What to know before going to a motorcycle rally such as Sturgis and Daytona


welcome everyone thanks for tuning in to the show today today we’re gonna be talking about motorcycle rallies and what’s important to know before you go to one of these before we begin don’t forget to smash that like button come on guys give me a good like on this video and don’t forget to get into the conversation as well right below in the comment section let me hear your thoughts on what you think you should know about going to a motorcycle rally so the Rayleigh’s I’m talking about our ones like Sturgis Myrtle Beach Daytona those are the type of rallies I’ll be talking about because quite honestly my favorite are going out hanging out at the woods partying and having all kinds of titties running around that’s my kind of party hillclimbs they used to be prevalent in the older days not so much now it’s more of the corporate type of rally and that’s one thing that I never understood is why anybody would want to spend all that kind of money when you can stay locally and give to those business instead of some corporation that is just out there to get your money not to mention the city or town that the Rayleigh’s being held in be our Sturgis now you know Sturgis and Orlando a lot of them or not Orlando I’m sorry Daytona they passed a lot of no colors policy in the bars I it’s gotten so bad where I’ve heard hog and abate members can’t even wear their stuff in there no support shirts whatsoever in these type of establishments so why would you wanna patronize them why why go in there and spend your money if they don’t like what you’re about that’s just my thoughts on it but anyway before you’re going to a rally what you’re gonna want to do is check out all the motorcycle regulations and ordinances I know in Daytona like my fab I’d get busted for high bars and stuff like that also the loud exhaust you’re gonna want to check these ordinances before you go there because I’m telling you these people are out to make money on you and this includes the police department they got a right ticket and this is one of their favorite times to do that it’s unfortunate because bikers spend a hundreds of thousands of dollars at these rallies but the locals always want to get you for more and that’s pretty freaking sad if you ask me but anyway the next thing you want to do before going to a motorcycle rally your security of your bike has to be up front that’s the biggest thing you got to worry about besides your personal safety so you’re gonna want to know because you know when you go down to these rallies you’re walking away with your bike and I’m telling you I know some thieves it takes 30 seconds to hike a bike so some of the stuff here in a wat is like a freaking hub lock I’m not talking about one of them cheap ones on Amazon I think are like four millimeters of steel the ones I got they’re like that much of Steel right there I put them on my front and back also do the simple stuff your ignition lock even know something to pop that real easy make sure that’s locked and your Forks are locked if you can get yourself a security system with it notifies you by pager there’s a lot of on Mount Amazon I’ll actually put a couple on the links below that you can get where if something goes wrong with your bike it automatically pages you know that way you know what’s up at the very least you’re gonna want a GPS system on it and when you get a GPS you’re gonna want to make sure you hide that sucker where they can’t find it most of the time they’re looking for bikes that are unsecured something easy they can grab but if they do hike your bike you have a GPS that’ll lead them right to you now there’s some workarounds GPS especially on the factory model ones but the aftermarket ones are a little tougher to get around so that is right there as your biggest een as the security or your bike you got to ask yourself when you park your bike and a sea of bikes how far you’re going to go are you going to be able to see the bike that’s where they get you man because basically when you’re out at these big rallies nobody’s paying attention to the bikes nobody’s going to look out for somebody being suspicious around your bike no they’re just out there they’re partying it up so don’t expect a help over there and especially if you don’t have a GPS system on your bike you can you can kiss that bike goodbye once you got it because that thing to be hot it you know what usually when they steal it you’re there around the block or something with the van and the drop-off point you’re looking probably not even a mile away if that so your bikes pretty much gone at that but security is the biggest thing for your bike make sure you make it as hard as possible for them to take it because again they’re just looking for a quick score again those locks your ignition locks and stuff really you just pop them suckers but it’s an actual you know it takes some extra couple