What is the Explorer’s Guide To Wildemount? Matt Mercer introduces a new D&D setting


– Your world is now
officially part of D&D. You have a new book
coming out which is called “The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount.” This is huge. – [Matthew] This is crazy. – Can you tell me about what’s in the book and also what it feels like
to have this come together? – Yeah, I’ll start with how it feels. This is insane still, I’m still processing it. It doesn’t feel real yet. You know, D&D is such
a huge part of my life, role-playing games are what made me today and so to have the opportunity
to collaborate with Wizards and bring this world that
kind of just came from here to an official guide like this and invite people to make what they want of it is incredible. And I think it’ll be awhile
before it really sinks in. Right now I’m still very much like in the hope people like it, thinking about things I probably should have done in the book. I don’t know, you know,
it’s my chaotic brain. But it’s meant to be both, you know, for fans of Critical Role but for people who have
never watched an episode. It’s an entirely new setting to set an entire campaign or more in. It’s a breakdown of the
entire continent of Wildemount in Exandria that includes
the history and the myth, the creation myth of the world, it includes the entire Pantheon
as well as lesser idols, and tease the Arquite gods
but exist in a, you know, above mortal space within the realm. It goes into the factions of societies, the larger and major factions of societies that make up Wildemount. And then it goes into a
deep gazetteer about all the major locations throughout
the entire continent. What’s there as well as, you know, sort of geography elements are surrounding various locations and city scapes. It goes into plot hooks for
a lot of these locations as well to help inspire DMs
who want to run sessions and adventures in those specific regions. And then we go into character options which has breakdowns of all
the different major races of Exandria and where they
fit in different locations and cultures there to
kind of help you feel like you take the D&D races and how they culturally
fit within Wildemount. Then that goes into character options which include three new subclasses that are based around Dunamancy which is this mysterious new form of magic that’s been developed by the Kryn Dynasty that involves like you know space and time and gravity and entropy and a lot of those unique elements of kind
of metaphysical space talk that I’m really fascinated with. From there we have a bunch of new spells in Dunamancy that are available. And then we have this really cool thing called the Heroic Chronical which is a way of creating a character’s back story through tables and dice or choosing and essentially a really easy way to build a character’s
background within Wildemount and feel deeply ingrained and assimilated with the cultures there
right out of the gate. And then we go into, I mean there’s a lot in this book. – Yeah, it’s a very, very packed book. It’s very crunchy but with
like lots of story as well. – Yeah, I wanted to make sure there was something there for everybody. You know, Critical fans and not and we go in there into
an adventure chapter which has four starting adventures to get a party from levels one to three, each one in one of the four
major regions of Wildemount that way you can start a campaign really in any major place in the continent and kind of get you started in that space. They’re all very unique and have their own feel and flavor to them. And then we have a bunch
of new magical items as well as artifacts for those who are familiar with the show,
especially our first campaign there the Vestiges of Divergence there are magical items
that were created before the calamity of this giant battle
that sundered the world and the divergences when the gods left the Prime Material
plane and so these items that were left over from the time have largely gone dormant. And so they’re in a dormant state, they’re a decent magical item and then as the character grows moments of strong character growth or emotional intensity
can trigger them to exalt, you know to awaken into
a more powerful state and so they grow with the character and then eventually exalt
into their most powerful form which is a high level artifact so that there’s a number of new Vestiges of Divergence in the
book that are catered towards Wildemount and some of the elements there. And then we get to expand
from there into new creatures, we have a bunch of new monsters– – I’m a fan of new monsters. – There’s a lot of fun stuff in there that’s specific to
elements of the campaign that people have watched the campaign too as well as new creatures that are specific to the Wildemount continent
and I’m excited about that. – There is a ton in this book (laughs). Like you’re right there really
is something for everyone. – [Matthew] Hope so. – You’re getting spells,
you’re getting monsters, you’re getting artifacts, you’re getting adventures in there and you’re getting some new subclasses on top of all of that. That’s a big book, this
is gonna be a big book. – I think I got the note from Wizards saying if we end up doing another one it doesn’t have to be as much. (Todd laughs) I got a little overzealous and I think that’s just because it’s my first time doing
something like this officially with them
and I wanna, you know, make it special and I wanna
make people excited about it. Don’t want to let anyone down. – There’s also a lot of art from the community itself, correct? – [Matthew] Correct, yeah. – I mean, ’cause art is a fundamental part of D&D so you have
tons of art in this, tell me about that. – Really excited because Critical Role in our community is so
incredible and so talented we look for as many
opportunities as we can to bring other people
in on anything we do, to raise them up, to
give them opportunity, to you know include them in things we do. And Wizards was so
gracious in letting me push for artists within our community that do a lot of fan art and include them as part of this project. So you’re able to take a large swath of our artists and send them to Wizards and be like please pick
from these individuals. And so together you’re
able to essentially take I think the math is right
about half the art in the book comes directly from the
Critical Role community. All artists at the most part had never worked for Wizards before and so it’s been really amazing to see one, how seamlessly it blends with all these incredible artists that have already been seen
in a number of D&D books but also to feel like
a part of our community has contributed to bring
this world to life. And I’m super proud and super excited to have had everybody on board for it. – And this is like the first universe to join D&D since Eberron, that I’m aware of. – You might be right. Oh no. – It’s huge. Oh sorry! Did I totally put pressure on you? – That’s crazy, no, no it’s wild. Like I said this is all still sinking in. It’s surreal. – [Todd] Pre-order now on and receive exclusive bonus content with everything you need
to start your own adventure

