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There’s a deep desire in us to make
pictures I mean we’ve been drawing for 30 thousand years The teaching of drawing is teaching people to look. That’s what it’s
doing. It was really when I was at art school that I started to see the
relationship between history, philosophy politics and art. Prior to that I
thought that art was just making pretty pictures. Actually, art is connected to,
you know, life. You can’t teach art in the same way you can teach French. French
exists whether whether you do it or not but when you’re doing art, the centre of
doing art is in yourself. Most of the literate subjects do not ask
that of them, so this develops an entirely different realm of skill. Creativity is critical thinking and without it, how are you going to really
open up and ask harder questions? And art opens all of those kind of passages and
possibilities to think beyond what we already know. In a child’s education, the
doors need to be open to other universes other modes of thinking, and art is a non
pre-described, dangerous world full of possibility, and I think it’s a vital
space for children to have in their formative years of their education. From a top down level you don’t have innovation if you don’t have art. It’s as simple of that. It doesn’t matter if you’re gonna study history or geography or science, you still need to be creative because the people who are the
outliers in those fields are the most creative people. To have art in schools
be eroded, which is happening at the moment, is disastrous for Britain, I think,
because our best industry is the creative industry. Art and cultural production is at the very centre of what makes a society what
it is, and for an entire new generation not to know what is the cultural and
visual history of ourselves is kind of denying our own identity. Art is a reflection of the society that we are the kind of mirror that art holds up, the
way that art helps define the identity of a nation, that you can trace that back
historically, it’s deeply embedded in humanity. What art education does to
people who are not going to be artists is giving them the opportunity to build
certain aspect of themselves that otherwise will be either ignored,
undeveloped or repressed. It’s all about kids finding out who they
are, and they’re all different. That you can be whatever you want to be is something that art’s only taught me. It can access a part of your brain, body, spirit, mind that nothing else can. Nothing is more stimulating, exciting,
consoling than looking at a brilliant painting. Art in schools shouldn’t be
sidelined, I think it should be right there, right up in the front because I
think art teaches you to deal with the world around you. It’s the oxygen that
actually makes all the other subjects breathe. There’s a great quote by John
Ruskin: ‘Art shows us what it is to be human’ and really that’s why art
should be on the curriculum.

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36 thoughts on “Why Study Art? | TateShots”

  1. J M says:

    artist these days are like entertainers

  2. frogandfly ji says:

    there is no self

  3. AW H says:

    This sounds nice until you see how expensive art and design colleges charge in tuition. Got accepted to SVA and couldn’t go because the tuition was &68,000 a year. Smh

  4. William White says:

    Imagination is greater than knowledge. Einstein

  5. William White says:

    Industry ? Who knows

  6. KEATS GIPSY Keats says:

    Such brilliant programming I thank you!

  7. Peter Monicid says:

    Almost all of the great artists of our times were self taught . That's not by accident .

  8. Tom Quigley says:

    Great video Tate😊

  9. Adair valentine robertson says:

    Yes yes yes

  10. Julia G. says:

    who made that pictures at 3:13?? (The white one) Thanks!

  11. Mir Odin says:


  12. Florencia Diaz Mercado says:

    Cate Blanchett = ART

  13. Tomek says:

    This video inspired me, thank you

  14. Jenny Hughes says:

    Thank you for putting this up: I make a lot of art but am constantly in doubt about it – I ask myself (and others) 'what is art for?' n when I see all the countless brilliant artwork already in the world I wonder who on earth do I think I am to think my art might be interesting or add to our cultures. Thank you for making this and for putting it up here: the artists you chose say what art is for far better than I ever could and this film and what they say just might stay long enough in my memory (I've got a brain injury and big memory problems) to help me when I'm floundering in doubt and feeling terrible and that making my art is totally pointless. Well, actually, I'm pretty sure I'll forget but maybe then sometime I might remember or be reminded again…

  15. Damien Heads says:

    Do NOT study art at degree level unless you are willing to suffer economically and spiritually in the pursuit of becoming an artist. Universities are FULL of people studying to be in the creative fields, and you are very unlikely to get a meaningful or even life sustaining job in the creative field. It is MUCH safer to study a subject which is in high demand at the moment such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Medicine, IT, Plumber or Electrician and pursue becoming an artist or creative person on the side. You do NOT want to be spending your weeks working in a shitty little cafe or supermarket, struggling to support yourself and with NO hope of affording a house or accumulating any real savings. This is NOT a meaningful existence. Anyone can’t make it, and it’s becoming less and less these days about how good you are, and much more about being able to market yourself. Take it from someone who was sold this mistruth about pursuing your dreams and everything will be alright. Note: I’m not bitter, and this is no disrespect to the Tate, but I just want to save another person from making this mistake if they are not FULLY aware and prepared to suffer all of the consequences

  16. ricv64 says:

    Wally Hedrick, a long forgotten great artist, look him up, pointed out to me decades ago the three themes of art are Sex politics and religion

  17. Titan Beats says:

    As opposed to artists like Dali, Picasso and Magritte from previous generations, nowadays the art industry is filled with pretentious, snobby people with no talent at all. An unmade bed isn’t art.

  18. jacek pokrak says:

    why study art? If you want to know more about art it is OK . But if you want make art ……….i am not sure
    Regards JJ Pokrak Compmaturism

  19. shengshengniu says:


  20. 77777aol says:

    Art is the finger on the pulse, expressing optimism or pessimism, drawing from the undercurrent of the society around them.

  21. Tetyana Rykhlevych says:

    Класс! ВИДЕО ПРЕКРАСНОЕ! 💖😍🎼🌟🔥👍👍👍👍

  22. Stephen Daedalus says:

    Didn't expect Cate Blanchett here. She's a marvelous actress by the way.

  23. Emre28 Oz says:

    It's great to hear all this ideas, very inspirational 👍🏻

  24. Sophie McHugh says:

    Coming from the museum with the most extortionate image reproduction fees, that greatly inhibit the ability of researchers and educators to funnel information to the younger generations.

  25. Emile Nys says:

    Does anyone know the title/the artist of the artwork shown at 1:10?

  26. KEATS GIPSY Keats says:


  27. D D says:

    I'm one of Bob and Roberta Smith's ex students. Bloody loved my time at art school.. Doesn't have to be a fancy overpriced school, check out the names of the tutors there and research them.. School trends come and go but valuable time spent with a good teacher lasts a lifetime.

  28. John Castle says:

    Art is freedom and freedom is dangerous to the establishment ,as John Lennon said “not everything has to be wallpaper .”

  29. Faith Tester says:


  30. Ball Snow says:

    3:37 "Art shows us what it is to be human."

  31. Ball Snow says:

    3:06 "Art can access a part of your brain, body, spirit, mind that nothing else can."

  32. jae1k2 says:

    This is critical

  33. Juan Flores says:

    Pay for it yourself, study whatever you want.

  34. Saint Michael says:

    you can study at home instead spending money you don't have

  35. Nick2143 says:

    So I get 60 in art bc I'm not good at art yeah it's pointless

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