Will Ireland or Denmark be booking their flights to Russia after tonight?

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Are we going to get over the line? Are we
going to be in Russia next summer? Yeah well we hope, you know. The last time
we were in a World Cup, I was actually doing my leaving cert so that’ll tell you how long
ago it’s been. As you can see from the grey hairs creeping in here, that was a long, long
time ago. Not a sign of a grey hair. Don’t be so…
But after missing out on three tournaments… We all love the World Cup as football fans
– we’re going to watch it whether Ireland are involved or not. But you do kind of get
sick of sitting at home on a random Wednesday afternoon watching Costa Rica vs Iran. We
want us to be involved. It’s been a long wait and I think there’s a real opportunity for
us here and if we don’t get through tonight, there’s going to be a sense of missed opportunity
because this is no great shakes of a Denmark side. I know that’s a big statement considering
that we’re not exactly world-beaters ourselves but I think we’ve got the beatings of them
tonight. I’m going to against your stat from earlier on of Ireland not scoring more than
once in big games and I’m going to go for a 2-1 win tonight. Wow. That’s a huge call.
Ben, can the tin of beans be prised open by the Danes tonight or will we get it done,
do you reckon? I think we’ll get the job done. I think Paul
should count himself lucky. In 2002 I was doing my junior cert and I haven’t got a scrap
of hair now. But as I touched on earlier on, I think we’ll get a 1-0 win. I think it’ll
get into the latter stages, Denmark will get frustrated and we will score from a set-piece.
Possibly Shane Duffy up from a header, ball to fall loose and some unlikely source, maybe
Stephen Ward, to burst it into the back of the net and send us to Russia. Sweet mother
of all that’s pure, I’m getting excited now. There you have it – the Danes are spoofers.
Ireland to coast to victory tonight. Definitely looking forward to it.

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