Will a MacBook Air run an Elgato HD60?

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Hey guys just wanted to make a quick video talking about the elgato HD60. I bought It a few days ago, I just got it in the mail. I bought on eBay used for $100 so I got a pretty good deal on it. The elgato HD60 is different from older elgato models because this will record video at 1080p 60 frames per
second the Xbox game DVR records at 720p at 30 frames per second so it’s
definitely an upgrade from that the video you’re watching now as 1080p 60
frames-per-second like it says in the title in the upper left so the question
I had before I bought it was is my MacBook Air powerful enough to power the
Elgato HD60 My MacBook Air is the 2015 model it has a 1.6 GHz processor with
Turbo Boost on the elgato website It says you have to have it to have a 2.0 GHz processor
before turbo boost so you know I bought it and I was like I hope it works I
messed around with some of the Resolutions 720, 1080p 30 frames 60 frames I started
at the lower resolutions and I wanted to kind of work when we have cause I didn’t
want to break my MacBook or anything when I got up to 1080p 60 frames per
second as you can see it records it fine, and its way better than the game DVR
from the Xbox which is kinda like it’s it doesn’t even compare so took a still
shot here you can see that this is 1080 and then after I die here. I go into the
720p at 30 frames from the Xbox one game DVR so you can kind of see the difference so
comparing the two it’s really no comparison at all this is way less
Quality, it’s choppy, the pixels are all over the place it’s kinda hard to
watch I was making a bunch of videos using this and I upgraded because I
like to make videos but it was kind of annoying to watch them in such a low
resolution and I’m not really sure that the quality gets kinda messed up because
it’s uploaded and downloaded and everything that you lose a little better
quality so here’s the still shot from that
you can hardly read the names in the left and everything so it’s pretty
much yet just wanted to let everybody know that it will work and if you have
any questions leave a comment, Thanks!

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