Why Business Books Will Ruin Your Life


There are two ways to make a burger, You can spend decades practicing and perfecting your burger, You can pour your heart and soul into every burger that you make Always being creative with the ingredients always innovating and trying to make something that you are proud of. Or you can make a fast food burger, where there has to be zero creativity and it has to be something that can be made from kid off the street with minimal training and zero passion… and that is a necessity not an option for scaling.. see tremendous success in business requires that you make the fast-food burger There is just no way to scale the first approach even if you end up making the greatest burger in the world Even if every burger you make costs a hundred dollars each you can only make so many burgers and you will never get anywhere close to the amount of money owner of a successful, fast-food business can generate. This is just the basics of scaling and there is no avoiding it So, it’s not surprising that at the heart of every business book is the idea that you have to make something scalable in business to be very successful and that’s all true So in some ways it is weird to blame a business book for telling someone who wants to learn more about business and the right thing to do for success and in business. But here is the problem A business book assumes.. that the reader is obviously reading it because they want to succeed in business and in order to do so you have to create something scalable But in my experience, that assumption can be very wrong And I don’t think many times that a new business owner is even aware of what he truly wants… Looking back at myself now And observing so many others. I think that a lot of people want to create the first burger.. they want to be passionate about something.. they want to be creative They want to create something that they can be proud of That is what they truly want and the only reason they do the business side of things is to simply make a living while they do something that they feel great about in other words, for a lot of people, business is a means-to-an-end and not the end itself.. now don’t get me wrong there are those in business for the sake of business and for those people the advice is spot on. But I think there is a huge chunk of people being given this advice where if they sat down and analyzed what they truly want This wouldn’t be it… but so many people still follow it because we are so unaware of what we want and what our goals truly are and that can lead to a lot of misery and unnecessary conflict down the road Let me give you an example with FightMediocrity and how scaling would usually be done I started doing book summaries years ago and I did everything by myself at first, which is very typical once it started to take off I started to distance myself from it because that is what you have to do to scale because one person can only work so many hours a week it got to the point where I didn’t have to do anything anymore the authors of the book started doing this script and voices overs and the animations were done by an animator and essentially I could completely remove myself at that point by putting in a manager that would just coordinate those two things and that is pretty much an infinitely scalable approach.. obviously from one business to another there are some differences but that is usually what scaling looks like.. but that is when I started feeling not so great about the whole thing I remember one time starting a great relationship with a very famous business personality and author and shortly after I got a voice-over from him for animation It was about a 7-minute long narration and I was so excited to listen to it.. but at the end I felt so angry and horrible.. I had just been sent a 7-minute advertisement for this guy’s book. He basically didn’t talk of anything of value from the book which there was not much of to begin with and the whole 7 minutes can be summarized into “If you want to be a gazillion this is the only book you need to buy” Now, I was super into Dale Carnegie back then so I would write an email when I was angry and I would put it away and come back to it a couple of days later and usually you realize it is not the best thing to send. But I remember I was so disappointed and angry because this had already happened a bunch of times with other authors that it overrode everything and I sent the email right away and let us just say it was not very nice. Needless to say that I never heard back from that guy and that bridge was burned. As I have had time to get to know myself more and start to understand what I truly want I realize that business is something that I have always appreciated but deep down, at least in this stage of my life, I think all I want is to make the best thing that I can every day something that I think is important and that I can pour my heart and soul into, something that I can be proud of even if that seems like a fleeting thing most days and I have seen so many people that feel this way what they really want to do is to wake up excited and make the best burger that they can every day and simply be able to feed themselves while doing it and not create the next McDonald’s.. so I guess the question to ask yourself and bring some awareness to is.. “What do you truly want?” Maybe your the guy that loves the business side that likes to see the numbers grow every day like a video game, that I admit, can be super fun and if that is the case then scaling and the negative aspects of it are the only way to go about doing that this is not some judgement of what is better either.. It’s about doing the thing that you truly want and not what someone else has decided for you.. but maybe, you identify more with the creative side and want to feed yourself so you are forced to learn about the business side of things and that is the only reason you are reading a business book or seeking business advice. If that is the case be very careful. Business books and business advice automatically assume that your primary goal is business.. and I guess that is not a crazy thing to do but that assumption is wrong many times.. and it will take you down the path of endless disappointment and resentment and leave you conflicted and unfulfilled. * music * *Subscribe if you have not, thanks for watching*

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  2. SignsThatScream says:

    What about thinking of this as something that has more dimensions to it. You get the process part of a business down – not so you can scale yourself out of creating but so you can put your creativity into a new level: IE the business model or new businesses or new branches. So it may not be the new ideal burger ( a one off task) but a new system of a better or different product to another market, or …..the design of your business, the profit model, or making a place for doing something you believe in is the creative part – doesn't mean you don't have someone else doing repeatable processes to get end products "out the door". So your master work is the systems you create.

