What is Library Search?

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So you’re thirsty for knowledge but don’t
know where to start!? We don’t blame you – It’s information overload out there, and if you’re
not careful, Googling could wind you up in trouble!
USQ’s Library Search is a handy tool that makes it easy to find just the book or article
you’re looking for. It’s fast, easy, and the best part? It’s free
to use from USQ Library. So how does it work?
Well, in many ways it’s just like Google for your learning.
There are over 100 million books, eBooks, e-journals, articles, papers and videos, so
finding what you need won’t be a problem. The Library Search puts a number of quality
databases at your fingertips, and we pay the subscription, so you don’t have to.
Unlike Google, Library Search connects you easily with information from credible sources–you
know, smart scholarly types who know their stuff.
Which can make your life easier when it comes to referencing your work.
In the end, whatever it is you’re trying to track down, the Library Search will let you
know if it’s available right there and then. And remember, if you have any questions the
USQ Library staff are here to help, and you always know where to find them.

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