Why I Chose To Study Media & Communications At ECU


I think it’s knowledge that drives creativity
and creativity drives innovation. I would say that film-making is in my blood.
As an international student at ECU I feel free, unlimited.
The reason the course is so worthwhile is because it’s hands-on.
I chose to study advertising because I wanted to generate ideas and give a brand its face
and signature. I’m from California and I just saw so many
opportunities at ECU Mount Lawley. I got the opportunity to work with industry professionals
and for a chance to work with WAAPA and the West Australian Screen Academy.
When I first arrived in Australia from China I was nervous and shy and my time at ECU has
shown me I can be myself and make friends with my fellow students.
ECU at Mount Lawley is incredible, it’s so laid back, it’s got such a fantastic
vibe, I fell in love it, I got to go into a radio studio on the first day, I got to
go in the TV studios on the first day and just it was really hands-on and it was what
I wanted to do. I’m Reyne and I’m studying advertising.
My name is John and I’m studying cinematography at the West Australian Screen Academy.
I’m Yuji I study Communications. My name’s Ben and I’m studying Broadcasting
at ECU.

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1 thought on “Why I Chose To Study Media & Communications At ECU”

  1. Zora says:

    How did you find out that's what you really want to do? I'm in my 5th year of college and I still haven't declared a major nor do I know what I want to do.

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