Why George RR Martin Hasn’t Finished the Books

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(upbeat music) Hey George, how those final books coming? Oh, they’re coming along, Larry. Still writing, George? Every day, Meredith. Every day. Hey George! Final season of Game of Thrones sure is getting intense! Ha, can’t believe the show’s gonna finish
the story before you do! Are you okay with that? Well Greg, the creative process is complex. But don’t worry I got it all planned out. Ah ha I bet you do buddy. Hey, by the way, your trash can’s been sitting out here for a few days.
Uh oh bye Greg see ya! Do you mind rolling it back? Okay, he’s gone. Well the fifth book sucked anyway. (humming) (humming) And some boobies. George RR Martin. I’ve come to collect what is mine. Oh no, Satan no. It’s not my time yet! Spare me your pathetic muling. The hour is late. The end of Game of Thrones is at hand. I’ve upheld my end of the bargain, making your stories a
worldwide phenomenon, bringing you fame and riches
beyond your wildest dreams. Now, your soul is mine. Oh God, oh God! Oh, poor naive Georgie. Didn’t anyone ever tell you
that when it comes to contracts, the devil is in the details? (laughing) Actually it’s funny that you brought that up. Why don’t we take a little looksie at that contract, eh? Ah in section 5c, defining the deliverables
of our agreement, it clearly states that I am to complete seven original stories, comprising the “A Song
of Ice and Fire” saga, before I give up my eternal soul. And, as I am reminded on a daily basis, I’ve only completed five. But the show is ending. The story has reached its conclusion! Ah bah, bah, bah, bah. The story of HBO’s adaptation of Game of Thrones is ending, but that has nothing to do with me. I mean yes they based it
off the books I wrote, and I may have given them some notes on how it should end. But it’s a completely
separate entity falling well outside the purview of our agreement. You think you’ve outsmarted me, George. But you forget, I have gazed into the
darkest depths of your soul. You cannot leave your story unfinished. Leave millions of your fans disappointed. It would destroy you from within. You will finish those final two books. And then you will be mine. Well, not exactly. I mean you are right that leaving the story unfinished would literally kill me. But now that Game of Thrones is ending, the final two books will no
longer be wholly original works. I mean sure I’ll make some changes, as all creatives do. But in the end, my work will be derivative because someone has already
completed the story for me. There is actually no way
now that I can complete my portion of the contract. Which means you get nothing buddy. (screaming) You impudent little worm. I will not let you weasel out of this like JK Rowling. I may not be able to collect your soul, but I can still make
your life a living hell. Oh Satan, did you forget about article 8d? The non-interference clause? Where if you even lay a finger on me while I’m still alive. You get my powers? I get your powers ah. No, it can’t be. Well enjoy serving in hell Satan. I’ll be down to rule it when I’m good and ready. Kachow! Ah. (yelling)
They thought the red wedding was evil. Wait ’till they see what
I have planned next. (laughing) Boobies. Hey friends, Davis from the Warp Zone here, thank you guys for watching. If you want to see another fun video, go ahead and click that box right there. Also, we have a Patreon now which is exciting. And if you guys want to join
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