What is a culturally safe library?

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So, a culturally safe library should be a
place where Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians can go and
feel warm and welcome. A place that feels inclusive to all and free of judgment. A culturally safe library to me would look like one that was recognising Aboriginal and Torres Islander people. So, you know, you’re walking into a room and you’re
understanding that the environment or the feel, the way people approach you or
welcome you, is in a culturally safe environment. Culturally inclusive library means having, firstly, developing your Indigenous collections. It means making spaces Aboriginal-friendly. Having Aboriginal people included in programs
as a matter of course for your library. It means perhaps having artwork and
an Aboriginal presence in the library so that people recognise that this is an
Aboriginal space as well as a space for the wider community . A culturally safe library, in terms of how the library looks, is one in which I can see myself and my culture well represented throughout the library. So for me, that means a lot of visual signifiers that I can recognise and that I identify with. That makes me feel comfortable and at home.

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