Week 1: Master Studies – Noah’s Art Camp


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100 thoughts on “Week 1: Master Studies – Noah’s Art Camp”

  1. Bisilius yamastakoRadn says:

    does some1 could explain why he draws tiny thumbnails as a copy of the images on the left side.??? that's a way he practise to control the composition at 1st  of every artwork or the left images are his old artworks that he made and now he explain the way he build them ???

  2. Rebekah says:

    These are incredibly useful vids sir. I know I am probably in the minority here, but for me a peeve of online coursework or demos is that people seem to feel the need to talk all the time. It is OK to talk some and then just have folks watch you work. The constant explanation takes away from the experience and I think distracts the full engagement of our mirror neurons, but I guess that is what people want if they buy a course, to feel like the teacher is working to explain everything. Some talk, some do is better but thanks for posting I just turned the sound off to watch again.

  3. Jose Velez says:

    Excuse me, I would like to know if you have any websites in which you can find good compositional and color references like those ones. I'm really new at doing this studies and I don't reall find a lot of artist that are nice.

  4. Anıl Duyal Baydır says:

    You area great man because of doing this. I am excited to start art camp! Thanks

  5. Aimee Fritz says:

    1:04:32 full master study demo
    (Bookmark for myself) XD

  6. Hassan says:

    How do you keep two windows next to each other?

  7. Pedro Mendez says:

    Can you please explain us what brushes and tools you use? Thanks!

  8. Dalibor Tomic says:

    Thank you, very helpfull indeed, you are super fantastic artist!!!

  9. jbogdan001 says:

    this isnt art. your to funny.

  10. Randyrocker says:

    At the 22:29 point in your video of the Pyle staircase illustration, a point that was missed but would be useful to explain for compositional purposes is, that the two dark protruding bricks near the top created a triangle with the black rat on the bottom stair, this triangle helps the viewer with the downward thrust that's taking place inside of the picture plane. Pyle liked to use various devices to purposely move the eye around a picture, and it's good to point those out to those studying composition.

  11. wonderland78 says:

    really really

  12. Not Known says:

    Why do you clinch your teeth, Noah? It makes you sound irritated. It surely can't be good for you!

  13. tuhina says:

    A really helpful video, I need to try doing master studies to improve my art! Noah's voice is so calming though, it makes me drowsy and i had to watch it in 20 min bursts as not to fall asleep :'D

  14. Nam Thành says:


  15. Alice Walsh says:

    The "sun" is very likely the moon. Living at the coast you see this when the moon is full meaning the sun is directly opposite the sun so is illuminated fully. You don't always get this effect but at certain times of the year there is an incredible moment where the two create incredible mood and light – it is a special and fleeting experience and this is a great study of that.

  16. Lync1111 says:

    Nice body of work Noah. On the landscape painting you mentioned something on the sun over to the lower left of the painting. I think it's more of a mountain back there. If you notice the mountain in the middle ground and how it's lit.  Thanks for these great videos. Cheers!

  17. Cram Quila says:

    Sharing this for free is well generous of you Noah!  I have gleaned so much out of this video and I am only about a third of the way through.  I am well enthusiastic to take your art camp courses!

  18. TheSeventDoor says:

    will be great if someone explain how this study thing helps you exactly.

  19. FernandoGYanesH says:

    Hey Noah, I just wanted to thank you for actually showing us how to go about studying the masters. I've been wanting to practice my art skills to get better, obviously, but had no idea where to begin or how to start practicing/learning. Definitely implementing this into my day-to-day basis! You rock.

  20. Lavellyn says:

    Hello Noah, I have a little question to you.
    My apologies if you said it before, but I'm first time at your channel. Can you please tell me, what brushes do you use and if there's a chance; give me links to download those? I'm asking because the brushes you used like when you painted those compositions seem really nice. Please, respond.
    And I'm sorry for my English. I'm learing.
    Have a nice day!

  21. WhiskeyLuke says:

    If you ever get a chance to get to Oklahoma City. They had the best collection of Thomas Moran I have ever seen. Must have been over 30 pieces. Many of them I believe are permanent to its collection.

  22. Erik Siu says:

    Does anyone else notice that the Moran landscape looks a lot like a Optimus portrait?  The lines are very similar.  🙂

  23. UltraAnalisis says:

    Best of art videos my opinion lm happy

  24. Arist Channels says:

    Youre using more than just 3 or 4 values. Id agrue its better to kep it more simple. i think your going to much into it

  25. Vaul 2501 says:

    1:10:22   give a what?

  26. The Astra says:

    I love you =3
    Totally platonic

  27. dougieladd says:

    Such a useful tutorial here… thanks.

