We found a Mysterious Spell Book! Kids can’t TALK! Magic Spell book Episode 1

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– [Rykel] Whoa look at that! – Let’s take the book inside. – What if it’s got some like magic? – Ah! – [Mom] Oh are you okay? – It like shocked me! Whoa! (dramatic music) – Hello TOA squad, thanks for
joining the Ohana adventure. We have a big secret mission today. What is it Rykel? – We are going shopping
for Dad’s birthday. – That’s right, shush,
but we’re going shopping with Dad and we have to be kind of sneaky and find him a birthday gift, huh? – He said he likes old vintage books. – That’s right. Hey Dad, it’s time to go shopping. – Sweet. – [Mom] What are you doing? – Looking through some
of my old vintage books. – [Mom] That’s really
tiny, where’s that from? – [Dad] It’s from the
Seine River in Paris. – [Mom] Turn it, I want to see the front. What is it? – [Dad] It is from, I put this on it because it was gonna fall apart. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, that’s so old, I don’t think I’ve seen this one. – Let’s look it up, let’s see, I forgot what this is. What is MDCCCV in roman numerals? I don’t have my phone. – He is definitely the book connoisseur, so we’re gonna go and
see what we can find! (upbeat techno music) – Okay, it’s always, always an adventure with the crazy crew,
time to get in the bus. Alright so, we have this
really cute thrift shop and there’s actually
quite a few thrift shops we might go to but we have to thrift shop and before Dad comes in. Remember guys we are
on the hunt to find Dad some vintage books before he comes, I think he’s almost in the store. So, everybody keep looking, or maybe something cool
for his birthday, okay? Everybody, alright, okay,
so we’re gonna look, look at some cool stuff they’ve got here. Do you want some cowhide? – Mom we’ve got some old
fashioned books right here. – [Mom] More old books, okay let’s look. Wow, that’s a really weird thing. Oh, look at this old
typewriter, look at this! So, we’re gonna just
shop around, okay Dad? – Awesome, I’m gonna look at these old fishing poles and stuff. – Very cool, a lot of cool
stuff in here, alright. Rykel just found this
old vintage blender guys. Super old stuff in here it’s cool. Look at this old slide Cora, you wanna go down this old slide? – I do. – [Mom] That’s cool huh? Whoa look at– – It’s so old it only has one wheel. – [Mom] Let me see them. Look at this, this is
a Webster Dictionary. Oh my gosh, what is this? What does it say? Webster dictionary too, oh my goodness. Oh wow, look at this! Look at all these typewriters! Wait, wait, wait, wait, this is like an adding machine, you would add your numbers
and then cha-ching. Oh my goodness, this is cool. Should we get him an encyclopedia? – These are pretty cool.
– No. Whoa we should get him this.
That is awesome. – What’s that? – [Mom] I think we’re along
the lines with this cool one. – Look at this, Lincoln and His Generals. – [Rykel] Mom, look
underneath these books. – [Mom] What? Oh that one is really dirty though. – [Rykel] Oh gosh this one’s heavy. – [Mom] That is super heavy, are you okay? – [Rykel] Whoa, look at that! – [Mom] Wait, wait,
wait, careful, careful. Here Klai, here comes Dad, okay shush. Here comes Dad.
– Shush. – [Mom] Okay come over
here, come over here. – We gotta hide it, we gotta hide it. – [Mom] Come over here. – We really want it to be a big surprise, so if this is it, let’s see. I don’t know, I don’t know you guys. – [Rykel] I think it’s super cool, I mean there are gems in it. – Look at the stones! – [Mom] It’s dirty though. – So, it just makes it more fintage. Maybe we– – Vintage – Vintage, maybe we could clean it though. – Yeah, maybe there’s something really important inside of it. Maybe since it’s dirty we
could get a good deal on it. – Yes. – Let’s see what’s inside,
because if it’s a cool old book, then I think this would
be exactly what Dad wants. But if it’s just like pages, then I don’t know if it’s, you know. Really you can’t get it? – [Rykel] Open it. – [Mom] Can’t get it? – [Rykel] No. – [Mom] Can you open it? Can you get it? – [Rykel] It came out a little bit, it’s not moving much more. – [Mom] Oh, I can see it’s wobbling. – [Rykel] No, I don’t
think it’s going to work. – [Mom] Did this one move? – [Rykel] No. – [Mom] Look it wobbles a little. – [Klai] Yeah it’s kind of wobbly. – If you guys like to
shop for vintage stuff, it looks really cool, it’s old, but I don’t know what’s inside so I’m kind of iffy to buy it. Check and see if there’s
a good price on there. Oh, here come this way,
Dad is like everywhere. I can’t find, here put it right here. It’s really dusty though. – [Klai] Yeah. – But the dust
– But we can – is easy to come off.