  3. Joshua Blank says:

    Spot on. Couldn’t agree more. The new and improved FightMediocrity is back with balls. Preach my friend. I’m on your frequency. 100%

  4. Mark Lopez says:


    I gotta be honest with you.i like adult models and i do pop classical music,how can i make leverage in my career and tours so they accept my request to join me

    I know money talks!

    But as ur prospective

    How i can add value for adult models to work with me?

    How my My work add any changes to their lives?

    And attract them to my job so they can join me?💪

  5. Sơn says:

    Every single one of your videos answers a burning question that I've been asking myself for so long! Thank God you're back!

  6. traderpapertiga says:

    I used to watch your book videos

    From 2008 I think 😂

    Time not wasted looking back!

  7. FARAZ SHAIKH says:

    Ur voice is very deep.

  8. Yaoigeddon Apocalypse says:

    I've been trying to start my own business for about 5 years now and this is something that has been a huge worry. I have a huge passion for costumes and I want to make stuff that's even greater than Stan Winston or Disney stuff. But at the same time I also need to be able to make a living. I could easily mass produce simple popular stuff but I would most certainly get bored and resentful. Especially seeing it sell better than something I actually put effort into. It would suck to ruin the one thing that I'm really excited about. I even considered only doing artwork for income and keeping cosplay as a hobby but I just can't see myself not making costumes everyday that I can.
    I think a balance is possible but only if you are willing to sacrifice on both sides. Doing creative things in moderation but also not necessarily trying to become a billionaire. I used to think that starting a business meant that I had to work toward always increasing business every year but I could be happy with just enough money to live comfortably. A billion dollars isn't a necessity to reach, especially when you are more interested in the creativity aspect. Taking a business class in high school might have actually been a bad idea lol. We were taught to always keep metrics increasing. That's the whole point of a business. To make money. But that doesn't apply to everyone as the one and only rule to follow, and I'm glad I finally realize that now. I think in the beginning it's good to push as hard as you can on the business side but once you get stability you can focus more and more on creativity.

  9. Feenyxxx95 says:

    You're a good guy with a transition that is beautiful to observe. Very unique personality and the worlds a better place with you in it my friend.

  10. Eric Bañuelos says:

    Really glad you are back.

  11. MakeItBetter says:

    Видео как всегда на высоте.

  12. Gabriel Magaña Gonzalez says:

    shrug You're taking aim a a subset of business books and attributing a quality of them to all business books. That's not valid reasoning.

  13. Daniel Argueta says:

    I can relate to this video. Thank you.

  14. yung raptor says:

    lol it;s pretty funny how your channel was built on em. i'm just glad you are making content again

  15. Taimur says:

    @FightMediocrity what's the background piano track?

  16. Chirag Patel says:

    I love this video how it talks about simply doing what you like
    and not using proven methods to reach there
    People change the goal to reach their dreams
    rather they must never give up to reach their dreams (ie keep making the best burger in the world even if they face competetion from mcdonalds)
    I would love for you to do some book reviews like the old days
    Good to have you back 🙂

  17. Tom Maes says:

    I'm so glad that you are back, love you're work. Grettings from europe 🇩🇪

  18. Samuel Gullatte says:

    The truths you’ve been speaking lately are amazing. Keep bringing it! Life is too short to live it complacently!

  19. pepobist says:

    This explains why your videos have become so great! 😀 congrats on this one as well!

  20. Max F says:

    I think when we work long enough we will build the great burger at large scale. Like Elon Musk is doing it. People will find a mechanism to scale a great product. But that might take 20, 30 or even more or we develop something that will help the next guy. And even when we won't succeed we tried and that makes me happy 🙂

  21. Michael Nylif says:

    Nice Video!

  22. necity exq says:

    I don't know why people wouldn't want to scale or be rich. I have to disagree with this video. 👎

  23. salihnu says:

    Is there a way to contact you?
    I really could use your advice and in the recent videos you exactly hit the point in my life.

