Why MacBook Runs SO HOTTT 🔥🔥

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Hi guys, this is third video on my channel well, I’m not a native speaker Just a techie who wants to share the information and knowledge related to tech products to others So there might be some failures in pronunciation To make sure that you understand all what I’m saying I put the english subtitle below so you can check out at this bottom. Thank you ! while almost every window laptop manufacturers are managing to decrease the temperature on the laptop Apple doesn’t care about the MacBook’s temperature Do you believe it? In today’s video I will show you how Apple as well as other window laptop brands manage the temperature inside their laptops Let’s dig in The reason why I say Apple doesn’t care about the temperature on MacBook is that Apple tends to remove all the TDP limitation So, what is TDP? and how does it affect on temperature on laptop? Let me explain Normally, each CPU has its own TDP limitation for example, Core i7-8750H has 45W TDP Core i7-8550U has 15W TDP or the CPU equipped on this MacBook Air 2018 is Core i5-8210Y it has 7W TDP This is Thermal Design Power, which is heat power the processor dissipates when operating and according to the law of conservation of energy the TDP is equivalent to the power consumption of cpu To put it simply, Laptop manufacturers will rely on this TDP figure to build the proper thermal solution for their laptops The higher TDP, the stronger CPU, and the more power it needs to operate So the thermal solution needs to be built all the way up to cool those CPU properly This figure is provided by Intel And manufacturers then have completely self-customization And the fact that laptop brands can customize the CPU will result in many problems that I will mention right below Ok Laptop manufacturers buy chip from Intel and then they customize it If they want that CPU more cooler, they just limit the CPU power consumption in the BIOS setting this can be considered the tricks of manufacturers that very few people know As for cheap gaming laptop, The CPU power consumption of i7-8750H is usually limited from 25-30W And for premium gaming laptops, their cooling system is very good it allows i7-8750H consume up to 45W maybe higher depending on different laptops and so, CPU performance of premium laptops is often stronger than cheap ones Although they use the same CPU Surprising? What about MacBook? As I said earlier, Apple removes all the TDP limitation They configure the CPU to allow it to consume as much power as possible That’s the reason why the CPU temperature on macbook usually reaches 90 degrees Celsius maybe 100 That’s so hot But Apple doesn’t care now, take this macbook air 2018 as an example, CPU dual-core i5-8210Y is a very efficient processor the power consumption of this CPU fluctuates around 7W But in this MacBook Air, it reaches up to 10 or even 12W and of course, the more power, the higher temperature it would be When I run sustained heavy workloads this CPU often hovers at 100 degrees Celsius That’s so hot Another MacBook which had a serious problem for the similar reason is MacBook Pro 15 2018 when power consumption was not limited, the thermal design of MacBook Pro 15 2018 can not cool the vrm system so the performance decreased substantially Apple then released new update which limited the power pouring into the Core i9-8950HK So the temperature as well as the performance increased a lot Ok, MacBook’s temperature level tends to be very high when running heavy tasks So have you ever wondered why nobody complains about this? Nobody complains about the fact that the CPU temperature on MacBook is very hot This is because MacBook is business-oriented laptop People buy MacBook for work they don’t play game, so they don’t care about the temperature of their laptop They just want their Laptop work stably and smoothly and Apple completely meets these expectations thanks to well-optimized MacOS when it comes to Window laptop, it is different Many Window users are gamers, and these people always prioritize the stability when playing game, they find ways to optimize the performance, And they know how their system works very well So Window laptops are often criticized by user If the CPU reaches 90 degrees Celsius, that’s hot some even claim that 80 degree Celsius, that’s still hot But for MacBook, 90, 95 or even 100 degrees Celsius nobody complains However, removing all the TDP limitation also has its own advantage By doing this, the overall performance increases a lot You know, when people first see MacBook’s configuration They tend to underappreciate it They say It’s too weak! But you know, with the power management of MacBook, the overall performance is acceptable I can browse the web smoothly, using Photoshop, Ai to edit photo, or even edit light FullHD video. So, in conclusion, When buying most of MacBook you have to accept the fact that the CPU temperature level is very high under heavy workloads Although MacBook is a very good laptop for content creator, I still expect that Apple will improve the thermal solution in the next generations Ok, hope you guys will find something useful in my video I will try to make more video in the future. So Support to me. Thank you! Bye-bye. See you next time ^^

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