:

    OMG. I loved it zenobia

  3. Jewels1005 says:

    Tamarie Willis the best advisor 🙌🏽

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