    I am 30 now, having a disease that is eating me alive since I am 2, but with the right therapy and diet I am finally on a good way. Constant chronic pain is using up my energy what resulted in depression.
    Because I was reading and interested in everything what the world can offer from a young age (due to my sickness I couldn't go out or socialize with other kids/ my parents didn't let me) I developed a more than average IQ and thanks to my pain a high level of mindfulness.
    I struggle to see sense in this world and in the action of others (business and society not nature) and the longer I live in it, the less I see myself able to do something.
    I don't want to bs my way to money or exploit others and still need some money to pay rent and bills.
    To me it feels wrong taking money by helping others, because I do help others out of love and not to exploit them.
    Can you please help me or give me an advice?

  24. Don khal says:

    after reading 36 books from the top 100 business & com books , i've realised that from every book you take 3% and throw the 97% to garbage .i mean cmon every time in order to be yourself you have to become somebody else ?! Mr Carnegie with the "smiling strategy" believe me ,in 2019, youll get arrested for drugs consommation suspicion .in 7 highly habits; lets be proactive from tomorrow morning ok ?! , that is a f*N life goal man ! I don't believe highly successful people used self help books to achieve their success …. actually most of them wrote those books ! ratings goes up only because the books are very easy and simple but believe me no they're not revolutionary neither legendary .period.

  25. Amund Bisgaard says:

    Your definition of success is too narrow. First of all, there are franchises with well developed taste. There is a lot of creativity in fast food.

    There are also successful restaurants that serve great food. They are successful, but their success isn't narrowed down to piling up a ton of cash. Part of success can be making a quality product.

  26. SpaghettiandSauce says:

    Great point you make.

    You can be a wealthy music company executive, or you can be a concert soloist. But not both.

  27. Kevin Olega says:

    Welcome back brother!

  28. JPelirrojo says:

    I'm really enjoying the new videos you are making. I think we've been following a similar path during this last years… I'll be waiting your next video 🙂

  29. Neysehadi says:

    Oh god, what a mess of a video, what happened to you in the last two years? This sounds like ramblings of old gruntled men who gave up on life. You made a channel promoting this bullshit, now you are making videos against it? Why should we listen to anything you say at this point. I mean your old videos were a mess from a stracture stand point but at least had some value in it, since the books you reviewed had a few useful information in them. What do we sposed to do with this video? When you say "Business Books Will Ruin Your Life" Have you read every single business books out there? Which ones are you talking about? Anyway I hope you get better. I think you should see a professional. I will stay away from those 9 books you suggested as well. It sounds like they destroyed you.

  30. Realty Harry says:

    Not everyone can handle the transition of becoming an owner / entrepreneur! even in order to earn much more $$ period end of story

  31. Arne Tietz says:

    There is a misleading black&white mindset hidden in the video. Instead the right approach is to make that what you are proud of doing (like the burger for $1000.- ) scalable. You don't need to change your excellent burger into a flavourless peace of "but it is still a burger". And that is what Businessbooks are for. To teach you how to make YOUR business scalable. And for an excellent burger it might be a totally different approach than for a mediocre burger. But if you want to do ALL the burgers with your own hands there is no chance to scale it. So it would be utterly stupid to even think about scalability.
    So between black and white there is plenty of room for colorfull businesses.

    As I see your subs I wish all the best to reach the 1 million 🙂

  32. Martin George says:

    Just go and do it
    Losing money soon makes you learn
    And if doesn’t no worries you ll go broke

  33. Jonathan Abundiz says:

    Thank you for this perspective! Very helpful.

  34. Onny Farizyandi says:

    The world is not so black and white like this.

    But yeah, you need to find what you want first.

    And then, like Bruce Lee said, use what works, discard what doesn't, and add things that are truly for you.

  35. P.G Bhai says:

    Hey man what happened to your voice? Watching ur video after more than a year

  36. Wilmen Lusthom says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and feeling, I've really felt the same way in the stage of my life.

  37. Ajay Chandran says:

    you just started winning hearts than brain. and it feels good

  38. Adrian A says:

    u growing up

  39. Varsha K says:

    So true.

  40. GieniuMen says:

    My answer to the title is: just read other "business books". The idea of being great at something, not needing to scale if you don't want but keep improving your business is the key to most Jason Fried books, especially ReWork and Getting Real.

