Windows 8 on MacBook Air


Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here
with a video showing off Windows 8 running on a MacBook Air. This
setup is a 2011 MacBook Air 11” running Windows 8 inside
VirtualBox. Windows 8 is the first real version of Windows that’s
meant to be run on everything from a tablet to a desktop and
the Metro UI is a great example of this. The large, high contrast
tiles are made to be touched just as easily as you could open them
with a mouse or trackpad. Gestures also play a large part
in the OS including swiping the lockscreen up or swiping with
two fingers to scroll through the Metro UI and both of these work
great with the Air. In fact Windows 8 really seems to be made
for, if not a touchscreen then at least a nicely sized multitouch trackpad.
A lot of what seems perfect for a swipe is slow and clunky
for a mouse to click and drag. The Air also works well with the
multitasking in Windows 8 by meeting the minimum 1366×768 resolution
necessary to have multiple Metro and Classic elements on screen at once.
Focusing a bit more on the OS there’s a lot to talk about. For
starters even inside VirtualBox the responsiveness really is impressive with
very little of the occasional lag you’ll find in earlier versions
of Windows. The SSD in the Air no doubt helps here but Windows 8
has the same hardware specifications from Windows 7 and actually
uses less resources. Not bad considering that it’s running both
the Classic and Metro UIs at the same time. Even with an Ultra Low Voltage
Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM the Air does a good job of flying
through both Windows 8 as well as Lion with only minimal amounts of
lag that are to be expected when you’re using a virtualized OS. While
it definitely takes some mental exercise to remember which gestures work with
which OS everything works surprisingly well. Overall if you’re curious
about Windows 8 I absolutely recommend giving it a shot. If you want to
know how to install Windows 8 in VirtualBox like this be sure to hit the
annotation on screen now for the tutorial. If you enjoyed definitely be
sure to leave this video a thumbs up and if you’re interested in more
Windows 8 videos like this be sure to subscribe!

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100 thoughts on “Windows 8 on MacBook Air”

  1. acnfanmanin says:

    Yea! same here! this nameless guy who hates mac keeps on pissing mac users.

  2. acnfanmanin says:

    Hey if you don't like macs why do you need to annoy everyone like a 1 year old? I mean if you hate macs then so be it you don't need to piss everyone.

  3. acnfanmanin says:

    Grow up dude.

  4. Kushagra Tiwary says:

    Windows will ALWAYS be better than any apple product…
    Fact is a fact

  5. Mufti Hossain says:

    Even though I agree with you that Windows will 95% of the time be superior, you are wrong. That is not a fact, it is opinion. A person preferring something is an opinion, not a fact. I don't like the Macintosh operating system, but that does NOT actually make the alternative better. It's all relative, and in the grand scheme of things, your opinion, my opinion, everybody's opinion: they don't matter. Both companies are making assloads of money.

  6. Kushagra Tiwary says:

    Though I agree to the fact that the sentence was my opinion; the word 'fact' was used a Figurative or a Literary Device in the English Language.Though you might be aware of the fact that people tend to make their opinion into a fact using literary devices to help persuade the mass population.Examples:Apple-' Iphone 5 is a revolutionizing product and is very different than the 4s'.Opinion made into a fact using literary devices which would help them persuade.I have merely used the same technique.

  7. paradicetw says:

    when i get a macbook air i will definatly bootcamp dat shit and put windows,

  8. Mufti Hossain says:

    Touche brother. However, you said it as if it is imperial fact, indistinguishable as anything inferior. Obviously, I misread your tone, something so easy on the internet. Good day.

  9. AndreAgonia says:

    why not buying a windows-8 ready pc directly?

  10. AndreAgonia says:

    best answer ever, and the main reason i discourage people from buying shitty Apple products at THAT price.

    Plus Windows and Microsoft are getting back cool and stronger, and they cost less than half. Also, this new Windows 8 might not be the best for business solutions but for the average user it's fucking awesome! Me and my bro didn't like at first but after like three days of hit on his new gaming laptop he won't switch back for anything in the world and i'm dual-booting it soon 🙂

  11. Salim Manoharadas says:

    So what can u infer? both are donkeys or both are ferraris

  12. sh9683 says:

    no its like putting a 20 horse power engine in a ferrari

  13. Dan Astle says:

    thank god I aint close minded.I have a Windows laptop and a Macbook Pro I7. The point is,I am studying a music degree in which I need music production programs which need a system which WON'T crash every 2 minutes handling 120 audio tracks. Trust me ,I tried it on my other laptop and it couldn't handle it,on my desktop with windows,it couldntDon't say I don't know my stuff.

  14. Dan Astle says:

    Macbook pro 8gb ram 500gb Hard Drive,intel core i7 .

    Its true,its overpriced.I didn't want it at first.But once I got it,it was worth it.As I said,for working, Windows all the way.For music producing,Mac. I say it from experience.