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100 thoughts on “What is the Explorer’s Guide To Wildemount? Matt Mercer introduces a new D&D setting”

  1. D&D Beyond says:

    What features of the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount are you most excited to check out? Will you be playing a campaign in this new setting?

    Pre-order today from D&D Beyond to receive exclusive bonus content!

  2. John Willis says:

    YES!!! FINALLY!!!! I have been saying we needed this book pretty much since the beginning of campaign 2!!!

    Wait! Please tell me this isn't JUST a D&D beyond digital book?

  3. Trushil Harduth says:

    Matt Mercer on Todd talks possibly?

  4. AToZeek says:

    Got my book on pre order all ready

  5. D.C. Gold says:

    #11 On Trending?!?!?!?!!!!!!
    Congrats Matt!

  6. Dave Awesomesauce says:

    Take my money.

  7. Si Rho says:

    I saw the first 30 seconds aaaaaaaand I have now pre-ordered this book . . . I regret nothing.

  8. MinersLoveGames says:

    Liam O'Brien threw the best birthday party ever.

  9. Stormcrow Legendary says:

    That is friggen crazy. I love his setting, but to see it become an actual ruleset? Does that mean his 2 classes are being included?

  10. Stormcrow Legendary says:


  11. Let's Pretend says:

    I love this guy so mutch, i have a few subclasses myself and also dream of getting it published as a third party book

  12. Halone says:

    Astral self monk possibly????

  13. patticusmaximus1984 says:

    I am so sorry for this my dude but your thumbnail pic looks like a facial hair free Billy Mitchell hahahahahahaha

  14. Brandon Crosby says:

    We have a pilot in our midst…

    Tell us where BT is!

  15. Shane Gallant says:

    O…M…G…!! Matthew Mercer wrote a D&D book?!? He included art from fans?? You've got a world class D&D DM, with tons of positive personality, humility, AND tons of talent; who regularly plays the game with the best set of friends I have personally ever seen; mixed with the wonderful karma of including fan's art so they can be a part of this wonderful world.
    I predict this is going to be D&D's best selling book EVER!!

  16. Super Goose says:

    If I preorder this book, will I receive a physical copy in the mail, a digital copy only (with D&D Beyond features), or both? I've never purchased a sourcebook through D&D Beyond….actually I've never purchased a sourcebook PERIOD.

  17. Chen Songyi says:

    Matt mercer effect is not CANON!

  18. Daniel Simpson says:

    Wasn’t there an Explorer’s Guide to Tal’Dorei before this? Is it not an official thing?

  19. NerdyVariety says:

    I have a mighty need

  20. ridley1313 says:

    "I wanted to make sure there was something there for everybody, critical role fans and nott" ahh so it comes with buttons and alchohol.

  21. Ms. Luds says:

    6:38 "You might be right"

    "Oh no!!"

    I love him I love him I love him so much!!!

  22. Rayne Mattheis says:

    thought Matt had a rainbow freemasons symbol on his chest XD then I put on my glasses

  23. Chad Walber says:

    I really dig that you did this interview on their set. You guys are the best!

