Why study Chemistry at Birmingham?

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I chose chemistry at the University
of Birmingham because compared to all the other unis this offers some of
the best facilities there are around I mean just look around you the brand-new
CTL opened just over a year ago and that allows us undergraduates to
undertake our experiments to a high level. When I visited on the applicant visit day I found that everyone was really friendly and really welcoming and
that atmosphere has carried on for the four years that I’ve been here. I chose the University of Birmingham based on the size of the department. So it’s a big
enough department to attract some really interesting research but it also felt
like it was a small enough department that I felt part of a community and
that’s amongst the students but most also amongst the staff and the PhD
demonstrators. When I came on the applicant visit day I really liked the
campus and how everything was in close proximity. My favourite thing about the
course is actually going to the labs it allows me to translate what I’ve learned
in lectures to the labs and for me that just gives it that real-world
application. I really like the opportunities you get
in this course to try and try out different careers so I did my third year
in Switzerland in a pharmaceutical company. My favourite aspect about the
course is definitely the quality of the teaching the lecturers make a real
effort to make their lecture courses really accessible and understandable and
all lecture courses are accompanied by a really detailed handout and some really
good online resources and lecturers are more than happy to meet you in your own
time to go over concepts that you don’t understand. I really enjoy the social aspect
about this course we’ve got many workshops and we’ve got a lot of lab
hours so it means we get to meet a range of different people and work with many
people. As well we’ve got a really good chemistry society here who put a range
of different events on for everyone.

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