What’s on Wallace’s Newly Organized Bookshelves


Hi everyone. Wallace here with your
Monday video. Today’s gonna be a little bit different. I know I’m like holding
the camera and I’m gonna, cause I’m gonna be taking you on a tour of my
bookshelves. If you are not following me on Instagram, I am at @bookitlikeamother.
And earlier this week I showed everybody there what I did. I re-hauled my
bookshelves. Not just this one, but including this one because I needed to
move this one two inches to the left. So I ended up needing to take all of the
books off and taking this one shelf off in order to even move this bookshelf. So
what ended up happening was once I had done that I kind of started going
through books and I went from bookshelf to bookshelf in my house. And I got rid
of over a hundred books which I had already gotten rid of like probably four
or five hundred books within the last year. So the fact that I even had a
hundred more that could go is like insane to me. But the ones that I have
now are ones that either I love, love, love and I want to keep and loan-out or
once I really want to read and hopefully soon. And I’m gonna continue going
through my books and just getting rid of them because I keep acquiring books that
I want to read. And if I’m not gonna read a book and it’s just sitting on my shelf
for years and years and years and it already has and it’s like it’s a space
waster for me and it can go to somebody else who will actually read it. So I’m
gonna take you in a little tour of my bookshelf so you can kind of see what I
kept cause that might be interesting to you. So this was the first bookshelf that
I did. And what the top shelf now is all books that I have already read and that
I love and that I’d like to keep to either reread or to loan out. Oh there’s
a whole ‘nother layer back here guys. Sorry and I’m going kind of fast but for
those of you who don’t find all of this interesting I don’t want to really ruin
your time. And then this shelf is my “I want to read next” shelf. So these are all
the books I’d like to read very soon. Except for the Jonathan Franzen. So I
actually need to go through those again and take those out. I’m just realizing
this now as I’m showing you. The bottom shelf are my son’s books. Clearly he has plenty.
He’s two and a half and he has that many. Next I have these books over here. These
are all books, I mean, with other than the exception of like Little Women which I’ve
read all the way through, these are books that I’ve read like parts of, maybe
not the whole thing. but parts of. These ones I haven’t read. And then I have all
of these books. Then have all these books in here. Books I haven’t read. Most of
my books, except for these. These are reference. I’ve read reference, these
reference books. So I read those guys. And then next is this side. Again I haven’t
read these books. And most of the books that I own I haven’t read. And these
are some for my son for when he’s a little bit older. um I’m just keeping
them because I want to have them for when he’s a little older. More books I
haven’t read. And what I was saying before is most of the books that I own are
books that I haven’t read or that I’ve only read part of. Because I get rid of
the books that I’ve read that I don’t like or that I’ve tried that I don’t
like. And there might be one or two books in here that have like, snuck in
that I’ve read or that I’ve read part of. um But anyway, and these are my gal- these
are my books that are being like waiting to be read. So not necessarily galley’s,
these are, most of these are finished copies. But some of them are galleys and
some of them have come out already and some of them haven’t yet. So on that last
one, all of the Jant Evanovich ones, which I have they’re a major
down here I had read all of the Janet Evanovich ones. um And I put the ones
that I haven’t read on the shelf. So this is this shelf. Books that either I have
not read or that I’ve only read a little bit of and I would like to finish. So there
you have it. There’s a tour of all the books in my house. And like I said, so
many of them I have not read. Most books in my house I have not read it’s because
it’s my own personal library meaning these are the books that I would like to
check out and read soon. So that’s how I do it. You can put below how you organize
your books in the comment section. And I’ll see you again next week.
Until next Monday, happy reading.

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2 thoughts on “What’s on Wallace’s Newly Organized Bookshelves”

  1. HeyHeyBooks says:

    I have all my unread books organized by spine width right now, since last year I tried to read as many big books as possible, and this year I'm doing the same with small books. Next year I will definitely be rearranging my shelves, because I'm running out of room on my "read" shelves for the ones I finish and keep this year. My read books I have organized by general fiction, adult fiction, and childrens/YA.

  2. Emily T. says:

    That last bookshelf with the wood is so beautiful!
    My apt is small. I only have 1 bookcase and way too many books to fit on it, so it's full with stacks all around it.

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