Zach Woods on Silicon Valley, Kumail Nanjiani’s New Body & Avenue 5


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100 thoughts on “Zach Woods on Silicon Valley, Kumail Nanjiani’s New Body & Avenue 5”

  1. ahumblediva says:

    His hair looks sexier pushed back.

  2. A C says:

    wow Avenue 5 sounds like the best show ever =0

  3. Nick Milligan says:

    The Office
    Silicon Valley
    and now Avenue 5

    Zach keeps going from hit to hit

  4. Dexter Morgan says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is the best !

  5. jb _ says:

    Looks like he has a strengthened core

  6. sean ahmed says:

    lol. What a delightful guy!!!

  7. Beavis Luckyano says:

    jared in space

  8. Chris Gould says:


  9. Check It Out! says:

    He's so good looking 😍

  10. New Message says:

    Thought that was Justin Trudeau for a second.. 'till I noticed his face was white.

  11. Cameron Brian says:


  12. Vrede Human says:

    Can't stand him after The Office the connotation is too strong.
    Never mind you changed my mind. 😅

  13. tightpantsJONAS says:

    Damn he’s hot

  14. Pure Oz. says:

    He is quite the raconteur, he must be an interviewer's dream.

  15. Uthman Haque says:

    “Cause she’ll be screaming it tonight!”

  16. Christopher Martinez says:

    Yo did Jimmy Kimmel really say he knows a Japanese billionaire that is planning a voyage to go to Mars ???????????

  17. ItchyPilauBoto808 says:

    Is James Woods’ son?

  18. Ron Knalli says:

    Can't stand this guy. But I do love Zach Woods

  19. Omar says:

    He looks like Justin Trudeau's son.

  20. nii_amart says:

    That thumbnail threw me off a bit.

  21. RyanIn2D says:

    "I go to therapy, that's my gym." -truth brother

  22. Shravan Panjabi says:

    Can't believe he's not ghost-like in real life 😂…

  23. Marius Thefaker says:

    My wife made me listen to one of those hypnotism recordings once. Didn't do a damn thing, but every time a bell rings now I take off my pants and cluck like a chicken… you know, just to p*ss her off…

  24. Super terrific R says:

    big fan!

  25. Marcus Chan says:

    He didn’t mention that there was a bit in The Office where he played Abe Lincoln!

  26. WEALTHY 570 says:

    Really enjoyed and was slightly intimidated by his character in Silicon Valley…to the point that I binged watched

  27. roger castro says:

    Damm it Gabe !

  28. Nayops 19 says:

    Who else binge watches “ The Office “❓🤔

  29. Angel Dimitrov says:

    1:53 😮

  30. fla la says:

    Um ExCuSe me!?
    Zach looks INCREDIBLE in the thumbnail for this vid 🤯

  31. Abdul Ghani khan says:

    This guy fackss

  32. Foolish King says:

    0:34 voice crack lol

  33. F. Md. Tamal says:

    Is he Jared or Other Jared?

  34. Lex The Laker says:

    We need that Geico commercial!

  35. Emi Cv says:

    "In your past life, you were an angry woman" you mean a Karen?

  36. drakey says:

    Is this Gabe ?

  37. Munmun Khatua says:

    Yardley, PA is a nice town

  38. Joseph Smith says:

    He looks like Justin Trudeau & just as fruity.

  39. Goutham Chalamala says:

    White skeleton man

  40. shivansh sharma says:

    Motherfucking gabe… 🙃

  41. kataher says:

    This guy looks like Justin Trudeau

  42. ivalest says:

    Gabe or Jared?
    Cant decide

  43. Mahon Burcon says:

    I'm taking Karate lessons online.

  44. Craig Stewart says:


  45. Craig Stewart says:


  46. Michael Newell says:

    He looks like someone tried to starve a virgin to death

  47. Ryan Abell says:


  48. Nichole Laskowski says:

    A tightly packed..pack of hot dogs ??!? lol wtf

  49. povi fransiska says:

    Wow, in the real life, zack is a babe..

