Yu-Gi-Oh! The $40 BOOKS-A-MILLION Challenge! Can We Profit?


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100 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! The $40 BOOKS-A-MILLION Challenge! Can We Profit?”

  1. Larry says:

    Starting to regain my mojo at the right time now that a lot of high value cars are coming to the market!!!

  2. Nunnie says:

    Family Dollar? dollar store or something

  3. Justin Kassel says:


  4. Brandon Butz says:


  5. SndFX2 says:

    When Larry was talking about a Pokemon board game he is talking about Pokemon master trainer

  6. jonah hammond says:

    someplace like walgreens or rite-aid type places

  7. Victor Aponte Jr. says:

    I say try FYE since they tend to have fewer options for cards, so Larry would really have to be smart about his picks.

  8. Presley West says:

    Go to fye

  9. Zachary Dickinson says:


  10. EonvsKaos Snapshot says:

    I support a gimmick puppet match

  11. A man with one hand says:

    Frick wall mart

  12. Josh Freeman says:

    Larry in the hole on my lunch break😍 I think so

  13. Marcus Sever says:

    It might be interesting to do the $1 packs that they have at Dollar General / Family Dollar

  14. Colinchaos1 says:

    I would of bought some spirit warriors. Pretty decent prices In there.

  15. Aaron AshCaster says:


  16. John House says:

    Go to Target the have really good cards

  17. kolp says:

    next time maybe a local card shop?

  18. NoahTravisElla Carpenter says:

    If you have bull moose go there

  19. Rico Suave says:

    There is a my hero card game. Universus, look it up!

  20. Scott Valbush says:

    Go to locals

  21. Ryan M says:

    We need a video of larry’s lego collection

  22. LeggoMahLegolas says:

    Barnes and Nobles sells YGO cards.

  23. Tumpal Leonardo h Sinurat says:

    I think this series is better than open pack channel

    Open pack is kinda… You know just open and there you go, this one kinda put how ygo player think before buying and feel the joy and pain pulling the cards

  24. Rodrigo Balboa says:

    I'm still waiting for:
    " stealing at wallmart"

  25. MSPaynt says:

    when yugioh released in the states books-a-million is where I started playing every weekend . give best buy a try

  26. Great Guy Gaming says:

    I don't think the bois will be getting a sponsorship from Walmart…

  27. Gabriel Kennis says:

    Should've just bought some of the yugioh arc v manga volumes, those suckers turn a profit instantly!!!

  28. ROSALES RICKY says:

    You guys should try a thrift or pawn shop. Love the series by the way. 😀

  29. Great Guy Gaming says:

    Going to your locals would be a good idea I'm my opinion.

  30. Cory N says:

    I believe the sets Paul was trying to think of are the Dragons of Legend sets.

  31. agr0nianTV says:

    A book store that sells cards?

    3:16 5:15 Whale Force 😄 If Joe watches y'all I hope he sees this vid

    7:09 A fan at the register now that's cool

    8:28 Hell yeah me too! Honestly I would of bought that if it was $5 or less

    The Dragonmaid/Generaider Packs were worthwhile. Also I've never heard of FYE, time to google.

    BooksAMillion has alot of stuff I'm going to have to go there at some point. Apparently there's one near me well I know what I'm doing tommorow.

  32. jonboys777 says:

    Time to watch Zexal Larry

  33. rex2g4 says:

    I pulled an Impermanence out of Duel Power at Walmart. Fluke? I think so.

  34. Johnny Two says:

    What the fuck is books a million?

  35. Skelzorcody says:

    I recently discovered your channel and its honestly one of my favorites already.

  36. Ginsberg says:

    Paul no offense your camera work is bad and shaky and you zoom randomly im trying not to be mean but please work on it to improve your content and videos

  37. shadowmetroid18 says:

    Can we just have more episodes of storytime with Larry?

  38. Rolo Dwayne says:

    You should use some that 40 for your nails bro. No disrespect but its hard to watch.

  39. The Duelist Club says:


  40. BobbyJedi97 says:

    You should make a video on what you can’t do at tournaments

  41. therealslimwhitie says:

    Were those dragonball cards

  42. Kyle Leonard says:

    Where is the banlist!!!

  43. Shirayuki Nobu says:

    I remember an old store borders before Books a million became a thing and got a ghost rare stardust. Good Times, Good times

  44. Toadstool Tadd says:

    Go to an actual card shop maybe, buy some stuff out the boxes

  45. Jonathan Faulkner says:

    Books A Million is where me and my friends used to play Yu-Gi-Oh when I was in my early teens because we didn’t have an LGS. Good times😊

  46. Riley Alexander says:

    go to gas station convenience store

  47. Elvin Lai says:

    Try toys r us

  48. Pkred Jess says:

    Places to go
    Rite aid has some cards
    Locals obviously
    Barns and noble
    Some 99¢ stores
    Simply unlucky card shop

  49. Jhonny Gomez says:

    Go to fye

  50. Evil with a D says:

    Try the dollar packs at the dollar store

  51. Next yuuu-gou says:

    ouh…. try to buy packs online, thats worth to try man…. what are you waiting for, buy online, hurry 🤣

  52. Night Crawler says:

    Game stop

  53. 101mahina says:

    I think you should go to some random place lol

  54. Dylan Hlava says:

    This pack opening on immortal destiny reminds me of my own. I think I must have opened like 20 packs or something until I managed to pull a Malicious Bane right when I was about to stop buying packs. Still waiting on that Sinister Necrom and Adusted Gold though.