– clean that up. – [Mom] Yeah? – Yeah, we can do that
for sure, let’s get it. I think he would love it! – Should we look around, Okay Klai, I want you to carry this. You get to carry it and then your job is to make sure Dad doesn’t see it, okay? And then we’ll go ask how much it is. Alright, so we’re going to keep looking. That one was really really cool and sometimes the dirt or the dust or whatever was on it,
was like really white, was really weird, makes me kind of like, wanting to see what is inside of it. But I’m not sure. Oh here comes Dad, Dad look at this! Look at this snakeskin, I just saw this, this snakeskin briefcase. – [Dad] Oh, the old contractors ruler. – [Mom] Really. – [Dad] Yeah. – I’m excited about
the snakeskin briefcase and he wants the old contractors ruler. – No, that briefcase is
insane, that’s awesome. – Right. Okay, we’ve found a good find. Let’s get it in the car. Hurry, hurry, open the
back of the car, come on! Rykel’s got it and we’re going to hide it. Get it in there. To the back, to the back. Okay, alright. – Let’s go, get the book inside. – Get the book inside. Wyatt, you stay out there
and talk to Dad for a second. Okay, you guys come over here. Alright you guys, Rykel,
come on, lets go, lets go. – [Cora] Oh he’s coming! – Yeah I had tons of fun. Is it okay if I just work in
my office for a little bit? – [Mom] Yeah go ahead, we’ve got a little project huh Wyatt? – Mhm. – [Mom] Okay go ahead. – Do you need any help? – [Mom] No, no, you’re good, you’re good. – [Dad] Okay. – Shush. Okay we got the book. Okay guys, what should we do? – Oh I think this is super cool, I think– – [Mom] Do we need to dust it? What do you guys think? – Yeah, I think we might
need to dust it off. Maybe if we blow on it a little. (blowing) – [Mom] Try and clean it off you guys. – It’s really old, so
we have to be gentle. – I have read that when you
are like an archeologist, when they’re uncovering
bones, you’ve got to be really careful, we’re going
to clean it off really gently. We don’t want to scratch it cause we don’t want it to get
like any worse than it is. – Maybe we could try opening too, soon, after we dust it off a little bit. – We need to try and get inside, because if this is a cool book, I want to do some research and figure out like who published it,
or when it was made. There’s no, look, there’s no
title, I don’t see any title. – It’s just like a random
book, it doesn’t have any like title it’s got this one
stone but no other stones. – [Mom] Yeah. – [Rykel] There must be a really cool– – [Mom] Yeah, this is interesting. – Why would someone just
take stones from a book? – That’s interesting. Well, I’m thinking they must
really special like Shae said or they’re really old
and if it’s really old, maybe they fell out somehow. Like maybe over time
they’ve been falling out. What if this was like
one of those crazy books that people find in their attics. – Oh my gosh, that would be so cool! What if it’s got some like magic! – Whatever. – Lets try and open it. – [Mom] Okay ready, let’s
try and get it open. – [Klai] Trying to like push on it. It’s not coming out. Ow, ouch, that really hurt. Oo, it kind of wobbled a little bit but it’s not really budging. – [Mom] Are you having