  24. Steven Eirew says:

    The part that I am most excited about is finally learning what the chairs sinister or benevolent motives are.

    Dunamancy is also cool…

  25. J. Moe says:

    I love it so much that he pushed to include fans for the art, the critical role group is just great in including their community. Cant wait to purchase it, if it gets released here in germany. Congrats Matt!

  26. Lost Folklorist says:

    I don't know how I feel about Matt's work being official.

  27. Danielle Fowler says:

    Loving those sexy closed captions! <3

  28. moep666mann says:

    06:40 is the moment that Matt realiz what he has doen and you see the clock work in his brain work XD

  29. Zack Jaffe says:

    It's so rare that a creative genius like Matt gets to reach so many people and allow us to participate in his universe. I'm definitely going to get this book just to read!

  30. Caleb R says:

    Can we get WOTC approved bloodhunter

  31. TeoSan 2812 says:

    Love it when I buy Eberron a week before this drops.

  32. Eric Coffey says:

    Hey, is there a way, say an app, where I can find a group of people to play D&D with over the internet, on mobile?

    I'm dying to play but I don't really have a way to find or form a group where I live.

  33. Juniper Lauber says:

    A rising tide raises all boats. Well done Mr. Mercer on bringing in the community.

  34. michael liggett says:

    wait wasnt there a taldorai guide or was that not officially part of dnd

  35. Q's Views says:

    Will there be a physical book or is it only digital? Thanks. I can't wait to check it out either way.

  36. Q's Views RPGs says:

    This is going to be great, I can't wait to start some campaigns with this material. Many thanks to Matt, Wizards, and all involved! Thanks to D&D Beyond for sharing such amazing content.

  37. Aardvark892 says:

    We're hopping on our Spelljammer ship and heading there ASAP.

  38. Professor Buttons says:

    Respect to him. That’s an amazing accomplishment to have THE RPG to recognise your creativity.

  39. Techarcana says:

    Ravnica came after Eberron.

  40. Jeremy Martin says:

    My DM included Vestiges of the Divergence in our Tiamat campaign before it was official content now. My Elf Ranger/Rogue has Fenthras Wrath of the Fey Warden (longbow), Whisper (dagger), Cabal's Ruin (cloak), & Condemner (heavy crossbow) all Exalted from our 1.5 year playthrough of Tyranny of Dragons.
    Other DM's groups have let me use them because they obviously love Critical Role, but are still shocked at how powerful these artifacts are when combined w/ class abilities & feats.

  41. Smash That says:

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  42. the joseph swanson _ says:

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  44. jackyboy777666 says:

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  45. Katri Salomäenpää says:

    I'll buy this book. I'm only like one quarter way through the second campaign but goddammit, I need this. Matt Mercer, you are an absolute god.

  46. Jiffah's channel says:

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  47. Lucas\ says:

    Jesus Christ is officially making the bible 2
    I can't believe it's gonna be official D&D content

  48. Nogginnocker says:

    Wow! How amazing is this?! Starting off as a fan, gaining traction as an amazing, world-renowned DM, then having your own home brew world building content as official D&D canon? I'm sure this must've been one of Matt's dreams since childhood. So happy to see him get the corporate approved recognition he so much deserves!! Can't wait to get my hands on this book. Congratulations!

  49. Giovannie Alejandro Delgado Morales says:

    DIO: "JOTARO!".

  50. wiredspider says:

    Wasnt their game originally a pathfinder game? How was this possible?

  51. Clown Geetwo says:

    Matthew Mercer’s dm notes are so valuable wizards had to make them into a book before he did

  52. Amanda Munson says:

    One of the things I love about Critical Role and Matter Mercer specifically as DM, is how much love and time have gone into the game and the world building. Like you can tell he really cares about this and it's fun to see and I'm excited to get together with some of my friends and adventure in Wildemount with this guide now!

  53. Joshua Grahm says:


  54. hen ko says:

    Now i imagine mercer voice acting while the screen is in front of him.

  55. Wolfbourne The First says:

    I’m about to start a campaign using the Tal’Dorei guide and if I can have this too it will be so useful especially since one of my players is going to be from Wildemount.