  41. Julia Brunila says:

    I missed this channel so much! Awesome to look at these videos again and made by you!

  42. Tyler Roicki says:

    You're missing something pretty critical with your point though, that you can become massively successful by creating the best product.

  43. Antoine Vieille says:

    Excellente ta vidéo !
    PS : Si toi aussi tu t'intéresses à la création d'entreprise, à la liberté financière ou au business en général, jette un oeil à ma chaîne, je vais y mettre tout ce que je sais, ainsi que mes résultats très prochainement 🙂

  44. 向阳 says:

    i am so happy that you are back

  45. Tommy Cox says:

    Like a million ads to watch this.

  46. Tank The Pitbull says:

    Just read the following.

    (1) the 48 laws of power.
    (2) the 7 habits of highly effective people.
    (3) the art of war.
    (4) rich dad poor dad.

    No other books are necessary.

  47. MGTOW Lawyer says:

    most people are just craftsmen…

    not power hungry kings or visionaries

  48. Yosef says:

    "Business books and business advice automatically assume that your primary goal is business"
    That's a wild assumption right there. Not every business book is the same. It's not that hard to understand that if you read a good amount of business books carefully. And even if business books did assume your primary goal is business, they won't necessarily always tell you to put quantity over quality.
    Apart from that, the title of the video doesn't match up with its content. This seems to be more of a personal experience of "how I fucked up my business by focusing on scaling instead of value and I'm blaming business books for my tragedy" disguised with a clickbait title.

  49. i Xulu says:

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  50. Melvin Justin says:

    How do you create these animated videos??

  51. sandmancesar says:

    You should figure out how to make your great burger scalable. That's the right struggle.

  52. NeoXenoZ says:

    Just start a business that sells fancy burgers and hire more talented burger artisans like you.

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    Can you make a video about any successful student's life to inspire us. And also how to end a relationship and get serious about life and studies before it's too late, please…

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    man, your voice is quite hard to listen, and there are no sub for me to read it, so can't hear all of what you have said in the video =.=

  55. Purpose & Mind says:

    Sadly! It all comes down to what really makes you happy -and for that you need to know yourself💚💚💚

  56. Mudacumasekali says:

    Finally! you upload again

  57. San Ansa says:

    the two major factors that many business books leave out is 1. Timing: this is one of the most important elements in many successful businesses. Its not the inventor that often succeeds, sometimes it is the person takes an existing idea at the right time and then uses a different approach. Facebook is an example of coming along at the right time with the right features (the iPhone really helped Facebook take off). 2. Connections (investments, and access to clients), often people aren't even aware of some success stories where having the right connection was instrumental. Bill Gates is a classic example, with his mother getting him a connection at IBM one of his first big clients, and his father loaning him $50,000 to start the company. That was a LOT of money 40 years to have access to, no bank would have loaned Bill even $5,000 since he was only 19 and had no collateral.

  58. Mr Joker says:

    Not true

  59. swirlingchi says:

    Thank you for the awesome content. Look into Roger Love voice exercises or Per Bristow to add a touch of color and resonance to your voice. Your voice is gravelly, nasally and a bit monotone.

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    Happy that you are back..:)

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    The thing is when it comes to business you only supply for the demand.. if someone wants a fast food burger let him/she have it, if someone wants the creative burger it's the same.. in the end it's all depends on the customer's choice.

  65. Ganesh K says:

    I can say. You are being true to yourself. Glad to know you're back.

  66. KCP Editor says:

    so What do you do to find that perfect balance of feeding your family and doing what you love?

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    I like that you brought out negatives of big buisness mentality. Although i lean more to the buisness side of things i appriciate that you brought out how that can be damaging and why small buisnesses can be good . Latter being often overlooked

  70. Gia~ says:

    I mean, I think they’re very important only as a basis. And keep in mind that that’s only the opinion of the author. We can’t assume that this is the only truth. You have to be creative and stretch your horizons after the basis (books)

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    How to Use the Contents of this Website for Your Maximum Benefit

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  74. India Waves says:

    5 life lessons I would teach my younger self

  75. says:

    Wow this is amazing! Seems like see my self on the mirror. Thank you!

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    So, Basically the video is about Elon musk vs mark Zuckerburger.

  78. Summer Snowy says:

    Wow ! This is exactly the perspective I need to decide what my next step should be. Now it’s crystal clear. Thank you!

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    Books on politics

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    So what's the best business book?

