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I didn’t all the organizing last night for this unhaul, but now we’re just gonna
go ahead and do it I’m using the sun so it’s a little brighter on this side
because I’ve got big old windows over there. But um yeah I’m gonna count really quick how many I’m unhauling. I’m honestly
shocked that I got rid of this many as, especially after I just did my unhual- or my my shelf reorganization. And I showed you
everything. I will say there were a couple books that um I chose to keep
that maybe will be gotten rid of in the future. I’m not sure um those would be
down here I’ll just pull the seventh one out um
this is the Deaf gait cycle I read this about two or three years ago mmm
probably about three years ago in the summer when I still lived in Virginia.
I read this outside a lot like that I liked the first book in
the series a lot like it was a five-star. read for me and the rest of them never got up to that level of like me and loving them. I hated this third one and I like the
rest of him it was a real DnD style. then I later learned on that the authors
were actually like not creators of D&D; but they were like a big you know
important names in like the D&D life, back in like the 80s so that was really
funny to read that, because I called my dad house like man this is really like
D&D got the little elves too. He was like that’s because they they
they did the D&D like universe with the whatever his fucking name is Galgogaxs
or some shit I was like oh okay that made sense and then right up here you’ll
see these are my Benedict Jacka books um there are a couple books
that my dad’s gotten me that I just don’t want to get rid of. Yeah especially
the Benedict Jacka because those are still coming out and it’s like magical
it’s I guess I don’t know if it’s paranormal but um all right it’s urban
fantasy. It’s urban fantasy and it was actually like really good the characters
were really good it’s just I haven’t read in a couple probably like a year
and a half or two years now so if I do go back to what I have to start at the
very beginning and then catch up and I remember enjoying it so I don’t want to
get rid of them but now I’ll run to the haul do I want to count now so so I
think I counted 23 bucks um we’ll see but I got rid of a lot. So like that’s
that’s pretty good cuz I am gonna be going to Book Expo and book on um I’m
trying to not buy so many physical books Trying to go for e-books but if the
thrift books book is cheaper which oftentimes it can be then I will buy the
used version um and if I need to I buy through the eBook version I just try not
to have so many physical books um what I still do I still do have a lot and I
will have a lot that’s just I don’t want to buy every single book in physical
when it takes me you know so long I get through them anyways um and I want to
keep all the ones that I really like. So I still have about half a shelf and
another shelf down there. Or I could fit a lot of books um if they
did come in so that’s good like there’s still a lot of space and I still have
another little shelf over there that you guys can’t see I think I’ve showed it to
you before and I actually bought another one that we can also put up there as
well for more books just in case. It’s just I’d rather not have so many
physical books um and if I do get physical books I think a lot of times um
I’m planning on wanting to buy many of them in hardback for the most part so I
don’t know I’m still turning aside if I want to convert a lot of the books I own
and a hardback um just cause like my warrior cat books have lasted so goddamn
long that it just kind of makes me want to convert everything
um into either ebook or hardback so I don’t know. But let’s actually get on
with this because this is gonna be a long video even with what I can cut out.
So the first book I’m getting rid of is the name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss
I loved this book as a teenager however fuck you Patrick Rothfuss he will never
finish this series and even if he says that he will I’ve been waiting over
eight or nine years for the third book this is the first book it was a real
good book but um there’s no fucking excuse for me to have to wait that long
and people say oh well other authors did that. You know well those authors are
dead and I can just get those books you know you know and within a year which
I’m fine with waiting you know six months for the next book in a series or
a year but I’m not fine with waiting over eight for the third book in his
series when other authors, are you know, good enough to do them within a year or
two and if they’re gonna do that I’d rather give my money to the good authors
who are actually finishing their series. I have no interest in supporting an
author who won’t even finish his books. That’s I don’t give a shit like I really
don’t I’ve waited eight years. Even if he does finish it fuck him.
