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Okay, so what are your biggest fears about getting rich or about being poor do you gather my biggest fear about getting rich is that I will screw it all up and I’ll lose all the money because like I said, I’ve Had a habit of mismanaging money. I’m trying to change my language like a habit of mismanaging money and I’m a spender not a saver So I fear that I will not be able to manage my wealth and to continue to see it grow and then another fear that I have and you as a woman as a Southern woman might be able to Relate to this is I fear that I may Emasculate my partner. Okay. He’s incredibly supportive he is my biggest cheerleader and like he has given me no reason to think that that will happen because but because of The culture I was raised in and you know passions are all kind of things I wonder if I start making a significant amount more of money with him if he gonna resent me for that Like I don’t think he’s the kind of person that would do that But that’s that little bubble that comes up in my head, you know? Yeah. Yeah that’s an interesting point that you bring up because I think that that Definitely does and has happened to couples Um, there was some podcast I was listening to as well where the girl for. I totally blanking now I’m like what business it was, but she built this really big business that we would all be able to recognize and her Ex-boyfriend left her because he was like, I realized I don’t want an equal partner I mean at least he admitted it but it’s like she was like, whoa seriously, and now she’s like married and she’s like really happy, but I think it is important to Deconstruct those beliefs and also just like have those conversations with your partner and like kind of make sure that they are I mean that they are encouraging you and supporting you in in your quest because You also don’t want to be resentful if you feel like you’re holding yourself back. So For me to acknowledge that that little nugget is still existing and That’s one thing she talks about is that you need to acknowledge all of these things You probably don’t know that they’re in your brain until you start searching for them Right, right, right. And are you holding yourself back? Because you have this weird fear that yeah and That’s a good point. You said. Are you holding yourself back? What like the whole first half of this book? She’s saying You’re doing that you’re not actively saying I’m not gonna go cash that check Like you’re not these aren’t conscious decisions. You’re making to hold you back from making money It’s small things that you don’t know that you’re doing that. Your subconscious is making you do to prevent you from making money So that’s why so much self-reflection is required in this book. Yeah. I’m being really aware about how you Speak to yourself and just even out loud if you’re joking She’s like, I think she makes a joke where she’s like, why would you say that about yourself? You’re standing right there? You know, it’s like I mean, it’s true I mean, I I don’t know if I’m I tend to like have a sarcastic sense of humor. So Sometimes I do that. I’m like don’t take it too seriously But I definitely think that especially the thoughts that we’re telling ourselves inside of our heads. That’s something to definitely watch. Um, Yeah Make sure it’s you’re nice to yourself. I mean And encouraging to yourself Okay, so I guess I should answer this question as well where my biggest fear is about getting rich or not being poor. I Think my biggest fear about getting rich I think would be maybe appearing greedy Or also that just like people would come out of the Woodworks and Want things from me for the wrong reason? Not that I wouldn’t want to give as much as I could But sometimes people think that you have more than you actually do I don’t know you just you see people that have like when the lottery and then like all of their relatives and friends and like someone that they was in their first grade class who they’ve never talked you again like want something and you’re Just like really And I think I watched the show where this woman had won the lot and she moved because she couldn’t handle Everyone in town just having that expectation and that pressure her to always pay for everything And she I think moved in like worked at a Starbucks in a place where nobody knew She had that much money. So like those kind of things kind of make you so what? What kind of solution or resolve are you telling yourself to come back here? Um, I think just to surround myself with people who you know really care about me for me and don’t Expect anything. Yeah And you don’t really know I guess until that happens and to a certain extent that’s not in your control, right? I think it is like you said just being aware of that nugget and making sure that I’m not holding myself back because I have Some of these fears that are a little bit deep-seated Yeah, sometimes those fears or anxieties that you have you can never truly qualms them Knowledge them and you know that they exist just as like your body’s natural Defense system and that’s the end of their purpose You can still allow the thought to come into your brain without Making it affect your actions and your the rest of your belief system. So, you know acknowledging it and naming it is so important Yeah, I totally agree just observe it and let it pass and just feel like that’s not real. That’s just gonna pass And about being poor I think my biggest fear about being poor would just be that you know Maybe I had to work for someone that I really didn’t like. I mean, I love I love where I’m working now, but you know when you are desperate and You really need that money than you really have. You feel like you don’t have choices and that you don’t have any freedom So I think that would be my biggest fear. I’m a very natural caretaker I’m the kind of person that puts everyone else before myself. I just I want to care for everyone else I want to make sure they’re comfortable and happy and my biggest fear is that I wouldn’t be able to do that and It’s a got to the point where I had to go into a job I hated to pay the bills then not only do I not have the money to support people but I don’t have the time or the mental capacity just for people so my biggest fear is that I Would be able to be there for those that I love because that’s how I show love and affection is to care for others Okay, so the next question is what is the greatest thing that would happen if you were to get rich we maybe have touched on this a little bit but I would be able to live freely like we’ve mentioned I’d be able to Live and do all of the things that I want without second-guessing it I’d be able to give so much more we go to church every Sunday and my church is constantly talking about these mission trips that people are going on and Unfortunately that requires a lot of money to do that and that’s always something I’m inspired to do So I’d be able to maybe not only go on a mission trip But I could sponsor other people who might not know the opportunity I could give back I could You know in my wildest dreams I could start my own nonprofit I could you know, my dad’s moon assisted living place I could put him in the fanciest nicest place, you know in all of the country that kind of thing You know My dreams could run wild but I would I would be able to live free of the restraints of is that in my budget? Right. Right, right. I totally agree. I think having for me like the greatest thing that would happen if I were to get rich would be You know a to be able to contribute massive amounts to causes that I care about in the world Also just the freedom that it would allow me and either in my schedule or in Creative decision-making that kind of thing I’m getting married in December as well. So my fiance and I have talked about having kids and like okay Well, like, where are we gonna live? Where are we gonna put them in school? like, you know just not having to worry about those kind of decisions and just being able to Make a decision based on what’s best for my kids or you know A thank you so much for watching and make sure to catch the next video coming up if you like this video please hit the thumbs up and Go ahead and subscribe so that you don’t miss any of my other videos coming out next links are in the description so you can connect with me on social and Get your freebie pdf download of the book club discussion questions so that you can take these same questions to your book club Leave a happy comment below and let me know if you have read this book or not And if yes, what are some of your limiting beliefs that this book? Kind of brought to light for you. I’d love to hear it. Okay. Thanks guys. See you in the next video

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