seconds to get it another thing at rallies your safety you know I was actually down in Daytona one year and we were in a pack and the guy ahead of us we knew they were drunkard and she crept you know they’re all over the freaking place and next thing you know he got out in that Lane and got smacked by a semi truck it wasn’t too pretty because there wasn’t much left of them but drinking doing dope and stuff like that now I’m a big 4:20 guy but I won’t do it while I’m riding remember one I don’t want to give myself kill number two I don’t want to kill somebody else you know I know a lot of people oh I Drive feinstone yeah whatever your reaction times real bad duis on the other hand I’m real hardcore against that type of stuff I give you no sympathy what whatsoever when it comes to drinking and driving man you know if you want to get drunk pull on the side of the road man get out of the car there’s no reason why somebody else should get hurt or killed because of your stupidity have you ever noticed when somebody’s in a DUI or drunk driving accident it’s always the drunk that survives and the other people get killed that’s uncool man you got to actually watch out for these at the rallies because everybody’s slinging beers and stuff like that and you know the roads they’re filled with drunks just just put it that way you know a couple I don’t drink personally I haven’t drink since 97 cuz you know Jack Daniels and me had a falling out but just be careful on those roads out there at the rallies and stuff like that when it comes to drunks bars man pick your bars right don’t go into thunder domes man you know just because it looks cool with a bunch of bikes out there when you go in and if it’s scraggly looking and stuff get out of there man because there’s gonna be nothing but freakin idiots in there just looking to start something with you you know I one of the things I never understood and I think that’s why I don’t go to bars much I’d rather go out party out in the woods and stuff like that I always hated it when drunks come up to me and start touching me oh nice tattoos and that’s when I usually lose it and yeah pick your bars right man pick them right another thing and this is something for a lot of the guys out there when you do get in that type of situation don’t sit there and talk man if you feel threatened Jack them split their wig give them raccoon eyes you know don’t sit there and wait for them to swing on you or nothing you got to be quick fierce and unforgiving if you’re in that type of situation you know a lot of things that can pop up and out of in a bar and all that kind of stuff make sure your backs always to the wall you can see that door you’d a beeline to an exit if you have to because something pops off your nav cops in there investigating crap your nap cops in there interview you know it’s just a big hassle man so stay away from them type of bars you know go to the good establishment once man you got the Buffalo Chip campground out in Sturgis you know a big party out there they’re usually cool cuz they got a lot of security and that’s something you want to look out for is security make sure they have security out there watching the place if not you’re just walking into a Thunderdome and you’re looking for trouble especially when you got a bunch of drunks in there they’re gonna start hitting on your old lady and stuff like that and you know what you’re eventually gonna have to jack somebody which is uncool as far as the cops again you got to watch your ordinances watch them your exhaust will bring up the decibels they’ll measure your bars and anywhere you go make sure you go at least five miles under the speed limit that way they don’t have really a big reason to mess with you usually they won’t mess with you in packs they wait for those stragglers and stuff like that to get behind you do DUI checks I’m talking if you even freaking go outside the line a second man they’ll pull you over next thing you know you’re doing a DI DUI check so make sure your legal make sure you got your insurance make sure you got your registrations your plates are up to date make sure every you make sure you’re not carrying any on ya because they will check you if you don’t let them check you they’ll bring out the dogs all that stuff so that’s just some of the stuff that I got let me know in the comment section what you think that should be included but your personal safety is always of the utmost there’s usually like four or five dusts at these rallies each year you know it’s combination of cagers and freakin drunks that are doing it or newbies that just don’t know how to ride so don’t forget to watch that biker angle every Monday through Thursday a radio program all that good stuff hopefully you’re liking these little videos getting a lot new out there we’re going to be talking on the next video about having pride in yourself pursuing your dreams all that good stuff but until then Rock I [Music]