  81. Charles Astor says:

    What's your favorite book?

  82. Brandon Christian says:

    This channel is so refreshing and real lately. A friend of mine loves making wine and it's really good so a few years ago I suggested selling it. He wasn't feeling my suggestion which at the time I kind of figured was the natural progression of things, i.e. make something cool and use it to make money / find your passion and you never have to work / etc… but for where he was in life, he just wanted to make good wine and share it with friends. He's a successful guy and his lack of interest in going commercial was kinda cool in that at some point it really isn't about the money anymore. Of course we all need a certain amount of money to get by and a little more to enjoy life but the hussle can leave you feeling disengenius sometimes. Your recent videos feel like my friend's wine, just something good to share without the emphasis on commercial acceptance.

  83. Rupesh Kadam says:

    Hello FightMediocrity guy, I am really following all your videos and like the way you pick up imp topics from the books and put them across via audio and video substance that can be consumed in a more fun way rather than just a boring audio mode.
    Small request – I would also like to do something like you are doing but in my local language using the local books, Can you please assist me in helping me with which software you use for animation? What all the instruments you use for recording? and what is the approx amount is required to start?
    Please provide info on Email id: [email protected]

  84. zy co says:


  85. Chris Kim says:

    Welcome back. You changed my life

  86. Kai Roman Ladzinski says:

    Every thought I would like to express to you here is being counteracted by a second thought questioning the validity of the first…..
    Nice to hear you again after a relatively long period of silence (in relationship to your active time before.)
    Comparisons are the strategies of the mind (I know that's stolen, but felt like saying it).
    When I discovered your videos about 3 years ago they were of great inspirational value to me, they often lifted me out of a depression, and I often wondered, ' how can a kid half your age be so wise and determined and full of wits?' Respects for your path.
    and thanks for making me laugh many, many times!!
    Laughing and crying arise from the same source….haha
    Can I tell you a german antijoke from the 80s ? ..ok…here it is:
    A man goes into a bakery. When he comes out, the bus is gone. …
    Not funny?? Ok . Hm. I'll try again: Two guys are taking a walk in the woods. Says one of them: "look! There's a mushroom." Says the mushroom: " so what. " ….
    Wish you well

  87. Isaac Wechuli says:


  88. sc00bygotmojo88 says:

    This was not a positive topic he sound like he really depressed

  89. Caf3in3 says:

    extremely personal …. good advice though tnank you

  90. Daniel Flügel says:

    Thank you for that video, that's great advice.
    Even for me as a person who wants to be the business guy, scaling something and creating a company it's important to know These types and what type you are. Especially because it can change, so that when I notice, I actually only want to create the best possible burger every day I can notice that and react accordingly.
    At the moment I am pretty sure, I really want to scale something and be the business guy, so I wanted to ask you, if you have a recommendation, what books I should really read for that.
    At the moment I read every self help and business book, that I find, but over the last days some of your videos convinced me to be more picky with the books I read and to do more actual work on my business. So i'd love to know, what books you'd actually recommend me to read for that.

  91. Robert William Faith Johnsson says:

    think more thats the way be creative you can make a buisness from everything if you are motivatet dude you can do everthing just be passionatet

  92. The Global Capitalist says:

    That's horse pucky. You can set up gourmet burger joints where the people come to a school you own and learn how to make them your way. Then, there is more than enough money in only having 200 or 300 stores franchised. You learn from McDonald's who is not in the burger business but in the real estate business and do the same.

  93. Lucky Bunny says:

    This is because people once were craftsmen. And attaining mastery gives life meaning, self worth, etc.

  94. The Real Legend says:

    You get it my friend. You and I think alike.

  95. Beginners Passive Income says:

    So happy you are back at this! The world needs your high quality content. Keep waking up excited making the best content you can share with the world. Value all the way man. Beautiful video thanks for it.

  96. E. Thomas says:

    Most of the successful companies are not people who were creative or passionate. They took other people's ideas and scaled them. This applies to so many examples: McDonald's, Starbucks, Uber, any franchise, real estate. Sometimes you get the rare part of passion and good business sense like Apple and Microsoft but those are rare

  97. Mark L says:

    Here folks is why most "Change the World" businesses will fail

  98. Hayssam zeineddine says:

    Your voice tone is depressing… I couldn't finish the video

  99. Dharmesh Kale says:

    If you want to do business don't read business books , instead read marketing books

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