  28. Kalit Jha says:

    please do an 8 hr long video, it would be interesting. i am yet learning to paint and i know you are the one to look up to. i had been peeping into your videos when i was practicing to draw and say to myself that i will later learn from your videos the techniques to paint.

  29. Auto Expressionist says:

    Do you use any medium in your paint or is this straight out of the tube?

  30. Jacob Elmore says:

    Are you using Photoshop for your painting?

  31. Michael Leybas says:

    what about H.R. Giger?

  32. Jacob Lim says:

    if all the master that you are learning from are dead thats great ( smirk )

  33. Sword Art Design says:

    Who dare dislike this videos? Ill find them and ill kill them

  34. Ina Lim says:

    just a random comment but i feel like he should open his mouth more when he talks…

  35. stephanie gibree says:

    This video is really helpful thank you so much for posting!

  36. Beaner McMexicano says:

    hi, do you custom your own brushes? and if do so, would u share them?

  37. Henry Lmr says:

    Bro- i thank God for this!! This has been my companion all week long, THANK YOU SO MUCH for uploading and sharing and helping us! 😀

  38. John Fisher Art says:

    I think that might be the moon. Light is deffo wrong for it being the sun.

  39. Alx Feathers says:

    He's not cheating with the lighting, it is a painting of Tatooine lol

  40. REDemomaNick says:

    what program are you using to draw in this video? do you only do online classes? or is there really an art camp with you?

  41. Luc says:

    Protip : watch tutorials at 1.5 or 2x speed for hour long tutorials like this, really helps when you watch 5-6 hours straight of theses

  42. Daniel Schmid says:

    What is the name of the first piece shown in the video?

  43. Mel Casipit says:

    Hi Noah, thanks for this video, just wondering if you are using s special brush for digital painting or you are just using the default brushes. Can I also ask if you are using Photoshop?

  44. Cameron Mitchell says:

    im going to do two hours a day

  45. Daniel Foley says:

    Dude, I learned more from you in these 2 hours than 5 weeks of art class. 1-2 classes per week 3-5 hours per session! Thank you man, God bless you!

  46. FruityLoops Pokemon says:

    Even though you said its good to study old artists, is it still possible to study new artists? The style im inspired by is from 1996-Present day

  47. Djuki Art says:

    please take a look at my iPad Pro art channel, thank you 😊🎨

  48. Djuki Art says:

    please take a look at my iPad Pro art channel, thank you 😊🎨

  49. Burak Ömer says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I l was having real frustrations about choosing colors and values, now I will definitely do master studies. I wish I had the money to get your courses, but I am thinking to save money for it.

    Keep up the good work!

  50. ShadowMurlock says:

    what brushes are you using? I bought kyle brushes and now I have 160 brushes with no idea which one to use for these paintings

  51. Volen CK says:

    Thanks very much for sharing Noah, I've been coming back to this since the say it was released.

  52. moxistarcraft says:

    I really love this video:) thank you a lot. I agree that I really started to appreciate artists work much more

  53. joby dorr says:

    Thegoldenagesite.blogspot is no longer a working link. Is there an alternative?
    Thanks for all the amazingly wonderful info!!

  54. Sentil says:

    I was reading your article on 21 days, and I finally realized that I've seen your video on master studies before.
    I'm currently 19 and living with my parents and working 5-6 hours a day drawing and studying. I intend to eventually ramp it up to 10 hours a day.

    Thanks for all of the help and direction you're providing me.
    I don't want to blow loads of money for no good reason.

  55. MarQos MarQos says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. As a newbie I learned a lot.

  56. Vapor Knight says:

    might be a little late here but thanks so much for the video.

  57. Bill Gavin says:

    stop saying umm

  58. Flatland Sounds says:

    use Google art people

  59. Silke Schümann says:

    36:50 This is an early painting of an alien planet with two suns. 😉

  60. Silke Schümann says:

    57:00 The sky is eggshell and not peach. In order to check whether my brain is tricking me I used my hand to look through a peep hole and pan across the image. This way the neighboring colors don't confuse my brain.

  61. mcnulty says:

    damn so much knowledge in this video, thank you noah

  62. Ivan Ivanov says:

    I don't get the color study preview. What exactly are you trying to achieve here? Colour relations? Because it's not exact colours you paint with, for the most part they are totally wrong in fact. Or is it because of bad reproductions you were talking about and you know from the memory what colours were there on an art piece and trying to adjust for this factor?

  63. boitahaki says:

    Noah, I love your videos and this is extremely useful! I do disagree however with the part about "filters", there are a lot of overrated and underrated classic painters and modern painters, its all a matter of consuming and analizing a lot of great work and developing your eye to filter the greatest from the great by yourself.

