Worst Books of 2019

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Hello, it’s Joe! So this is gonna be my
worst books of 2019 video. Before we get started I just want to say that there will
be timestamps in the description as well as trigger warnings for each of these
books, or at least the trigger warnings that I can recall from reading the books,
so if you want to use those you can. Let’s just get started and talk
about the worst books that I read last year, shall we? And by the way just as a
little spoiler all three of these books happen to be books that I read by buddy
reading with someone else in the community. Coincidence?
Probably, but bit weird. Anyway, so as there’s only three books to talk about
this list is in no particular order. I strongly disliked all three of these
books and so the first one that I have to talk about is The Beast Player by
Nahoko Uehashi, this book follows a girl… no I don’t remember her name and no I’m
not gonna open the book to check, because I point-blank refuse to spend another
second of my time wasting it by looking at the inner pages of this book. I’m
happy to look at the book cover because it is beautiful
and it is the reason that I picked it up in the first place, but yeah I’m not
gonna check for her name because I don’t remember it, I don’t care to remember it
and I don’t want to open the book. Anyway, this book follows a girl who has a very
special bond with animals and one day she saves the life of this giant, magical,
rainbow wolf with wings…and when she saves its life the two of them become
very close. Other than that I really do not know what happened in this book and
that’s kind of all I can say in terms of what it’s about. What I do know is
that this book was extremely boring and also extremely confusing at the same
time, the pacing was messy as fuck and I’m pretty sure that there were some
translation issues, because if you didn’t know this book is originally in Japanese
and so obviously I’ve read the English
translation and I don’t know whether it’s the translation or it’s just the
author’s writing style, but it came across as very juvenile
and considering the main character spends a large part of this book as an
adult – she does start as a kid but she does become an adult quite quickly –
the writing just didn’t really work for me, but again I don’t know whether that’s
a translation thing or I just don’t vibe with the author’s writing.
Oh and as I said all three of these books were buddy reads and I buddy read this one
with Rachael from Rachael Marie’s Book Journey, I think is her name now, it was
book junkie…and anyway she dnf’d it like before the halfway point or at the
halfway point and I regret not doing the same because I finished the book and I
just look back on it as this huge waste of time
Wow, I sounded really posh then…I just looked back on it as this huge waste of
my time and yeah I really wish i dnf’d it. On to the next one. So this next one i
buddy read with my wonderful friend Emma from emmanovella and it is the Strange
Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold.This follows a boy named Noah who
one day gets hypnotized and after he’s been hypnotized he starts to notice
these subtle changes in his life, for example his mother has this scar across her face
that she’s never had before and also his best friend who was previously a huge
fan of the Marvel Comics and Marvel films is now a DC comic and DC film fan…
don’t know why, but neither does Noah and he wants to find out basically and
this book follows his journey as he tries to find out why his life has
changed and more importantly how he can get his old life back. So my recollection
of this book is basically a big blur of “what the fuck is going on?”
I think the writing to me was extremely pretentious and irritating and the story
and characters were just mind-numblingly boring like I did not care
what was going on and who was saying what or what they were doing and what
was happening to them I just, I just didn’t care about anyone in this book or
anything in this book. The book essentially gave me nothing and I feel
bad saying that because I did meet David Arnold at BookCon, not last year, but in
2018 and I met him and got this book signed, obviously before I actually read
the book, and so that makes me feel a bit bad about not liking it, but also not
really because I wasted a lot of time on this book and I really wish I hadn’t.
The third and final book in my worst books of 2019 list I actually gave to Emma
when I met up with her a couple of weeks ago because she loved it and I hated it.
I didn’t buddy read it with her, I buddy read it with Tom from TJ Reads the Stars
but I know that Emma loved it a lot and me and Tom did not so I gave my copy of…
The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern to Emma. I’m not even gonna bother trying to
summarise this book because I have no idea, NO IDEA what was going on the
entire time. Whoever tells you that you will like this book if you didn’t like The Night Circus is a liar and is not to be trusted.
Do not trust people who tell you to read The Starless Sea if you didn’t like the
Night Circus. If you didn’t like the Night Circus, do not read The Starless Sea. Are you getting the message? Just do not do it. If you like the Night Circus,
read the book, you’ll love it, but for me it was just…it was not it.
So I said I wasn’t gonna summarise the book, but I will give it a go. It follows
a boy named Zachary and he somehow ends up in this underground library /
Hotel / haunted mansion and he spends the entire book wondering why is he
there? What’s brought him there? And I still don’t
know why and I finished the book. I don’t think he found out why to be honest
although maybe I just misunderstood what was going on. But yeah that’s what the
book is about, I think…and don’t get me wrong I liked Zachary at first and when I
started this book both me and Tom were enjoying it, the atmosphere was great as
we know Erin Morgenstern…she writes a good atmospheric book, well she writes a
good atmosphere in a book, not necessarily a good atmospheric book…
Anyway, the atmosphere was good. Zachary started off strong but after the
first, I don’t even know, 100 pages? And that might be being generous, it all
started going downhill for me. I quickly began to lose interest in both Zachary
and the story I had no clue what was going on half the time and I stupidly
assumed that it would all make sense and wrap up by the end and, spoiler alert, it
it did not. Nope. Honestly I think that’s kind of all
I have to say…yeah this book was just a huge waste of my time and I’m kind of
annoyed at myself for even giving it a try in the first place and listening to
those people who said that I might like it even though I didn’t like the Night
Circus. Anyway I can’t do anything about it now. It’s over, I never have to read it
again, I’ve gotten rid of it. It’s done. So those are my worst books of 2019 let me
know what you thought of these books in the comments below I’m sure a lot of
people will disagree with what I have to say but that’s fine we’re allowed to
disagree with each other books generate different opinions and it’s all
good. If you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a like or a
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