“Your price is too high.” How many times have you heard that, or how
many times have you thought to yourself, “That’s what someone’s going to say to me if I even
think about starting a business or charging what I really want to charge or charging what
I think I’m worth”? It’s a very common and probably, I would say,
the most common response that you get from somebody who feels like they’re not ready
to invest in what you’re offering, regardless of what that is. So I talk about this a lot. I teach this inside of my program, the Authority
Accelerator, all the time, and I wanted to do a really deep dive training on this for
you, because there really are only three responses I’ve found in speaking to thousands of people
over the last couple of years in building my business to this question. They may surprise you. So we’re going to get to those in just a second. But first, if you’re excited about this video,
hit that like button. Be sure to subscribe. Hit the bell to be notified every single time
we post a new video. If you know somebody who could benefit from
watching this, which I think there’s a lot of people who could, because this is such
a struggle. I struggled with this when I started my business
in such a big way, and I’m so excited to give you this information, because I think it’s
going to be really helpful for you in making more money, bringing in more amazing clients,
because that’s what you deserve and should have, and, overall, just creating more peace
of mind inb your business. All right. So let’s dive in. So the first thing you want to talk about
is … Let’s just do like a little pros and cons list, because I love one of those, but
sacrificing on your price versus charging what you’re worth. So sacrificing on your price. So let’s say someone says to you, “Your prices
are too high,” and you’re like, “Oh, okay, well, I’m going to discount it then, and I’ll
give it to you for 50% off” or whatever it may be. The issue of doing that in a reactive way
is that you allow the client to break your boundaries immediately. So what do you think they’re going to do when
they actually start working with you? They’re going to become those clients that
are the largest pain in your ass you have ever met. They’re going to be the people who ask for
all the extras, ask for all your time, message you when they shouldn’t be messaging you,
and just break every single one of your boundaries. Again, I say this with love and from so much
experience. So the moment you let somebody break your
boundaries right off the bat, they’re going to think that they can continue to do that,
moving forward. So sacrificing on your price breaks boundaries. The other thing that it does is it devalues
your worth and outcome. If you guys can read this, bless. I have the worst writing in the world, but
hopefully you can read that and it makes sense. But that’s another thing, is that the moment
you discount your price again just to get somebody in the door, it means that you don’t
truly value what you do, and you don’t see the value in what you do, and you’re not confident. Therefore, they can smell that. It’s not saying that the potential client’s
bad, but, I mean, we all want a deal. We all would like to pay less for what we’re
getting. But what it does is it says, right off the
bat, “Oh, I can of take advantage of the situation, and I can take advantage of this person again,
moving forward.” Here’s the thing. If you watched last week’s video right here
on how I started my business very lean and for under $100, a big part of why I did that
was because I wanted to make sure that I was never in a vulnerable state, and not having
money in the bank and having so much debt puts you in a very vulnerable state. Now, everybody’s been there. I’ve been there. But it makes you more reactive when you’re
trying to get people in the door, when you’re trying to create revenue, when you’re trying
to close deals, because you’re like, “I just need the money.” So you feel very sort of panicked, and you’re
just going to take what you can get. Taking what you can get means you’re going
to get bad clients. Can I get an amen in the comments if you’ve
ever been there? So those are just a few of the reasons that
sacrificing on your price is detrimental to your business. You might think, in the immediate terms, that
it’s going to bring in more people and you’re going to get an influx of clients. But the thing is you might get that, but you’re
going to get more headache later. So charging what you’re worth, first and foremost,
it combats all of these. But secondly, it makes you premium choice. It makes you this aspirational choice that
people want to work with. So they’re not just working with any Jack
or Jill off the street. They want to work with you because you know
your worth, and you are the premium option. People will save up just to work with you. When you’re the premium, you become desirable. It’s kind of like dating. I pretty much compare everything in business
to dating, but it’s kind of like dating. The more readily available somebody is, the
more clingy somebody is, generally the less desirable they are to us. So it’s the very same thing in business. You’ve got to stand your ground and know that
you are worth what you’re charging, and we’re going to talk about how to price what you’re
charging and your products and everything in a second. But when you understand that and you charge
what you’re worth and you have a premium price, it gives you the option of being the premium
choice that people really, really want to work with, and you become more and more desirable. It also makes you more profitable, which,
again, combats the fact that you are not going to be reacting to clients and just saying
yes to clients because you need the money. That is the worst and most vulnerable place
to be as a business owner. If you’re charging what you’re actually worth,
you’re charging a premium, you are the premium choice, you’re creating more profit in your
business. Therefore, you have the safety net, and you
have what I like to call runway, which I’m going to dive into deep in my next video,
which is going to be all about the simple steps to financial freedom. But runway basically means that you have money
in the bank for at least a few months. So if, God forbid, something happens to your
business or to you and things stop running, you can still sustain your lifestyle and your
business because you have that runway or that money in the bank. So makes you more profitable so you’re less
reactive to taking on bad clients. So really important to understand those pieces
of why sacrificing on price and charging your worth are very different things. If you’re just reacting to clients and you’re