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67 thoughts on “What to know before going to a motorcycle rally such as Sturgis and Daytona”

  1. Ant Squirly says:

    ::: Waves ::: WHOOOOT Firsts!!! /

  2. john doe says:

    Good morning 🤘🏻

  3. Insane Throttle Motorcycle Magazine Biker News says:

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  4. Raccoon man 60 says:

    Best thing to do is to not go and keep your money and your bike. It’s no longer about motorcycle riders, all about the dollar

  5. Robert Moeser says:

    Always wanted to go to Sturgis, but I'm an undesirable, and stuck in Canada….

  6. Ant Squirly says:

    I don't like crowds, might explain why I live out in the woods. I agree, smaller and local are the best. At least you have things in common those around you and, you might even know some of the others. – The locals are easier going, too. They'll have your back when needed. – I can't speak for others, just myself. My step father had a bar on the outskirts of Orlando, in fact it verged on the boundary of Outlaw and Warlock. We had 'issues' and finally had to post a fly no colors sign at the door. Because the bar developed a rep as being a biker bar, business dropped and in order to survive, it finally went country western. YUK. Cowboys are alright but they weren't bikers. Those who rode were still welcome but if they were MC'ers, that was left outside.

  7. 1 Hitter says:

    Touch everyone’s bike, sit on their bike, if you see a club member make sure they know you are a huge SOA fan especially Jax Tayler.

  8. crash5309 says:

    Hey man….i went out sturgis in 18…im with ya on the no dui shit…those cops are on that shit…stop at signs dont drink and ride….no speeding….had no problem with bike or my own safety as i pretty much do as you were sayn anyway…eyes open….rubber down bro

  9. Joe Smith says:

    I concur with Ant…I hate big crowds and all the people in

  10. Michael Franke says:

    Never been to Sturgis or Daytona and personally have no desire to go to either one of them like you said it's all corporate it's all about the dollar it's not what it used to be I'll just go to local parties local MC parties and even some of them I don't like to go to

  11. gatorshd says:

    Rule #1. Don’t write checks your ass can’t cash.

  12. Asher Parkinson says:

    Good show all very helpful info, thanks.

  13. Juan Ibarra says:

    Hahaha the bar advise Wood haha I'm going to call you twin, we must be the same age hahaha ON POINT

  14. Ogre OneWay says:

    Good video

  15. HARMARSCH2 says:

    Hollywood, This year at Daytona, The Ornery One and his Wife had their Motorcycle and all their belongings stolen. Law Tigers helped get them back home.
    I don’t like big crowds anymore. If I feel closed in I start to feel like I need to panic. I don’t go to car shows or anything unless it’s small. I don’t like people bumping into me. I have zero sympathy for anyone who gets a DUI. My Landlord got one a year ago today.
    I haven’t drank for 36 years. I’ve never touched weed. My younger sister said maybe if I smoked it, I wouldn’t be so tense all the time.
    Another great show. Have a great weekend

  16. Star Rider says:

    What to know here in Daytona or Leesburg, Not to be flying no colors unless your a support club of one one the %1 here…
    Theres a cop club three piece patch that can pull people over and ticket them for loud pipes or anything they want..

  17. Mike deAngelo says:

    Thanks for the heads up Hollywood real usefull tips

  18. Bray Wyatt says:

    I go to gettysburg bike week every year gettysburg pa lots of free swinging tities I great bikes great tattoo shows great vendors great swap meet great bands and much more . club members from different clubs I wish it was all year round

  19. Greg McBee says:

    I used to like the big rallies but people started pissing me off so I prefer smaller groups riding and partying afterwards. Looking good Hollywood. Hope you got a line out in the river. Fish On.

  20. Koolaidacidkilla says:

    Hollywood you heading up to tomahawk fall ride?

  21. Ghost Eagle says:

    one rally that should be mentioned is on October 5 Paris Texas is hosting the breaking the worlds largest perade of Harley Davidson.

  22. Jon Haddican says:

    Just popped in to say hey Hollywood. Good content, PEACE

  23. Norse Moon says:

    Everything has shifted to corporations… thank god I’m old enough to know a world free of that shit.