  50. Cassandra Anne says:

    His voice was so soothing when he reenacted his hypnotism experience 😍

  51. Emmanuel says:

    Enough about the SUN

  52. Mazinger and Minerva says:

    He'll always be Gabriel to me <3

  53. RANYLEE malika says:

    Why Justin Trudeau is in Jimmy kimmels. Probably cuz i wan't to be a comedian now!

  54. yavar abgin says:


  55. Bobby Capron says:

    I'm in love

  56. Caroline Fritsch says:

    Wait… That picture of Kumail isn't Photoshop?

  57. Mandar Bapat says:

    zach was the most brilliant of all the cast on Sillicon Valley

  58. Aravinda Karunarathne says:

    What a guy!

  59. Resonant Knight says:

    Lady Gaga always has killer costumes! She looks stunning in this suit!

  60. Alan Tam says:

    Justin trudeau???

  61. lopakmopak says:

    He was getting hypno- thighs by his hamstrings.

  62. IamSkippy Scott Skippy Jessop says:

    04:45 Have you ever seen that picture of Washington crossing the Delaware? 🤔 No.
    04:50 George Washington
    😲 OH YES… why didn’t you say that before?! I thought you possibly meant PHIL WASHINGTON. And I was like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. Go on.

  63. yugihlh says:

    I don’t care ….
    His name is GABE

  64. Snake Master says:

    Not so many wooos for Kumail because he's brown. What a racist audience

  65. Nora Muldowney says:

    He looks so cute 👀👀👀👀💦

  66. TheSpiderman7285 says:

    The guy looks like a demon.

  67. thelegend29 says:

    I can always listen to this guy

  68. I’m Here says:

    Kumail shows off new ripped body

    Gabriel Susan Lewis: I remember when people thought biceps were all that. They’d flex them all night at the discotheque.

  69. David Banner says:

    Gabriel Susan Lewis 🔥

  70. David Banner says:


    I lived in Warminster, it’s 30 mins from Yardley.

  71. Preston Oliver says:

    It’s the bird man

  72. Stacy says:

    Forget about Brangelina and Bennifer, Zach has "Glasshole" 😆

  73. Sheryl Smallwood says:

    Him and Nicolas Braun are in the same category of sexy.

  74. Gypsy SnickerDoodle says:

    Isn’t Yardley Penn near & about the Burn-over District, where all the US Spiritualist Movements started?

  75. 2be Blunt says:

    I have over 200 horrors movies ok I've seen some really messed up stuff.

  76. Phil Green says:

    Zach Wood's the president of Canada AND an actor???

  77. Jameel Ja says:

    "This guy…. this guy F***s"

  78. dharpoon says:

    I find him Sexy, am I the only one?

  79. Percy Blakeney says:

    Wow. His dad sounds awesome.

  80. leonard chiarini jr says:

    TRUMP 2020🇱🇷

  81. Carlos Ruvalcaba says:

    i wish he did standup :/

  82. abraham ortiz says:

    He will always be Gabe to me

  83. Jay says:

    Wait, why are people talking about this photo as if it's true – it is fake. I mean, look at it.

  84. Not A Doctorshh says:

    I don't know about you but he looks starved..a starved virgin that is

  85. King Jiggah says:

    Canadian minister

  86. Orangeflava says:

    How the heck did this nerd get a 10 minute interview segment?

  87. shirley nelson says:

    Zach woods is freakin 😆funny

  88. N Factorial says:


  89. K N says:

    Great, that’s what the person who gets my soul next will say “you were a woman and your were mad”

  90. Maximilian C says:

    Zach looks good too.

  91. Brandon Shaw says:

    Gabe was worse than Toby

  92. Dk model kits says:

    trump is the best.

  93. Max says:

    Yardley gang

  94. Carson Graham says:

    shut up about the sun.

  95. BrainPoop says:

    what a boring interview

  96. Clout Cobain97 says:

    Oh get out skeleton man!

  97. kshanjida says:

    Damn this guy makes every story entertaining

  98. Kosmo Nautik says:

    He's so cool and I'm pretty sure he finally gained 2 puonds

  99. Yoda says:

    5:25 LIES, I specifically remember him being Lincoln for an episode of the office.

  100. Amanda Uribe says:

    This guy is so weirdly hilarious. I was so excited to see a new interview from him out! Lol

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