  56. Daniel Goldberg says:

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    Here's the real question; is the cast allowed to read it or are there spoilers?

  60. JoBirdie says:

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  61. Stephanie Moreira says:

    Matt is so humble. He's has brought so much imagination to story telling that I don't think he's really aware of it's effects. I hope he's happy and healthy and keeps giving us that sweet imagination juice.

  62. david willson says:

    congrats matt for a major milestone. gonna blow peoples mind how intericate his brain is

  63. SHANE 907 lol says:

    Is there gonna be a physical copy and will people miss out on the bonus content if they get that?

  64. Royce Simonton says:

    6:40 Oh no

  65. Bayley Farrell says:

    I mean, strictly speaking, they kinda pulled the MtG multiverse in very recently, but I don't know if the Guildmaster's Guide was meant to cement it as a part of the D&D official multiverse.
    In any case, I'm glad to see Matt being given such an awesome opportunity, and it's amazing of him to include the fan artists in the project like that. I'm not a very big fan of the show (it's fine, I just don't love it) and am not terribly excited for the book. I'll probably allow any player that asks me (the DM) to use the new content, but I'm not gonna get the book. Would have probably been more interested if I'd been told that the Blood Hunter and Matt's other previous homebrew were going to be pulled in to become official stuff. Oh well.

  66. Michael Bruce says:

    Building backstory through rolling… you have my attention. Some of the best character building experiences I've had are through the traveller rpg and the cyberpunk system. Very interested in this book

  67. jean-marc chalard says:

    Please WOTC have this book translated into foreign languages. French in my case but let GF9 go full translation on this jewel !

  68. Kim Tollefsen says:

    As long as its not based too much of the Characters in CR, im sick and tired of DnD players just copying the CR cast when they play

  69. Ptao Tom says:

    Can I get a chapter about the Cobalt Soul? I don’t play monks, but I would happily play a Cobalt Soul monk.

  70. RencArt by Rachel Camacho says:


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  72. CubeFrog says:

    Is the Blood Hunter class getting published in here?

  73. XOXheartAmy says:

    I'm so proud of him <3

  74. Ms_Therese says:

    Congratulations, Matt! I look forward to adventuring in the world of Wildemount

  75. Robert Coleman says:

    Second edition of the Tal Dorei setting, official this time?

  76. Justin Brandt says:

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  77. EdZzer says:

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  78. feylights says:

    I'll admit I haven't watched CR (though I know several people who do), but this might get me into it. I'm glad it has a pantheon! And elves, of course. Looks like there are some novels, too!

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    Matt is such a brilliant person. I’m so happy gaming has gotten to this point and he has an opportunity to share.

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  85. Daniel De Vall says:

    I have just started getting into DnD, though I have been a fan of R A Salvatore for years.

    So…ummm…what exactly is Wildemount?

  86. Pokemaster102 says:

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  87. Heavily Armed Clown says:

    So cool. Matt deserves this.

  88. Ry-Ry says:

    Honestly Matt is just a creative and precious treasure and must be protected at all costs, im so thrilled for him to have a dream come true after the wonderful gifts hes given us fans and the endless love, encouragement and positivity he has poured into the community. Of course the cast and crew deserve so much love as well but Matt is the priceless gem at the centre. <3

  89. Joaquin Llamazares says:

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  90. Makak the Nerd Monkey says:

    I don´t follow CR (I do follow Matts other DnD interests), yet I am so pumped for this book !!
    I am so happy for Matt ! Same with Joe, it feels like their dreams coming true.

  91. babbylonmon says:

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  92. diggerthecornflake says:

    I wonder if Matt would ever write a novel in his world? Might not be his “type” of writing but he has written a world that has a lot of lore, maps and art. There are comics and now a TV show in the works. I just think that’d be super cool for him to do a novel as well! I know novels take a long time and he has so much on his plate already. It could even be a bunch of short stories that he puts together, I don’t know. I’d buy it 😀

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    "There's a little something for everyone, 9/10." ~ IGN

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    I am really excited for this. Just sorting my first D&D campaign to DM (inspired to do so by CR) and I can't wait to implement some of Mercers creations. Great job guys!

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  100. justin walberg says:

    I hope we get stats for the Gloomstalkers. Dope aesthetic, no stats. I assume it's a modified wyvern but I've wanted to use them for a while.

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