The next book I’m getting rid of is Shogun and this isn’t one of my favorite
books of last year and the only reason I’m getting rid of it–
is because these pages are terrible. I actually my nails would go through the
pages so often like it just Pierce the pages that’s so thin because it’s such a
long book and I bought Shogun. Oliva from Olivia’s catastrophe gave me like
$15 on Amazon and this book ended up being 23 so I basically got this book
for real freaking cheap and it’s a huge hardback and this Shogun. I know you
can’t see it super well but yeah I finally have this and now I don’t need
Shogun. But I also have all my other James Clavell up there so if there if I
love him just as much I might have to get those in hardback too. And I’ll have
to figure out my whole scheme over here again. But that’ll be a while those books
are long. The next book I’m getting rid of I got this at Goodwill and I have a
copy I like much better than this. This is 1984 I still don’t know if I’ll ever
read it again. This is the copy that I have that I want I would rather keep um
I know it looks really bad like you can tell how bad this looks
but um this is one of the things that when my mother and I were still close I
was able to get and then she died on Father’s Day last year so I don’t really
want to get rid of like everything of her it’s like there’s still a lot of
like her personal things, but that’s one of the things that I had from like when
we were close so I don’t really want to get rid of that one. Um I try not to hold
on to a lot of sentimental value but that’s like that’s one of them it
doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. The next book I’m getting rid of is
supermarket this is by Bobby Hall who is Logic the rapper I’d never heard of him um alright I guess I I’m sure I would have heard of him but I don’t know I
just never clicked in my head um I just didn’t know he was a rapper or anybody I
guess I got I heard the name and I was like I don’t know who that is but I
needed it listening to two or three of his albums and I mean I liked him. And
not really something I listened to a lot. But I do probably like at least once a
month listen to one of his albums. um this book was okay I definitely think
that he’s got the power to write more books and it takes place in a
supermarket. It follows a young like neurotic guy who’s got anxiety and
depression; really realistic honestly. And he befriends this just kind of bad
dude in the grocery store. And it causes him to just get more anxious and
depressed and he is not you know having his girl he’s not hanging out with his
girlfriend or he’s not even trying to make connections anymore and his whole
life he’s just trying to write this book, and it’s just it’s interesting it was
fine actually read I feel like I’ve read most of this in a day because I remember
sitting outside and finishing it. So yeah I liked this I wish I had not purchased
it it was okay it really was okay um hold on actually there’s another book
that I remember that’s behind my night desk. This was a thriftstore find, it was book number three and a series and I didn’t realize that I
know it’s called I don’t want to kill you. I don’t know if the covers just
messed up no it’s definitely it’s definitely like that but I did leave it
in a bad place like under a window where it can like get secretions on it next let’s
do a couple controversial ones the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo only reason I’m
getting rid of this is because I’ve read it and I don’t think of reading it again
will give me the same impact or enjoyment I liked it I did like it I
think having like a four or a five like it was a very good at the time but it
just hasn’t lasted on me and while it was very good you know like I don’t need
to keep it like I don’t I don’t want to keep things I’m not gonna use. like if
something doesn’t have a use if I’m not using it anymore or I don’t think I’ll
use it within like a year I don’t really see the reason I’m owning it you know
like why like it’s just gonna take a space but next to are the same
this is crooked Kingdom and six of crows by Leigh bardugo I read six of crows
because of the hype like gosh a ye a year or so ago and I never went on to
the second one even though this finishes on a cliffhanger um and while it was you
know interesting I guess the problem with this is that it’s
I don’t know it’s just written for a younger audience and sometimes I reload
I really can like YA grade like warrior cats obviously that’s a
nostalgia thing but I mean still you know I can’t enjoy middle grade I read
recently a couple middle grades that I liked but it’s just so hard to get I’m
23 like I’m just I’m not a why a I’m not YA anymore it’s hard to want to read
YA it really is like if they were if they honestly if these guys were aged up
and they’re like in their 20s and 30s, hell yeah you know I’d get on it but
they’re having the teenage problems on top of like some Russian shit I don’t give
it like I don’t care about. Like I don’t I don’t know why like it’s just it’s
okay the setting oh you know I’m just I’m not into the I’m just not into like
that setting anyway so I think there’s another reason I didn’t like it um my
book I’m getting rid of because I have the other copy of it this is dune one of
my favorite books um this I have not read in a long time but it made such an
impact on me and I have the pretty copy with Paul Maud Dib on the front
with his blue eyes i love that shit. yeah I have a better copy about this
one reason it’s going. Let’s do a couple rapid-fire ones the wasp factory was not
a good book now it was in also um I find that a little harmful to trans people I
think it was I’m not trans so I wouldn’t know
however it was kind of like the boy Snowbird thing by Helen oyeyemi um some
things I think you just got to be trans to write . And there are a couple things I
just find if you’re gonna have the only villain in a book be trans like really
like I get it if you’re gonna have like five trans people and one of them is the
villain that makes sense. But if you’re gonna have one trans person and they’re
the villain that doesn’t make sense like that just to villainize is trans people.
I don’t I don’t like it you know. and the second I’m getting rid of is the
serpent king this is one of the books that I read because of Julie from pages
and pens um I liked it at the time however it’s a YA contemporary and I
am 23. I’m done with it it was sad and there’s no reason for me to keep a sad
book on my shelves. I’m I don’t like sad it was good at the time.
