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Hi, everyone. This is BookCravings. In this video I would like to talk about and show you guys one of my favorite collections of classics: Everyman’s Library. Everyman’s Library is a series of reprinted classics created in 1906 and it is currently published by Knopf in the US and Random House in the UK. Everyman’s Library has a catalogue that few publishers can rival in paperback and definitely none in hardcover. They look amazing on the shelves. This books are not expensive, but follow high standards of quality. Which is increasingly rare. They are very elegant and pleasant to hold. The quality of printing is very good. They reflect a tradition of fine bookmaking. The books are set in Garamond. The size and proportion is just perfect. Not big, not small, not heavy. They are printed on acid-free natural-cream-colored text paper. They have full-cloth cases with two-color case stamping on the spine. And about the spine, look how gorgeous they look together. These are European-style half-round spines. Another important thing in my opinion: sewn cloth bindings, not only glue as the vast majority of the books printed nowadays, including many collections much more expensive than this. They also have silk ribbon markers, and I definitely find it indispensable in classic books. They are color-coded. For example, Burgundy for Victorian Literature/19th Century, Dark Green for Pre-Victorian/Romantic/18th Century, and Scarlet for Contemporary Classics. Overall, I really love the simplicity and unpretentious elegance of the design of these books. If the shape is flawless, the content is wonderful. The selection of works appeals to all readers of classics. They all bring extra content. First, an introduction to the work by a leading scholar or writer. Then a chronology that contextualizes the life of the author, the literary context and historical events. I think I currently have 15 books in this collection. I want to continue acquiring the works that are in my list of favorites, besides those that I have not read yet I want to read one day. So what about you? Do you have any Everyman’s Library books? In this channel I want to show in detail my favorite books. If you enjoy, like, comment and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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24 thoughts on “Why I love Everyman’s Library Classics Collection – BookCravings”

  1. John Kenna says:

    Thank you for this video. Very informative. I am new to collecting. I think i will replace all my classic paperbacks for these books. Thanks again.

  2. Tanvee Achanna says:

    I completely agree, I bought 3 books in this edition and I think it is the best books on my shelf. I am definitely planning to buy a whole lot of Everyman's soon

  3. Ray Mroz says:

    I completely agree! Everyman's is without any doubt the best collection on the market when one considers quality, selection and affordable price point. In my opinion, it should be every reader's first choice when selecting a primary book type around which to base and build their collection.

    Edit: I just ordered my latest Everyman's, "The Stories of Ray Bradbury" from Book Depository – I cannot wait till it arrives! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Moustafa Farghaly says:

    reading their Crime and punishment. love the print and binding.

  5. ICFQ says:

    Very well said. You articulate perfecrly why theae booka are so special.

  6. Andrew P says:

    love these editions but they are so addicting!!

  7. Jesse Koskinen says:

    I'm usually against colour coding due to the deficiency of my colour vision, but luckily they had chosen shades of colours I can tell the difference between. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Eclectic Indulgence says:

    There are also light green and light blue editions :). Love them as well, but there was a period where they were glued and not sewn so you have to be careful when you purchase them.

  9. Aedan Bullen says:

    How do you find Everyman's library books?

  10. BookCravings says:

    Everyman's Library is available at our new BookCravings Amazon Influencer Store, with some other books/editions we recommend:

  11. Jeffrey Kaufmann says:

    The books look nicer without the covers.I only wished they had explanatory notes like Penguin and Oxford.

  12. z8g9tnx4xwpftper says:

    Just replaced some of my cheap Paperback Classics with Everyman's Library Editions, Animal Farm and Lolita among others. (1984 is from folio society, not EL, sorry for the mistake)
    The Quality of them is just superior to nearly all other English Hardcovers, probably since they've been bound in Germany.

  13. Lsiahaan says:

    what do you think about Everyman's Library and Folio society? both in content and binding. I want to know your opinion's, thank you

  14. Arianna M says:

    I really enjoyed this video! Very informative, very clear, and you explore many relevant aspects of how these editions are made and what they contain as well. Thank you! You have a new subscriber ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. MnikM says:

    Hi Renata, I don't know if it's just me but when I read these books I always remove the jackets and read the book "naked", I always find the jackets to be difficult to read with, they slip and slide and fray. Do you read them like this too?

  16. Books Galore And More says:

    I only have one Everymanโ€™s and that is New York Stories. It was gifted to me by a client and I almost unhauled it not knowing how coveted these editions are. It was because of your channel that I learned more about these collectibles. I plan to gift myself one every year on my birthday because I like the uniformity of the size and similarity of the covers.

  17. Like Thunder says:

    Very useful video. Congratulations!

  18. Vylken & Zonkk says:

    I have approx 35+ and I too agree with all that you say. I have searched out others out of print too. Love them and fine presentation once more!

  19. Kimberly Taylor says:

    I can't find Bram Stoker's Dracula on Barnes & Noble and that's where I shop. I found it on Amazon but a review said that Everyman's edition misspelled words? I wanted a decent hardcover for Dracula and Everyman's looked very good. Any opinions? Did they misspell anything or change the wording?

  20. Noadia Cartaxo says:

    Are they always Hardcover? I want to buy Moby Dick but it does not specify on the site. I don't want a paperback.

  21. RexExLiberi says:

    The only downside to me is that once the slipcover is removed the books only feature the title on the spine. I wish the title was also printed on the front cover

  22. R Nanjappa says:

    I fully agree- I have over 30 EL editions. They are perhaps the best in hardcovers. But two caveats are in order:
    – volumes with less than 308 pages are now glued, not sewn. This is total cheating, and unacceptable. Their pocket poetry collections too are glued, not sewn. So one has to be careful, and not go by the hardcover label. The famous EL standard is compromised here.
    – foreign readers would like more explanatory material, and annotations in some cases. For this we have to look elsewhere now- like Penguins or Oxford, though they are flimsy paperbacks and would not stand repeated reading. Norton Critical editions are better, but they can be too academic, with dry theories foisted on us.

  23. laurence lavallee says:

    The following bookstores have LOTS of Everyman's Library editions in stock:
    Concord Bookshop (Concord, Mass.)
    The Harvard Coop (Harvard Sq. , Boston Mass)
    The Strand (New York)

    I always grab one whenever I find one in a used/new bookshop

  24. Tomas Garza says:

    I have a small collection of Everymans Library and they have very good quality. I wish I knew about them earlier in collecting. Sadly, many so called hardcovers today don't care enough on the construction of their books.

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