Why study a Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences undergraduate degree in the UK?

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Hi. We all study Liberal Arts and Natural
Sciences at the University of Birmingham and we’ll like to tell you five reasons why it’s
such a great degree programme. 1. Variety Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences is designed
for talented students who appreciate the benefits of breadth as well as depth. You’ll typically
pick one subject as your Major specialism. You’ll then complement your Major by choosing
a variety of different subjects from Arts and/or Sciences and/or Social Sciences. This is supported by interdisciplinary core
modules equipping you with the ability to integrate your disciplines and work in multidisciplinary
teams on real-world problems. This means every Liberal Arts and Natural
Sciences student has their own unique and varied programme, giving you an original portfolio
of expertise when you graduate. 2. Natural Sciences Some Liberal Arts and Sciences programmes
limit their science options to the Social Sciences, however we allow you to study the
Life Sciences and Physical Sciences too. These include areas such as Biology, Psychology,
Physics and Chemistry. You still have the freedom to combine them with the Arts and
Social Sciences should you choose. Furthermore if you choose enough science content then
you could choose to graduate with a Natural Sciences degree rather than a Liberal Arts
and Sciences degree. 3. The Year Abroad The Year Abroad is a compulsory part of Liberal
Arts and Natural Sciences. It provides you with an exciting opportunity to expand your
academic interests while becoming fully integrated into the life and culture of the country you
visit. We have hundreds of partner universities around the world. In the past our students
have spent their year abroad in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, China,
Japan, Chile, Singapore, Israel, Korea and all across Europe. For my year abroad, I went
to the University of Melbourne and it was a fantastic experience. 4. Our cultural programme. Our cultural programme allows Liberal Arts
and Natural Sciences students to experience a range of exciting visits and events. We
bring poets, writers, academics and scientific specialists to speak to you on campus whilst
also organising trips beyond the University to theatres and exhibitions. There are over
20 activities each academic year. Highlights have included Birmingham Royal Ballet’s The
Nutcracker, the Gymnastics World Cup, Shakespeare plays at the RSC, the Fashion from Nature
exhibition at the V&A in London and classical concerts at Symphony Hall. We offer an outstanding student experience.
Our students have the opportunity to undertake exciting trips across Europe. In recent years,
destinations have included a Lake District for team-building activities, as well as study
trips to Brussels, Romania and Rhodes. Back in the UK, we finish each year with a research
festival. This celebrates the wide range of activities in which our students participate
both through our core modules and extra-curricular projects such as the Vice-Chancellor’s Challenge. To find out more about the topics we’ve talked
about you can visit our website.

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