just trying to get people in the door, it’s going to create all of this. Now, I made a few other notes, so I want to
make sure that I’m hitting everything that I want to. But the piece that I wanted to add into this
is that this is the long game. This is the short game. So you might get an influx of clients by sacrificing
on your price. But, like I said, in the long term, it’s going
to create more headaches for you. This is the long game because you’re going
to create a business full of clients you love and you’re obsessed with, as opposed to having
a business full of clients that give you a heart attack because they stress you out so
much. So, again, long game versus short game. If you want to be around for a long time and
have a business that you like and doesn’t make you miserable, this is why charging what
you’re worth is really, really important. Now, the only reason that you shouldn’t be
charging what you’re worth is if your product sucks. If your product doesn’t do what you say it
does, if your program doesn’t do what you say it does, if your service doesn’t do what
you say it does and doesn’t deliver the outcome, then you shouldn’t be charging anything at
all. That’s also a short game to play. So if you just make something to make money
and you’re not thinking about how it’s going to affect your clients, then you shouldn’t
be charging anything at all, and you are sacrificing your integrity as a business owner by doing
that. So whatever you’re making, it should be the
best in the business. If it’s the best in the business, you have
no problem charging your worth and being the premium choice. Okay? Okay. The final thing I want to say on this before
we dive into pricing and how to price is that when people know that they’re working with
the best and when they actually have skin in the game, meaning that they have invested
money into you and it’s a decent amount of money for them, they are going to be so much
more committed to getting to the outcome that your service, product, etc. provides, which
is a win-win for both scenarios. The client is going to get what they want. So they’re going to see success, and they’re
going to get the outcome that you’re telling them they will. You’re going to get an amazing testimonial
and amazing social proof that you therefore can use to continue to scale your business
and share the results with other people, to say, “Yes, I am the best,” which is going
to attract even more amazing clients to you. So that’s a big part of this, is charging
what you’re worth makes people committed. If someone’s buying a $19 e-book, do you think
they’re actually really committed to the outcome of that e-book, or do you think it’s more
of a mass play versus “I’m actually going to change your life with this”? Okay? If you have a $19 e-book, don’t get mad at
me, but I’m just saying … and I’ve charged all levels. I know that the clients who actually have
skin in the game get way better results because they’re serious and they take it seriously
and they’re focused. So those are all the big things there that
I wanted to go over. Okay, so lqet’s move on to the next part of
this, which is … I promise I’m going to get to this question. “Your price is too high.” How do you respond? We’re going to answer that a little bit later,
but before we do, I wanted to explain to you how I price and how we show our clients how
to price. Now, if you are interested in working with
me, I put a link below where you can actually apply. If you’re a coach or consultant or an expert
and want to have an online business, there’s a link to apply for our Authority Accelerator
program below. So it’s an application-only program. But wanted to just tell you that. So there it is. So the value-based pricing system is what
we use inside of the Authority Accelerator. It’s what we teach our clients to do, and
it’s a really effective way of pricing your products and your services, because it no
longer positions you as trading time for dollars, and it no longer positions you as charging
hourly, because that doesn’t really serve any benefit and, again, doesn’t create the
level of commitment that people need in order to really create transformation. Now, do you want to charge something astronomical
just for the sake of it? Absolutely not. Again, I’ve charged all levels, so I know
what I’m talking about here. What I know to be true is that value-based
pricing is the best model to actually land on how to price your program and services. So what is it? Let me tell you. So value-based pricing looks like this. Cost plus income minus barrier equals value-based
price. What the heck does that mean? So why this is so powerful is that you’re
looking at the cost to your client. So you actually do the research, you speak
to a lot of people who are in your ideal client realm, and you get to know what it’s costing
them to not get the outcome that you’re going to provide through your paid program service
offer. That is mentally, financially, and emotionally. Then you have your income. So that’s you as the business owner. Realistically, to keep your business afloat,
to pay your bills every month, what is your income goal? Let’s just say it’s 10K a month, and you then
would set your goal. If you have, let’s say, a $2,000 program or
offering or something like that, then you would need to sell five of those. That seems pretty manageable and doable, especially
when you’re creating an outcome that transforms people’s lives or businesses, which is what
a good program or offer does. It actually creates a transformation, because
at the end of the day, people aren’t paying for time. We all don’t have enough time. That’s one of the biggest complaints you’ll
ever experience with anybody in your life, is that “I never have enough time. There’s not enough time in the day. I wish I had more than 24 hours.” So creating this really long program and thinking
you can charge more because of it isn’t actually the case. It’s the outcome and the transformation you
create that creates the value of it. So people aren’t paying for time. People are paying for results and paying for
transformations. So what are your income goals? What’s the cost of the client, financially,
emotionally, and mentally? Then what’s the barrier to entry? So this is doing research in your market to
see what’s everyone else charging and making sure that you understand what people are already
paying for this solution. Then you can kind of cross-reference that
with what you’re going to be charging. So cost plus income minus barrier to entry
equals the value-based price. So before I dive into the responses to “Your