  55. Resurrect Auspex says:

    Barnes and nobles

  56. Miguel Nunez says:


  57. Minun Negative says:

    Dollar tree packs or an anime store packs or buy my binder on eBay and get your moneys worth lol

  58. koldy4 says:

    hi guys, I'm want start play in Yugioh .how I can it?(me from Russia)

  59. Jacob Gonzales says:

    Larry in the hole at hole in the wall card shops!!

  60. thecryptid 12 says:


  61. B-man The Champ says:

    I wish my local bookstore would sell Yu-Gi-Oh! products. I mean, with some of the card effects nowadays, they would fit right in with all the novels and other books.

  62. Jamaico says:

    stop it already

  63. EDDIEandPsychO says:

    Go random to potential places that have cards to hunt for packs 😁

  64. average_white_guy says:

    This is such a good series just for the conversations y'all have

  65. Skailer, der König der Diebe says:

    Dragons of Legend is the set you're looking for the Toon Kingdom

  66. Bobby Mayo says:

    Books a million one more time

  67. Daniel Contreras says:

    all muggles are hufflepuffs. we need to get over ourselves lol

  68. Spiros Micailidis says:

    Do one at locals

  69. King Black says:

    No Apex tcg has yugioh cards

  70. Luchux says:

    Fucking True King of All Calamities. That card shut me down SO many times,that I want to punch the genius that thought it would be a good idea.

  71. MrMisterPS Jackie says:

    Go to Walgreen's!

  72. Brandon Casasnovas says:

    Go to your lgs

  73. wanderlustwarrior says:

    I think do a local store next, then restart the cycle.
    I was gonna say FYE, but people said they're overpriced. Maybe you can try if you really want to push your luck.

  74. Ethan Cobb says:

    FYE please

  75. hector hernandez says:

    Go to a gamer or anime con and buy some pack

  76. Jason Carpenter says:

    Go to a Dollar general lol!

  77. Anthony Keller says:

    Try some place like Micheals craft store

  78. Fionna Larcom says:

    Lol I shoot them from the storm and they would build a whole house lol 😂 I’m rolling over here dude

  79. transformer0917 says:

    Go to locals and buy packs, gtta support your locals. Lol

  80. Bryan Dominguez says:

    Should have got a few spirit fighter packs

  81. Rk9 says:

    Maybe we should start setting up the carry near larry sk we can see the cards. Looking at them from an inverted angle isn't ideal.

  82. Kye Guard says:

    You should go to Borders or Toys R ' Us! ….wait.

  83. mkps1988 says:

    Both best buy by me dont have yugioh cards only pokemon cards

  84. Cyrxs_ Z05 says:

    if larry gets a prismatic secret rare is the seires just over😂

  85. Tyler Sevener says:

    Expand outward once all options are exhausted reset but take out walmart they can just go away

  86. Zedthejoker says:

    I dont think you'll find anything at best buy my local one im pretty sure is yugioh barren maybe try this hut with second hand cards like a dudes selling his old shit without pricing it and then you randomly stumble upon a 1st edition blue eyes he forgot he had

  87. dmanx410 says:

    fye super expensive but i pulled my phantazmay there

  88. Matthew Emberzo says:

    He reminds me of Cleveland from Family Guy

  89. Natthanon Suasornaew says:

    Hey guys, why ygo cards are so expensive in america ?:D

    Sorry for my english 🙂

  90. Josila The gorrila says:

    I’ve never heard of that store in my life

  91. Jay, and Nightshade says:

    Maybe try local game shops, always good to help local places

  92. Richard Groves says:

    Never buy packs online and you should do at least one random place before you restart the cycle. Then a different random place next time.

  93. big fuzz says:

    i had an idea (if you guys have not done it before) what if you took a deck building set like the one with math mech and each built a deck from that set and then had a duel?

  94. Kazuma DoubleIce says:

    Fun little story I where looking over a site here in Sweden to buy some Yu-Gi-Oh cards when I found that they had a Kaiba 2012 Tin on it, but the price was insane. 6900 Kronor who translated into Dollor is around 690 dollors, my jaw dropt could not belive they would have a tin for that kind of price, No I did not buy it I aint crazy, though the price tag certanly was, considering that they had the old Egyptian card collection binder on the site for 130 dollors as well as a 2014 Star Pack Booster box for 76 Dollors the fact that the 2012 Kaiba tin was over 690 Dollors just looked crazy.

  95. King Crimson says:

    Gimmick puppets are hardcore BDSM monsters

  96. Bcongo1 says:

    This needs to be a weekly thing

  97. Nicklaus Jones says:

    Go to a LGS

  98. xDefiant says:

    don’t roast me in the comment section

  99. NickyAffy says:

    Paul, Jasco Games is releasing the first set of their MHA ccg early this year. If you’re familiar with universal fighting system, it’s an extension of that, but will also be treated as a stand-alone game with multiple sets incoming. (To answer your question from the video.)

  100. kolby humphreys says:


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