WorldShare ILL for Book Clubs

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Welcome to the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan
book club request session. In this session, you will have an overview
on how to use WorldShare ILL for book club requests and then learn where you can find
more information support. Let’s take a look at the main steps to use
WorldShare ILL for book club requests. The first thing you might want to do is to
set up your constant data for your book club request for the information that will be the
same for all of those requests. You can set up your constant data on the OCLC
Service Configuration page by clicking on the respective link you can find on the WorldShare
ILL home page. Once inside, then click on WorldShare ILL
from left menu. Then click Borrower Data for the borrowing
library constant data and then click on the Create New CD Record link. After entering your library’s information,
add the following information to the borrowing notes field, so the lending library will see
that this is a book club request and proceed in accordance to your notes. You can refer to our training portal to learn
more how to set up your constant data. Your library might have two types of ILL requests
for book clubs. It’s staff-initiated, staff-mediated request
on the WorldShare ILL interface or patron-initiated, staff-mediated request via WorldCat Discovery. If your library subscribes and uses this service
and allows your patrons to place ILL requests there, then it can be used for book club purpose
as well. But it has to be mediated by the library staff
because it’s a multiple copies request. Let’s take a look on how to proceed with
a staff-initiated request. The first step is just search for the item
you want to borrow by clicking on the Discover Items accordion. The Advanced Search option is the best to
find the item faster. Fill in the fields using the search index
and qualifiers. Then click on the Search button. Select the item of your interest by clicking
one of the holdings links to identify the libraries that own the item. Because this is a request for a book club,
you need multiple copies of this title. For that, you go to the quantity option and
select the quantity of copies needed for this title. When you select the quantity of copies of
titles, you will note that now you have that same number of lender string fields. This is because each copy will be treated
as an individual request. You have two options to populate the lender
string fields. You can select from the list of libraries
that own that title according to the lending policies by clicking on the Yes link to have
the OCLC library symbol added to the lender string. You can add up to 50 libraries to each lender
string field. If you have created a customer holdings path,
then you can select that. Customer holdings path are the groups of libraries
of your preference that you can preselect in the Service Configuration page according
to the lending policies and/or geographic location. Please refer to our training documentation
materials to learn how to set up your customer holdings path. After you select your customer holdings path
and click on the Go button, then the lender string fields are populated with the OCLC
symbols of those libraries. Now you’re ready to click on the Create
Request button to initiate your borrowing request and apply the constant data for book
clubs that you have created. Then send your request. Each copy of the multiple copies request will
receive an individual ID and then you will be able to manage those requests by clicking
on the Borrowing Requests accordion and then on the Linked Requests status. The status of each request will change as
a lending library answers yes to supplying that copy. You then manage it accordingly and to receive
the item and return it. Before any lending library has answered to
your request, you are able to open the request and edit it, by adding your patron information
or changing the shipping address, for example, then save it. You can also cancel the request for any reason. After our lending library answers to your
request, you no longer can edit it or cancel it. Now let’s take a look in how to proceed
with the patron-initiated, staff-mediated request for book club. This diagram maps out all the major tabs in
the work flow from a patron-initiated, staff mediated request. This can be used for book club purposes as
well. The first step involves a patron searches
WorldCat in order to find an item they are looking for. The second step refers to a Request Item button
or link that the patron will click on once they find an item in WorldCat in order to
access the request form. The third step refers to the patron filling
out and submitting the patron request form to electronically submit the request to the
staff at the borrowing library. Once the patron submits the request, the system
routes the request to the borrowing library’s WorldShare ILL queue. From there, the borrowing library can verify
the citation submitted by the patron, choose the lenders that they like to request the
item from and submit the request to them. If your library has configured for your patrons
to initiate staff-mediated ILL requests for book club and WorldCat Discovery, then this
is the form your patron will fill out after selecting the item. The fields in pink are required fields. A multiple copies request will be identified
by the comments field where your patron can specify the quantity needed for that title
and inform that it’s for book club reasons. Please refer to our training and documentation
materials if you want to learn how to set up patron-initiated requests. After filling out the form and submitting
the request, your patron will receive a notification on the screen that the request was submitted
with the request ID number. Then the request placed by your patron will
arrive on your WorldShare ILL page on the Borrowing Requests accordion under the New
for Review status for your approval. When you click on the New for Review, Not
Reviewed status, you can identify the request placed by your patron and you can then open
their request by clicking on the ID link. When you scroll down the request form, you
can see your patron’s information and your patron’s notes for multiple copies. After you check the details, you can either
mark as reviewed to work on it later or you can go ahead and click on the View Holdings
link. Just see the options to where the desired
quantity according to a patron’s notes, and add the lending libraries of your preference
to the lender string fields by using the list or applying your customer holdings path and
then click on the Update Request button. To apply your constant data for book clubs,
send your request and then proceed the same way you proceed with the staff-initiated request. Please make sure to visit our training portal
at the URL displayed on the screen and click on the dropdown arrow on the Find Training
By Product button to access more training materials and documentation on WorldShare
ILL. In closing, this is documentation on how to
create book club requests. If you have questions, please contact OCLC
support in your region at the URL on the screen. Thanks for watching.

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