price is too high,” I wanted to give you an example of this. So let’s just say that … I actually have
a client who does this, and I love her. She helps women heal their acne using natural
methods, and her results are insane. She is amazing. She was telling me the other day that there
were some moms talking with one of her friends across the country, and they were saying,
“Oh my gosh, there’s this celebrity skin specialist that I’ve been following on YouTube.” That was her. So she started to really build a name for
herself, and we have talked a lot about pricing. So the cost for her clients is actually very
high, and when she’s been speaking to clients, they’re saying things like, “I’ve missed a
week of work because I’m so embarrassed about my acne. I’m paying for therapy because of the mental
toll that it’s taking on me. I’m going for a facial every two weeks.” Those things add up. That at least is almost $1,000 a month. Now, her program does not cost $1,000. It’s actually slightly less. So the value of her program is super high
when you consider the cost that our clients are experiencing by not having the solution. Her program actually works, so the value of
a program is so high to her clients, and her income goals, she’s able to hit them, because
she’s hit a price point that allows her to not sell to many people, but have a good amount
of clients that are manageable, that are paying her a decent amount to get this amazing cost
to them solved. So no more therapy, no more missing a week
of work, no more X, Y, and Z, the mental, financial, emotional toll that it’s taken. So you could be selling business services. You could be selling health and wellness. You could be selling personal training, whatever
it is, but there is a cost, and that’s why people want to buy a solution. So you’ve got to figure out what that cost
is and then base your price off of that and your income goals and research what the barrier
to entry is right now, meaning what is the average cost in the marketplace for the solution
that you’re providing, and what should yours be, based around that and the other two factors? So that’s value-based pricing. All right. Moving on to what you came here for, which
is “Your price is too high.” I think you need to understand all of that
before I get into the answer to this question and the three responses to this question,
the only three responses that I think you really need. So let’s dive into those now. Recap, compare, and fit. So what do I mean by that? Recap means, “Okay, let’s go over what this
is currently costing you,” and this is something that you would talk to the potential client
about and say, “Okay, with where you’re at currently, tell me what’s going on with your
situation. What is this currently costing you on a mental
level, on an emotional level, on a financial level?” So with the example I gave earlier, it’s close
to $1,000 a month. So recap that cost and make it really clear
that that’s the current cost. You want to repeat it back to the person,
because a lot of the objections around “Your price is too high” comes from a place of scarcity,
and it comes from a place of “Nothing else has worked. So why would this work for me? I don’t want to pay you, because nothing’s
worked.” So it’s this internal monologue that’s happening
for the person who is objecting, because they’ve lost all hope, and they really don’t think
that anything else is going to work, which is totally fair once you get to that point. But you need to help this person through to
make the decision, because you know what you have to offer is actually going to work for
them. “Do you want to recap? Okay, so currently this is costing you, let’s
say, $1,000 a month. It’s costing you $1,000 a month.” Then the next thing you say is, “And when
you say my price is too high, what are you comparing that to?” Then you want to kind of reiterate again,
“Are you comparing that to the therapy sessions that you’re currently doing once a week that
you don’t feel like are progressing you? Are you comparing that to the facials that
you’re spending a couple hundred dollars on every two weeks that aren’t helping with your
acne problem? Are you comparing that to maybe another program
that you took that I’m unaware of?” It kind of adds a level of clarity, of “What
am I comparing this price to? Why am I saying this is too high? Is it because I’m comparing it to those things
that have not worked for me?” So, of course, a dollar would be too high,
because nothing has worked. So you then compare it and stop talking. Let the person kind of let that sink in, because
they really have to think about what are they comparing it to? Then the final thing is, if they still won’t
budge on it, this is the final thing that I say. It’s something along the lines of, “Listen. I don’t want to take your money if you don’t
think this is going to work and if you’re not committed to the process of making it
work, because this is not a magic pill. It’s not going to work overnight. That’s never what I’m going to guarantee,
and I only want clients who are committed. So I understand that you are committed and
you really want this problem to be solved. I’m prepared to help you with that, and I
know I can, but I don’t want to work with you if you’re not committed to that outcome
as well. I don’t think it’s beneficial to either side.” Then just stop talking and let them do it. Let them go with it, and let it marinate,
because, a lot of the time, people will say, “No, I am committed, and I want to do this. I’m just scared.” Then you can kind of talk through that. But that’s the process of getting people to
the place where they realize, “Oh, no, it’s not too high. It’s just too high to compare to the things
that I’ve done before that haven’t worked. That’s why I’ve come to you, and you are going
to actually help me with this. So I am willing to pay you.” So that’s my whole process of how to do this. If you liked this video, hit the like button
below. Be sure to subscribe. Hit the bell notification to get notified
every single time I post a video. Share this with someone who needs to see it,
because I think it’ll help a lot of people. Like I said, if you want to apply to be part
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who want to elevate their income, impact, and authority online in an evergreen way using
my help and working with my team. So application-only. Application is below. If you want more info on all of this stuff,
check out this video on how I started my business for less than $100 and this video on the one
thing that I needed to know in order to become a millionaire. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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