We Are Bringing New Authors, Voices & Books to the Publishing Table


(Ukelele music) Aloha. Aloha. We are here in the Garden Island of Kauai, and
welcome to the Book Doctors’ YouTube channel. We’re now at the western
most bookstore in the United States. And we are super psyched to be so. And we want to talk about, while off in this beautiful, amazing island with all these
amazing traditions, that there are lots of voices that aren’t typically represented by mainstream publishing. The good news is that that’s starting to change. And one of the things we’ve observed in our travels is that lots of people who aren’t typically included in mainstream publishing, whether it’s due to race or class or opinion or background… Or
geography. “I live a million miles from New York. No one cares about what I think. How am I gonna get
into New York publishing? Oh well, I guess I’ll just self-published. Or I won’t even
try. Not even try.” We want to say that this is a wonderful opportunity in history
to really make your voice heard. Now self-publishing can be an amazing way to do that but there are many, many independent publishers who are interested in your voice as well as the Big Five, the biggest publishers out there that do, you know, every major brand in the
world, publishers like HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House. In fact, I’m part of an imprint at Houghton
Mifflin Harcourt called Versify founded by the author Kwame Alexander. Kwame Alexander. And the purpose of this imprint–a children’s book imprint– is to include all different kinds of voices. #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Exactly. So if you have questions about how to get your voice heard, how to connect
to agents and publishers who may just be in Manhattan thousands of miles away
from you or to independent publishers who may be appropriate for your book, please put it in
the comment section. We’d love to open up this discussion. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the hinterlands in the
middle of nowhere, if there’s nothing around you but beautiful sky and trees and bears, we
want to hear from you. See you at the bookstore, people. See you at the bookstore. Aloha. Wahoo. (Ukelele music)

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6 thoughts on “We Are Bringing New Authors, Voices & Books to the Publishing Table”

  1. dev0n james says:


  2. MissB says:

    I currently writing a children’s book. About grandson and grandma relationship and the Characters are African-American

  3. Katja Elk says:

    I am out in the country (California), literally in the middle of nowhere — surrounded by trees, fields and horses — and I'm wondering if you have any advice for a book I'm working on about what I have learned from my life with horses and people and presence/mindfulness/awareness work.

  4. Ally Monte says:

    Love the music. Love to read some books from Hawaiian authors.

  5. Kristi Austin says:

    I love what the #WeNeedDiverseBooks organization and many others are doing to bring more voices to bookstores. Thank you for this video. I'm excited to see what's coming from Versify!

  6. Niguel Dottin says:

    First off, let me say, I adore your videos. The two of your energies bouncing of each other makes the minutes fly by. On Feb 22 I started a book name Neighborhoods, a tragedy about a millennial who grew up in South Central Los Angeles during the 90’s. I attended a Writer’s conference in August where I met some agents (all of whom asked for pages) but none of them got back to me. My work was shown to an editor who owns her own editing company and she said she wants the book (and really badly), however, after we went over a few sample pages, I’m not sure our vision for the book will align.

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