  15. sklaterjd says:

    Are you talking about the i7 processor?

  16. Cristian Espinoza says:

    can you run mac os x and windows 8 at the same time?

  17. Musically Obsessed says:

    I bought my first 13 inch, 2012 Macbook Air and the Mac is absolutely superior in terms of construction, feel, experience, appearance and software…never agin will I return to crappy PC rip-off and its virus-proned Windows!

    Apple fanboy now and proud of it!

  18. Dan Astle says:

    you can have them both on the same laptop but they cant run at the same time

  19. 7asonology says:


  20. 7asonology says:

    Crappy operating system + big fail = Windows 8

  21. 7asonology says:

    Why do people always looking for price not the quality

  22. 09luis09able says:

    window 8 makes that mac look so sexy fast and powerful

  23. Ryan Beeton says:

    He showed the components, you can safely assume the quality is the same as they don't make the parts but buy them from intel, Radeon, etc. And you say windows 8 is a crappy OS but state no reasons. I find it much quicker when starting up and for multitasking, you've obviously never used it so all of your comments are invalid.

  24. blaise johnny says:

    Damn, apple makes the best Hardware. if only they were an open source

  25. kruemelkuchen96 says:

    Apple makes the worst Hardware!
    If you buy a Windows notebook for the same price you get a much better hardware!

  26. breakers131 says:


  27. kruemelkuchen96 says:

    Apple doesn't even make their own hardware. They might have designed an own version of an ARM A15 Chip, but especially in a Macbook, there just normale hardwae parts from intel, nvidia etc. Only difference is that you are limited in your options and pay much more on apple.

  28. Ebayfan1234 says:

    yes using parralles or vmware fusion

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  30. jar988 says:

    How did you swipe up to unlock the screen? On my mac I have to click the trackpad to do it? I'm running the boot camp drivers btw…

  31. Joong-Won Seo says:

    The each 'chips', such as CPUs, GPUs, sound card and so on, are of course not made(both design and produce) by apple, as many of the computer companies don't do. It'd be terrible if every computer company designed and produced every single part of their products. But of course all the computers from apple are designed by apple.

  32. Nick Martin says:

    Why would one put windows 8 on a mac…… WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY???????????????

  33. Drew Mixer says:


  34. kruemelkuchen96 says:

    Well thats obvious as long as you mean by "designed" to decide which parts you take.
    Thats what every big Producer makes (like Asus, Samsung, Acer etc)
    The Thing is that most people think the Apple hardware is optimized by apple itself

  35. Mark Villanueva says:

    who would put a windows software on a macbook i would not.

  36. dingo596 says:

    I would, I would not buy a macbook but if someone gave me one the first thing i would do with it is install linux or windows 7.

  37. asam268 says:

    For all software that exists, Mountain Lion is only compatible with 3%

  38. Bayly Buchanan says:

    @dingo596 although bootcamping windows is an incrediblly good idea, you are incredibly stupid for that remark mac osX is mopre of a beautiful work of art than an OS

  39. trounormands says:

    Linux for ever guys

  40. epikman99 says:


  41. dingo596 says:

    I have used (in a virtual machine) Mac OS, I didn't like it.

  42. Dash Lambda says:

    I have no idea why anyone would put windows 8 on anything but a smartphone. But, for that matter, I have no idea why anyone would subject their computer to… * shivers*… Mac OS…

  43. Dash Lambda says:

    Well, I don't know about him, but I have, and it gave me nightmares.

    The sheer frustration I get when I even look at the home screen, seeing the default layout and how all the icons jump around like a kid's show…

    Apple makes good software for people who don't like customization and just want an easy-to-use thing, but for the people who want to make it 'better', however they deem fit, Apple is quite horrible. They make their stuff closed and sealed so no-one can alter their stuff.

  44. Dash Lambda says:

    I've never tried it before. Is there a download of some kind? Is it free?

  45. nevinconstantin says:

    Awesome Windows 8 + Shitty Macbook =….
    Universe.exe is not responding

  46. nevinconstantin says:

    At least on PC caps lock doesn't get stuck!

  47. Dash Lambda says:


    I see how that comment could be taken with negative reactions, I wasn't thinking fully when writing it, but really? It's sad that people love those operating systems so much that they believe that someone who thinks that those operating systems are inferior to to others is a person with low intelligence or ignorance? It's just sad. I was just saying that I didn't like them. I wasn't saying that no-one should like them, only that I didn't like them.

  48. Calvin G says:

    Is that 64G or 128G?

  49. Bronze Goblet says:

    i think its looks beautiful on air. win8 seems design for air

  50. Rohith Basu says:

    like solitaire !! lol

  51. JBroMCMXCI says:

    your voice is so damn annoying please learn to talk properly

  52. Kushagra Tiwary says:

    bro u better check ur stats!

  53. Kushagra Tiwary says:

    No worries brother and good year to you too.