similarly The Fault in Our Stars signed the copy
however you know my grandparents got this for me and I’m still keeping what’s
it called Looking for Alaska. I’m still keeping looking for Alaska just cuz my
grandparents got it for me. um but I’m gonna actually see if I can even get rid
of that’s how much writing it’s got in it um ya know it’s not going to be
writing but yeah like my mom died of glioblastoma and I just don’t really
like cancer portrait horns or can’t cancer torture torture porn stories like
I don’t want to read it like you know which one’s gonna die in the beginning
and like it’s just I don’t know like my mom died of cancer they died cancer I
don’t give a shit I don’t want to read about it. um the next one
I was actually super excited for and I recently hauled this like in the fall
just let the right one in because I loved the movie it was one of those
family movies we could all watch together I say that. We also all watched
jackass and what’s that movie Daniel Radcliffe
was in the woman in black because I saw the play of that – it was super good but
yeah like we were family movies and we watched American Pie when my little
brothers were like four so who knows but anyways let the right one end was a good
movie I remember all of us watching and yeah you know like there was a whole lot
of child sex in this and I just yeah that’s fine I guess but it was 200 it
was like a hundred pages into this shit and it was still just blowjobs. You know
like I don’t want to read that I really don’t like I don’t want to read the I
think that’s just nasty like that’s horrible and sad I just don’t want to
read that. um well that’s good this one I need to take out all of my freaking
little piece or pasty little sticky notes in here this is the good witch’s
guide I thought I would be into this because I have other books like on
witchcraft and Wicca that I’m am keeping this one I’m nice it’s I did tap it up
at the time but it’s more of like doing things that like are you know extremely
valid but they’re just not things that I personally want to do so me having like
a spell book isn’t really gonna help just because this is not the not the way
I interact with witchcraft and stuff like that so it’s not gonna keep it in
steam and I still a lot of books so next I’m getting rid of it so young
so wicked u.s. saw me review this really recently no this adventure ends another
book that I read because the pages and Julie pages and pins again like it was
good at the time however these type of books don’t sit with me or stick with me
it’s just it’s just a story about real life and yeah real life just doesn’t
stick um geisha a life I really enjoyed this book however I just know I’m not
gonna read it again um I thought I’d read this shit right when the movie came
out and I asked for it and I never read it I also have the first book down there
which I’ll show you this was eleven dark tales they weren’t particularly good I
have read a lot better short stories and actually a couple I have down over here
I’m keeping so no um I thought I would read and enjoy this this is Alexander
Hamilton um I am interested in some history and I really thought I could get
through this but I was just kidding so goddamn bored um and I think like a part
of me I think I just bought it because of the musical and like I thought I
would really like it because I enjoyed a lot of musical and I know like the
musical made him seem like such a good person so I wanted to see like you know
what was left out because you know he was awful you know like he cheated on
his wife that was in the musical but like you know he had slaves and that’s
just not talked about the musical so like I I wanted to see like what his
life was actually like like a was not a good person you know but I
just I couldn’t get through it and I’m fine with reading long books but it’s
gonna be a nerve agent there’s got to be a fantasy or something I’m interested in
we’re coming up on the end this is another book I thought I would read and
enjoy but couldn’t do it again I bought this because I’m a movie this is helter
skelter I got this because of once upon a time in Hollywood great Tarantino
movie just came out um but this summer oh my god I saw it twice in theaters oh
man I mean like I don’t even know what the fuck was going on I didn’t know like
I even know who Manson was basically but tried to read this book couldn’t it I
don’t know I don’t think I like true crime I just don’t think I do this is
the wolf of Wall Street it’s just not something I’m gonna read if I want to
just think about this again I’m gonna watch the movie cuz it was so fun I
remember loving it um the next or a couple all of these I’ve actually read
um except for this one but I’m getting rid of all of these authors books this
is a Thousand Cranes I don’t know lights bad this is Snow Petra I read that one
so late I didn’t read this one these are all like Japanese books
um I mean Japanese author all takes place in Japan and like the early 1900s
however just not you know just not for me
I do love books at Japan but it’s got to be it’s gotta be more enticing than that
but anyways the odd last book is the Pocky war which I’ve talked about
recently I just touched on this on a video I filmed last night but I don’t
think you guys gonna save it for a long time because that’s my five star
prediction video in summation this book is unimaginative and uninspired and just
not very well thought out or like well paced or written it could have done much
better as like the school all in one book and then going on like after some
character development but however character development is extremely
lacking so I have no interest in continuing that book or the series so I
am going to I think just give all of these to the
library I am interested of course and always taking some to Half Price Books
however you never get more than like five dollars from them anyways I got
taken in like oh god you know duffle bags of books before and I’ve never
really gotten more than like five bucks so I think I’ll probably just try to
give all these to my library because my library does actually take all of them
so um I think I’m just gonna do that maybe I’ll save a couple and take those
to Half Price Books like my really pretty copies and the hard box other
than that I am just gonna take these and get rid of them if I remember I’ll tell
you how much I got if I do take these to Half Price
but anyways guys I put in the title how many books that was if you weren’t
counting because I wasn’t I think it was 24 but yeah I am happy with that I want
to do quarterly on homes this was my winter unhaul at the end of
oh gosh at the end of spring I’ll do another one at the end of March April
May boys do the another one right when I get back from book con um if I have time
I’m gonna be working a ton in June so I don’t know what my channels gonna look
like then but until then I will talk to you guys later I hope you like this
unhaul and tell me like what are your thoughts on any of the books I got hauls
also let me know do you guys like to just keep books um even if you don’t
like them like I do that with some things just because I’m I still have an
attachment to them but I’m trying to get better about if I don’t have an
attachment to it I just try to get rid of it you know like band-aid right off
kind of thing right anyways guys I’ll talk to you later bye

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    Ahh I just hauled the Name of the Wind and the Wise Man's Fear and I had no idea it's been 8 years 😲 And I'm also reading the Song of Ice and Fire series which will probably never be finished 🤦‍♀️

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