  24. Mads Rasmussen says:

    Same style i have with Mr. Daniels, only the 420, but not riding though… Rock'NRoll Hollywood H&R 420 time soon peace, but one thing just be you and dont try to be so drunk you dont understand $#/T 🇺🇸🇩🇰🤘☠️peace Hollywood

  25. wolco003 says:

    I dont have an issue smoking and driving. I dont drink and drive. I dont do either on the bike.

  26. MSG Retired says:

    Laconia is a big T Shirt and Leather sale …

  27. WarPath 2300 says:

    Roar to the shore. Wildwood NJ great one to go to.

  28. mensa517 says:

    great; just what we need, an ex alcoholic giving lectures on drinking

  29. Irish Zombie Nation says:

    Man, you're really putting out some good videos now. Really speaking to every biker instead of just club guys. I'm digging your channel more and more.

  30. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Yeah as a general rule I don't do rallies. I don't like crowds. I have always heard that Thunder Beach is the smaller of all the corp rallies and usually has the least troubles? I plan to go to Sturgis maybe next year but I am not going during the Rally. I just want to ride the ride and see the sites.

  31. workingmans dead44 says:

    wont be going to laconia did it in '88,daytona did it in '79 or sturgis did it in'90 ever again ,once was enough,if my partners smith and wesson cant go,you wont be seeing me.but thanks anyway.

  32. Kc Rodriguez says:

    Sounds like it's better to keep it with the smaller's becoming less freedoms and a sh## load of bullSh## .😀

  33. TEXAS DEVIL 2024 says:

    Big fan of your YouTube channel buddy keep it coming.. much respect down from Texas 😈

  34. Bruce says:

    I'm with ya about the booze at rally's. Story – 2017, coming out of the new ' Full throttle', in 4 hours i had 1 1/2 beers. Get pulled over just before town speed limit.( 30mph). First thing cop says, ' your speeding'. Lets talk in the car. Soon as we get in the car, he gives me the blow machine !! He was so disappointed !!!. Just looking for money. Oh ya, i was doing 55mph in the 65mph zone !!

  35. Nicholas Cotoia M says:

    Go back to 1970 -1990 bad or dead today it's gala up urass naaa

  36. Richard Cole says:

    morning youngster I believe Benjamin Franklin said a fool and his money is soon parted and CT Barnum said there's a sucker born every minute I personally believe this,sheeple line up tp be fleeced

  37. H Smith says:

    Miss the hill climbs over east…….. They faded.

  38. Dave says:

    Daytona is more or less a big yuppie rallies now. Pretty much if you go to bike week once it's the same the next year. And yea, if your bike is in violation, garentee you'll get busted

  39. Ken Darley says:

    I like Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach Fl. All events are free. All concerts are free. And cops are standoffish if you see them at all. Last time I was there the only time I saw a cop was at an accident.

  40. Jval USMC says:

    I appreciate the info. I just recently got back into riding and want to take some trips. Thanks for the advice.

  41. vf12497439 says:

    Great tips, I'm with you on the drinking and driving. I leave the club branded merch behind. No sence standing out in the crowd. Buffalo Chip is fun, but theres other less expensive places to stay like Lamphere ranch in sturgis. Not far from everything.

  42. Todd Ailes says:

    Nice digs Hollywood !👍

  43. Pj Boudwin says:

    I hit the like button when you talked about the duo so I hope the rest of the video is as good

  44. david lopez says:

    Your comparing smoking weed on a bike to drinking on a bike??

  45. dooman700 says:

    Nailed it

    exactly why prospects watch bikes. Also why many stay away from the rally

  46. nobody d says:

    Took my bike to a rally once. The only thing I thought of was how was my bike and would it be there when I got back. The last rally I went to I drove my car. Enjoyed the day because it's really a piece of shit. If they stole that they would feel sorry for me and leave something better. Never been to Sturgis would like to take the ride but would go the week they are setting up and blow out of there before the crowd build up.