  64. Elton Mascarenhas says:

    "Learn from the best so that one day you may be decent"

  65. Larraine Hall says:

    It would really help if the black/white grey scale is as bid as the original. I find myself squinting just following the grey scale. I got out of the tutorial out of frustration. Also, you overstate thr obvious, too much repetition. We are beginners, but intelligent.

  66. Dan 1994 says:


  67. GyariSan1 says:

    Thanks for this! Am planning to sign up to sign up to the Camp once I have free time on hand 😀

  68. Kevin Lee says:

    Hey Noah great vids. Would you be so kind and share your sketch brush and paint brush you used in the tutorial? Thanks

  69. Blake Thoennes says:

    I'm curious if also studying from (concept) artists with these methods would help improve my skills as well and maybe focus the concept art style a little more or if only doing master studies is the way to go?

  70. Aliana Jacobs says:

    wow Noah every time I hear you speak when I am drawing you inspire me to become better. You have a soothing voice I love watching your videos and I am going to lay of the games and draw more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙂 greetings from Belgium if I would ever meet you in real life I would give you chocolates from Belgium!

  71. animosity IV says:

    Thank you so much!! This helps a lot! :')

  72. Zainah Sayed Hossen says:

    Learnt way more than my years in uni xD Great vid!

  73. rov. says:

    I really learn a lot. Thank you, sir.

  74. Constant Learner says:

    Is there any way to do perspective studies ?

  75. Hearty Achiever says:

    Is there a free version of all art camp videos or does anybody know something similiar like his videos. I can't afford his videos.

  76. Loli Oratoria says:

    "testing testing testing" xD

  77. Nati Lopes says:

    what brush are u using?

  78. ShawN shawN says:

    Great idea. I don't think we did Master Studies in my 3 years in a BFA. So sad. This would have been major help to get to good composition.

  79. ShawN shawN says:

    Love how you uncover that the sun lighting is completely reversed in one landscape yet looks right except for the sun placement behind.

  80. ねじゅ# says:


  81. Alex Hegarty says:

    This is amazing. I'm colorblind, but still not far off when I do colorpick (at least sometimes).

    Is the advice that "you'll see more colors" and be more accurate true for colorblind people?

    Also how in the heck is Bradley doing the side by side in photoshop? Is this a video edit?

  82. RaufossMk211 says:

    Great stuff, Noah! I've been following your work for some years now, and you've made some really inspiring paintings throughout the years. It seems like you're really into this romantic and dramatic scenery, so I figured I would mention some Norwegian national-romantic landscape painters (yes, they're are dead :)) in case you haven't heard about them; Adolph Tidemand, Hans Gude, Johan Christian Dahl, Peder Balke and August Cappelen (among others).

    Keep up the good work!

  83. Checkers BiForce says:

    "If all the artist you study are dead. That’s great."

  84. Sam Wilbur says:

    So damn good! love your videos man! just discovered them and they're still so relevant! Do you think it's a good idea or counter-productive to lay out a Rule of third grid over the reference image as well as the blank canvas to help with locating landmarks and focal points and ensure things line up in the right places? or is that going a bit too far?

  85. Star Spotted says:

    35:04 (bookmark!)

  86. Blade of the Darkmoon says:

    Someome pls recommend me some dead artist. I don't know any

  87. Conor Sullivan says:

    Any of those who are revisiting this video or discovering it for the first time (like me), I found this amazing website filled with hi res masters paintings – or the pinterest version –

  88. jérémy pajot says:

    Hello, How do you do to open this workspace in photoshop? When I am in full screen mode, It only shows me one image and I can't see my reference picture.

  89. SonnyBurnett2008 says:

    whats the brush tool you used here? Chalk? Mine is slightly different to be chalk.

  90. gearhead says:

    is there a site where all the master study refrence artist works are present ?

  91. Chris Nawara says:

    This was invaluable for me. Thank you, Noah!

  92. Krose00 says:

    is opacity on ?

  93. Paul Tudor says:

    I am interested in Art Camp and Would like to sign up but I am uncertain if I can stay awake for a whole two hours video. Passive learning does not suit me.

  94. mrebholz says:

    That’s exactly what Leonardo did, he studied the really really dead.

  95. Kenyce says:

    Back from 1 year watching this not applying the practice. I'm gonna start applying this knowledge

  96. Cathy T says:

    Thank you so much. I see this is an old post, but it's still worthy. It's something I needed.

  97. luke fiori says:

    Is the "rule" of keeping less than 3/4 values valid for colors too?

  98. 붓잡지 않는 남자 brush writer says:

    very nice~

  99. Andras Braten says:

    Is this the "don't go to art school" dude? Nice

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