  54. Victor Reyes says:

    So Windows 8 and OS X?

  55. Groud Frank says:

    I could not have said it better myself. I won't buy a Mac but I'll happily receive one as a gift. I will then immediately install Windows (7 or 8) and Linux(Ubuntu or Mint). I would use OS x but not much.

  56. MrDNema says:

    because people sometimes want to do some works instead creating family albums and want to play some of latest games instead half life 2 from 2004

  57. Apple Fan Romania says:

    Can you buy an iMac?

  58. Mayank Bhardwaj says:

    He has not hacked but used bootcamp
    Anyone can do it legally

  59. tntvideos108 says:

    go home windows you're drunk

  60. GhoulToons says:

    Windows 8 is microsoft's WORST excuse for a decent operating system…

  61. nevinconstantin says:

    Have you even tried it? Its faster than seven. The design is aimed more for tablets but works great on mouse PCs.

  62. GhoulToons says:

    I have tried it.
    Look, I can see were your coming from, but I still think it's JUST for tablets really.
    Meh, you can't please everyone I guess.

  63. astrman1000 says:

    Apple is not going to be happy if they see this……….

  64. Frontyer says:

    Why? He paid for the Mac and then also the OS thats all they care about; money. Also the OSX is build a way so windows would easly be able to run on a mac so yeah I dont think they would care if they saw this video.

  65. InterstellarApple says:

    why are you talking that way?

  66. Wade Freeman says:

    I like virtual box, but is there still a way i can use bootcamp on the macbook air?

  67. GhoulToons says:

    Vista was better.

  68. MatthewMonster11 says:

    OMG Gaga

  69. TheTeemoKiller says:

    I want that?

  70. Sadie Mears says:

    That is actually really clever…

  71. Condemic says:

    Hm, i had to buy a macbook pro for school, but I prefer windows, really considering changing, does anyone know if it is easy to change back if I'd regret it?

  72. Remix Nation says:

    because Mac OS sucks. Duh. And its pretty limited in programs, and customization.

  73. Remix Nation says:

    because Mac OS sucks. duh.

  74. Mark Villanueva says:

    wow ok…. the whole reason i bought a macbook air cuz i hate windows

  75. Remix Nation says:

    Then I'm guessing your a just a basic user who only needs a browser and and word documents. Its okay for the basic user. But now everyone wants power, customization, performance, and no restrictions, and Mac OS can't deliver that.

  76. blackbirdhere says:

    Anyone knows how both OSs would compare in terms of performance gaming or otherwise on macbook air 2013??

  77. York Dong says:

    Hi, I just installed win8 on my 2013 macbook air, but every time I run win8 and enter it, the keyboard will become ineffective in the lock screen, and I have to restart my labtop for 2-3 times before the keyboard work properly. Is there any way that I can solve this problem? Thanks a bunch!

  78. Edmundo studios says:

    Windows is always the platform of choice for gaming.

  79. Doge says:

    because windows is better than osx…

  80. iXexa ZiiD says:

    I know your password >:) mwoehahahahahahah

  81. Narasimha Narayana says:

    hey do this windows8 on mac can run c,c++,java and oracle languages

  82. Karel Jelínek says:

    You destroied this macbook :'( -__-''

  83. EJ Tech says:

    He was able to have full windows 8 gestures in virtualbox. Does anybody know how to pull this off as my gestures are limited in virtualbox

  84. Dipen Bhujel says:

    nah he didnt destroyed. windows 8 is compatible with mac and yeah he can boot both macintosh as well as windows.

  85. Tobias Berger says:

    i think virtualbox is nice for trying out a new os. but if you really want to use it, you should install it natively and decide on startup which to use or (on mac) use parallels…

  86. Astrovale83 says:

    Does the windows 8 software crashes?

  87. Allen Logan says:

    so you can run windows 8 on mac pc's easily coz windows 8 is kinda cheap…but you got to sacrifice your HDD in order to install mac os in a windows pc ….great !

  88. trex buttowski says:

    How did your house burn down

  89. Gladwin Gill says:


  90. David Sumirat says:


  91. EmuNext says:

    Eww, that's disgusting.

  92. flz_5848 says:

    This is where I can tell that the screen on the MacBook Air really isn't that impressive.

  93. TheKHfan358over3d says:

    I felt like going back to an old OS so I used VMware on windows 10 to run windows XP and it worked fine I was able to run starcraft which had support up to vista and it ran fine on a gaming PC I might see what XP exclusive apps there are

  94. K M says:


  95. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    so you used to talk normally haha

  96. BCGTR says:

    Its so un natural

  97. Milan Kragujevic says:

    ah so Austin actually did use to talk normally! SECRET REVEALED!

  98. Imm Pat says:

    Dat lag

  99. than thinmy says:

    one whit me😢😢😢

  100. koolkreent_19 says:

    It's also possible to install any Windows version via BOOTCAMP on a MacBook. Try that out next 😉

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