  47. big bike mike 2000 says:

    Been riding since the 80's. Could not agree more..give me my brothers and a weekend in the woods.

  48. Last_Stach_Standing says:

    After a few hours, I find rallies incredibly boring. I quit going altogether.

  49. Fatboy Nick says:

    With the exception of Sturgis, I stopped going to the big rallies. The money grab is out of control. I prefer small rallies, where you don't get ripped off and it's a more laid back atmosphere.

  50. Joseph Marton says:

    Know that engines will over heat waiting in line to park. Know that prices are tripled for anything. The crowds will smell .

  51. Tony Scrap says:

    Rallys in UK still great

  52. Master Moto says:

    To me to be a biker loving your bike, living to be in the wind is a given. I think it’s more than that. It’s about the man, not just owning a bike.
    A man worthy of respect whose loyalty knows no bounds, a man that accepts personal responsibility for his actions, incapable of being a rat or betraying his brother. A man that stands by his beliefs and brothers regardless of the consequence. A man whose word is his bond. A man that does not need to be taught the code to live by. Last but not least never call someone a biker until you’ve seen him ride?

  53. Knee Knockers says:

    Rallies are not even about riding. It’s all about simply showing up on a bike and then spend hours drinking and partying. The fact that these rallies promote drinking and riding, alone, is a huge turn off.

    I feel like the cruiser rally scene has forgotten what riding is about. No longer about riding. All about drinking and showing off. I prefer to actually RIDE. You know, the whole point of owning a motorcycle?

  54. Lee Leland says:

    I haven't been to any major rallies in years, due to exactly what you're talking about. You should he k out the ABATE of Iowa Freedom Rally. 5,000 + attendees. Big enough for fun, small enough to still be fun.

  55. Vinny B MotoRider says:

    I love the ride to and from the rallies, not about the party, but about the ride!!

  56. mike brabant says:

    Your right about drunks you don't know from Adam wanting to touch you, I had the old pad lock in my back pocket and came real close to using it on the asshole but he was saved by the bartender who got him out of dodge!

  57. Army Spec4 69/71 says:

    you made me laugh when you talked about people coming up to you and touching you and talking about your tats I used to deal with that shit it caused me to start calling myself an asshole magnet

  58. Carson Price says:

    I never realized you really have to be real careful at a rally. Thanks for your advice.

  59. Billy S. Worthy says:

    Went once to rescue my nephew who was having vehicle problems. Just to costly!

  60. Len Kleinschmidt says:

    Any body who steals a bike is the lowest form of suck there is they should be hung and quartered to death!!

  61. slothysi says:

    Thanks for the heads up man

  62. Timothy King says:

    Small local rallies way out in the country be are more fun.

  63. Curt Ekstrom says:

    I went once to Daytona in 1984. Wasn't worth turning off the Main road, to deal with Dirt Bags getting mad at others. For looking at their Bitch's wearing almost nothing at all. I told one guy to "put a shirt on your bitch, and you wouldn't have your feelings hurt".

  64. t watson says:

    A thief just doesn't value his life. Is your life worth a bike.

  65. Ken Kramer says:

    Been going to Sturgis Rally for years. Never worried about my bike being stolen. I do lock my saddle bags. Never heard about anyone having there bikes stolen. South Dakota doesn’t have handlebar height law. It’s also very nice being able to go a bar and not worry about colors. Food is expensive but beer is reasonably priced most places

  66. Dan G says:

    Haven't been to Daytona since the early nineties, had a lot of fun then…must have changed since then. The older I get, the less interested I am in big crowds, just enjoying the ice cream runs this summer….enjoyed the vid!

  67. Dion St. Michael says:

    I also heard on South Park that the modern day slang for a Harley Riders now is ‘fag.’ Makes sense. Lol!

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