any luck on that one? – No it’s wobbling though. – I think we’re going to
have to ask Dad for help, because what if we need some
of his tools or something. But I kind of don’t want to
because it’s for his birthday. – Yeah, well maybe we
could say that it’s like, – [Cora] Just a book for– – [Mom] What if it’s like Shae found a sketchbook or something, right. – Yes, what if we say that, should we go and ask Dad right now? – [Mom] Yeah, I think we need to ask Dad. Dad! – [Dad] Yeah? – Dad, we need your help! – [Dad] Okay! – [Dad] Whoa! – [Mom] Shea found this really cool book. – That’s amazing! – [Cora] It’s a sketchbook. – Looks super old! – Yeah, we found it at the
antique store that we went to. But we’re having a hard time opening it. We think maybe you might have a tool? That you could use? – I was there with you,
I didn’t see this thing. – [Mom] Yeah, I think
Shae just want to buy it. – Wow it’s totally, like,
I don’t see any rust. But it looks rusted shut. So what do you want me to do? – [Mom] I don’t know,
maybe I thought you might have a tool we could open this up with. – Open it with? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Wyatt] And help us clean it. – I mean, I could just, like, get some metal scissors, tin
snips and cut these things off. – [Mom] Yeah, well, I don’t know. We kind of want to save the things. But maybe you have some
kind of other plier or something that you could open it with? – Yeah, I’ll go and find one. – [Mom] Okay, that was really good. So let’s give Dad a help, maybe try dusting it off a little more. – [Cora] Mom, if you
just rub your finger and it kind of comes off. – [Mom] There’s some stuff on it, it’s kind of really dusty and old, Dad, oh Dad! – I have a couple of things. – Wow! – Alright, Dad’s got the
lineup, let’s get started! – How heavy is this thing? – Oh, it’s a pretty good size. Let’s just make sure it’s all clean. Okay, let’s get started Dad. – Whoa. – I mean if anything could
cut the leather thing off, but I think that’s kind of nice and I don’t want to like destroy it. Because what if it’s really old, so I just want to figure
out how old it is. – It’s like talcum powder
on it or something. – It’s really weird. – [Shae] What is talcum powder? – It’s a powder that you use in certain, do certain stuff, people need like– – Oh, it smells like musty, like– – Why’d you smell it? – I don’t know! – Let me guess, it’s a little
bit of old attic mixed with– – No, it’s really old smelling. – [Wyatt] Dad, why did you just smell it? – Cause I wanted to see, it
looked like it smelled sweet. Okay, what would you like me to do? Try to get these off? – Try and open these things. Because we have pried it and I pried it and I pried it and I can’t get this open. – [Dad] Let me, gonna break them. (huffing) Well that’s not the right tool. – [Shae] How did you not open it? – I don’t know, it’s like,
it’s got a teeny bit of give but there’s like something
holding it closed. It doesn’t feel like it’s
friction holding it closed. – I really want to see what is inside! – [Dad] Oh you guys, this one is coming! This one’s, ah! – [Mom] Oh are you okay? – It like shocked me! I know that’s not, did it pinch me? It didn’t pinch me, it
really, like legit shocked me! – Holy crap, that’s scared me! – [Dad] When’s it gonna happen. Ah! – Ah!
