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today, I decided to reveal some of the
Autocad block features big industries are hiding from you so if you wanna be
more efficient, follow me and let’s get started … hi, welcome to a new video on AutoCAD
tips, tricks and Hacks. In AutoCAD, A block, is a collection of objects that are
combined into a single named object. it is useful for producing repeated Cad
content, so if you modify one, the others will do it automatically. the following
are some sample blocks. Autocad blocks trees, Autocad blocks people, and so on.
blocks in AutoCAD, can be as simple as selecting the objects that you created
for the block, starting the block command, entering a name for the block, and
specifying the block insertion point. or complex, as smart dynamic blocks that
do multiple operations. if you want to be efficient in Autocad,
then use blocks strategically and with the right commands. let’s reveal
these AutoCAD block commands. coming down from number three. beginners AutoCAD users tend to explode blocks when they want to modify them
because they don’t know how to trim block without exploding.
however, these big industries, wouldn’t explode their AutoCAD blocks, instead,
they will hide portion of the block by using Xclip command … to unhide block use Xclipframe command
and set it to 0. … in the extreme case that these big
industries have no other option but to explode Autocad blocks. do you think
they’ll explode them using explode command?
oh no, no big industries. they know that by doing this, their blocks will lose
their layers properties, and even content information. instead, they use AutoCAD
BURST command. this will explode their blocks, but leave them on their correct layer.
plus, it will keep whatever content these blocks have. … … number one, big industries usually receive
big set of plants with many Autocad blocks. most of the time, these blocks are
not created with the correct Autocad best practices. for instance, these
blocks have a base point in the wrong place creating many future issues such as not
able to a stretch block, scale block, and so on. so, do industries leave them like
that to avoid headaches? oh no, no big industries. they will fix them all at
once. here is the trick. open block editor, draw a line from 0, 0, 0
origin point to your desired insertion point for your block. now, save and close
AutoCAD block editor. in model space, use move command to place your block like so. finally, access block editor again, remove
line and save. as you can see, all blocks insertion
points are now in the correct position. these were just few Autocad
practices big industries were hiding you. let me know in the comments if you want
me to keep revealing more! Don’t forget to give this video a like, share with
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6 thoughts on “What are blocks in AutoCAD + My Block Library Free, plants, cars..|P2V7”

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  2. C2O says:

    Good vid! I didn't know xclip worked with blocks I thought it was just for xrefs.

  3. Lazy Arquitecto says:

    So, did this tricks work for you?
    QUESTIONS? I'll help you here!
    Thank you, See you next Tuesday !

  4. Ankit Khadoliya says:

    Nice xclip command but when I finish the command rectangle shape is still visible how I do it

  5. Josef Rozinek says:

    Lazy just hooked me up with the blocks as advertised. Thanks man!

  6. Chisa says:

    Thank you for uploading all this!! I'm really learning with you a lot, I wish I had discovered this channel much earlier.

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