Wrecking Ball Misbehaves at the Library


Harold: Wrecking Ball! Wrecking Ball: What? Did you forget what today is? No. What is it? It’s February 12, Wrecking Ball. And it’s the day that you have to return your library book. Oh, crap. It’s February 14. I hope I get a chance to pay the late book fee on time. Okay, which one’s the one that has animals in it? Eh. That probably must be it. Uh, Hi. I’d like to make a book return. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Rodney: Can I have your name, please? Wrecking Ball. Well…Wrecking Ball,…you we’re supposed to return the library book two days ago. But today is February 14. So… Let’s see. Since you didn’t return the book two days ago, you owe us a total of… $20 for the late fee. Excuse me? If the person does not return the book two weeks from today, they must pay a fine. Ah, horseshit! Sir, please. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to watch your language and lower your voice when you’re in a library. No. If I returned the book two days prior to two weeks, that means I don’t have to pay the fine. No, it doesn’t work like that, sir. That’s the library policy. What’s that supposed to mean? Lion: Is there a problem, here? I tried to explain the library book return policy to Wrecking Ball, but he wouldn’t listen. Could you please clarify the policy for him? Lion: Excuse me. Wrecking Ball. You know, Wrecking Ball, our policy clearly states that anyone who did not return the book two weeks from the day they have got the book must pay a fine. So…you can pay the fine now, and will peacefully forget this ever happened. Man, I have no idea what you just said, but I am not paying $20 just because I did not return my library book in two days. Well, since you refused to pay the fine, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to call Security and put you on the Banned List right next to the Annoying Orange. Wrecking Ball: No, not the Banned List! Oh, yes. I have a nice spot for you right next to the Annoying Orange. Puppy: Hey, would you keep it down? Some of us are trying to read here, you know. Yeah! We’re sorry about that, folks. Just…carry on. Fine, I’m going. Well, Wrecking Ball. How did it go? I returned my library book on time and did not misbehave at the library. Really? That’s nice. I’ll go in the kitchen and make you a special treat. Oh. Hey, little birdie. What’s up? (chirping) Oh, really? (chirping) Wrecking Ball, can you come into the kitchen, please? Yes, what is it, Dad? Well, apparently. This little birdie told me that you misbehaved at the library because you refused to pay a fine. Is that true? Yes. I misbehaved at the library because I refused to pay a fine. Wrecking Ball, I can’t believe that you misbehaved at the library. That’s it. You’re grounded until you pay for that fine. Go to your room at once. (cries)

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7 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball Misbehaves at the Library”

  1. Logan Flaherty The Vermonter! says:

    REQUEST: Wrecking Ball Pees and Poops on School Property

  2. MyLittlePony&RobotChickenYes JellyJamm&CaillouNo says:

    How does his father knows how to speak bird

  3. Isparkle203 says:

    Feb 12, wa- DANM IT IT WAS 2 DAYS AWAY

  4. Ava the kawaii panda bear says:

    Who is the security?

  5. Ava the kawaii panda bear says:

    Puppy yay!

  6. [G A L] says:

    That day they have to return it, was my birthday!

  7. choon keet chai says:

    1:55 horses*it

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