– Ah! – Dad! – You guys. – [Wyatt] Are you okay? – No that really did like,
I don’t have a pinch mark. I thought I got a pinched. But this is a leather? – [Mom] That’s crazy. – [Shae] It’s leather. – [Mom] Okay let’s, let’s clean it off. – Let’s clean it off, it’s
getting stuff all over me first. – I got a rag to clean it with! – Hey, I want to clean it! – [Dad] Guys, you guys, just ripped. Okay, the two of you have
been arguing so much. Can you please be nicer? – Okay. – I’m going to clean it. – [Mom] Okay, let’s get
this all cleaned up. – [Dad] Wow! – [Mom] It’s looking really nice. – [Cora] That is nice. – [Dad] Some of the leather stuff’s is coming off but also this powder. – That’s looking really nice! – I wonder if it’s worth a lot of money. – Yeah, that’s going to be awesome. – I can’t believe you
guys found this there and nobody else bought it. Wow, look at how cool that looks now! – [Mom] Look at the difference. (wowing) – [Wyatt] Look, it’s already dried. – [Dad] Oh wow, that’s like,
feel how smooth that is now. – [Mom] It is, but this is really nasty. – [Evee] Move your hand Wyatt! Let me feel it first. – [Dad] Hey, hey, hey, hey. – [Evee] Move! – [Dad] Hey, hey, both of you I’ve got to keep cleaning. – Okay, so I’ve stepped away. I’m really excited about this,
it’s starting to turn out really great and I think it’s
going to be a perfect gift when we can figure out how
to open it and what’s inside. This could be some awesome priceless book. It is looking so good! – [Dad] Yeah. – [Evee] I want to see, I can’t see! I can’t see, I can’t see! – Calm down, I’m almost done. (screeching) – Oh my god, what just happened? – Was that like a secret key? – They opened! – Are you kidding me. – I don’t know what happened you guys. I think we need to hold off a little bit. I kind of don’t want to touch it anymore. – Was it the stone that did it? – I don’t know! – Wait guys, remember when
we tried to move them, they were like stuck and then when Dad was cleaning the
stone it unlatched them. – Well, I want to be safe,
I say we just don’t touch it right now and let’s wait for a second. – Because at the same time,
when dad was trying to open one with the plier and
remember it shocked him. – Yeah so I don’t know if I
really want to open it because– – Did it hurt? – That one, it felt. Here let me see your
hand, uh, just kidding. – Let’s just open it. – I don’t know, I’m, uh. – This is really
interesting, on the one hand we kind of want to see what’s inside. I’m really excited to see
if this is a old story book if this is like, what if
this is worth lots of money! – [Children] Yeah! – I bet that’s why all
the stones are gone. – Okay, okay, okay, I’m brave. Are you ready? – [Rykel] Do it Dad! – [Dad] Okay, look it
totally looks fine now. (jingling) – [Shae] Can I open? – [Mom] I don’t know, this
is the one that got you, so I’m a little nervous for you Dad. – [Cora] Maybe you just like, where this is you just pull it off. – [Dad] I’m just going to go fast, ready. I’ll just use my nail. Ready, set. (jingling) (shouting) – Whoa, it opened! That was cool. – I have no words. – Oh my gosh, you guys, look
at this old lady in here. – That looks like a really strict grandma. – Is she happy or is she creepy? She has a really big frown. Augustus, my love, these pages for you, with your added magic, magic? – I think that’s just a metaphor, I don’t think that’s really true. – [Mom] That’s really crazy. – [Dad] Maybe there’s
much these pages can do. The world needs more good. Maybe she’s like an artist
and she’s good at painting. – I’m excited to see what
else is on the rest of it. – [Cora] Magic. – [Dad] Okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay, okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The world needs more good. ‘Tis what you do best. Inscribe your spells, spoils? Does that really say spells? – I think that’s just another metaphor. – No, no, this is serious. – [Rykel] Like the painting enhanced them. – [Dad] Okay, wait a second. Inscribe your spells herein,
your posterity be blessed. What does that word mean? – That’s crazy. – [Dad] What’s posterity mean? – [Mom] Dad, Dad, what’s going on? – [Dad] What’s up with you Wyatt? – Wyatt can’t talk! – [Mom] No, this is,
this, stop being silly. – [Dad] Dude, this isn’t
funny, this book shocked me, like it opened. – Maybe. – [Mom] Evee can’t talk either. – Oh, I know! – [Mom] No, Evee can’t talk either, Dad. – [Dad] Wait a second,
are you really trying? – [Mom] No. – [Dad] Okay, I will give you. – [Mom] Like $100, come
on, this is absurd. – [Dad] A new Nintendo switch right now if you can say my name out loud. What in the world. Are you guys kidding me? – [Rykel] They’re not talking, oh my gosh, what’s going on? – [Dad] Are you serious? – This is really, this
can’t be all really– – [Dad] Come on, are you guys kidding, please don’t prank, no pranks. I will give you, I will take
you to Disneyland, right now. – I want to go to Disneyland. – [Dad] We all do, if you
guys can talk right now we can go to Disneyland. – [Mom] This is crazy,
okay, this is really weird, first– – [Dad] Okay we got a second. – No, no, no, let’s go over this, first the latches shocked Dad. – [Dad] And they wouldn’t open
and it wasn’t like friction, it was like they just– – And they wouldn’t open,
I tried, Klai tried, all the kids tried. So they wouldn’t open, they shocked Dad and then we clean up the book, right? Then all of a sudden, as
we’re cleaning it opens. – [Shae] The latches open. – And then the book even opens. – [Dad] Wait a second, that happened when I cleaned and touched it. – [Mom] Oh look! So this must be like a magical stone or something and there’s five. – [Dad] All the rest are gone! – This makes me really suspicious
as to why they’re gone. What’s her story, where’s she from? – [Dad] Do you think it could be evil? No.
– No. – [Dad] It said, the
world needs more good, ’tis what you do best, but then it says inscribe
your spells herein, your posterity be blessed. – [Mom] Wait, wait, wait it says your, it’s like burned out. So there’s a lot of, look,
look at all these burned pages. That have like kind of
melted or something. So the book has been and gone through some kind of burning or
fire, this is really weird. But what happened to Shea,
I mean to Wyatt and Evee. I have no idea why they’re
not talking, maybe the book has a solution, because it says, you know, you do good and that’s
what you do best, right? So, let’s figure this out. What’s inside the book. Ready, should we figure this out? What? – [Cora] The page isn’t there. – [Mom] There’s like nothing in there. – [Dad] Maybe she didn’t get that far. – [Mom] Okay. – [Dad] Or that far. – [Shea] Wait! – [Mom] These look almost
like they’ve not been touched. Look, I mean they’re burnt. – Maybe someone tried to burn the book. – [Cora] Look right here. – [Shae] Whoa, yeah there’s
definite burn marks there. – [Mom] Okay, but look
I’m not finding anything. – [Shae] Why is it empty? – [Cora] Maybe she never actually– – [Dad] Okay, go to the very first. – [Mom] Okay, hold on, let’s be careful. – [Dad] It’s going to rip,
it’s going to rip, be careful. – [Mom] We don’t want to
break anything, put it down. – [Dad] Okay. – [Cora] Maybe she only
like writed in there. – [Mom] Nothing, there’s nothing. – [Rykel] Maybe she never
got to writing in it. (crying) – I’m so scared for them. – [Dad] It’ll be okay, Cora. – [Mom] It’s okay Cora,
we’ll figure this out. – Well, why are they the only ones that got, that can’t talk? – [Shae] Yeah, why can I talk? – They got spelled maybe? – They were like fighting the whole day and it says the book wants to do good. – Oh, and when we opened it
that is when they were fighting, none of us were fighting. – Were you guys fighting
right when it opened? – [Dad] They were always
arguing, they were pushing, they were shoving. ‘I want to see’ ‘I want to hold’ – Maybe since they fighted so much when the book opens, it like,
they can’t talk anymore! – [Mom] It did something to them. – [Rykel] It doesn’t like
it when people are bad. – Oh my goodness. – It’s true Rykel, they
were arguing the whole time we were messing with the book. As soon as it opened
or sometime thereafter they went mute. – [Shae] Yeah. – There’s nothing in the book, we just checked all the pages, so what, Okay, the world needs more
good, ’tis what you do best, so she does good things. The world needs more good,
’tis what you do best, inscribe your spells herein,
your posterity be blessed. So you put spells inside of it to do good. Yes? – What if, so it says
inscribe your spells herein, so when she inscribes them, your posterity be blessed,
so what if she inscribes them but we can’t see them
until we actually need them? – That’s like some
voodoo magic weird stuff, well I guess this book is quite shocking. Too soon? Okay, so you’re saying if we
open it there would be like. – [Shae] Wow! – That was not there! – [Cora] I know! (dramatic music)

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