Watchmen Episode 8 Breakdown | A God Walks into Abar Recap | Season 1


Hey guys, Pete here. This will be my
watchman episode 8 recap. The episode was titled, “A God walks into Abar,” all one
word, no space. It was written by Jeff Jensen and Damon Lindelof and was
directed by Nicole Kassell. This video will contain spoilers for everything
that’s happened in HBO’s Watchmen up until this point so if you haven’t
watched episode 8 yet go do that first and then come back and watch this video.
The chicken or the egg. the paradox. which came first the chicken
or the egg? the answer appears to be both. at exactly the same time. if you knew how
a relationship was going to end, and if it was gonna end tragically, would you
still go through with it? in this episode we find out how Angela and Dr. Manhattan
got together how he ended up hiding as the normal human being Cal in Tulsa, how
Adrian Veidt ended up on Europa, and what the stakes are for the season, if not
series finale, next week. we also got a sense of what it’s like to be a god or
at least how this story’s man who turned into a god –
Dr. Manhattan experiences time. technically speaking it’s a pretty
amazing bit of storytelling in that we get to experience the past present and
the future just as he does. this makes it a memorable hour of television that even
though it frustrated me at times in the sense that we knew how things were gonna
turn out, still managed to floor me in the end. season one of watchmen turns out
to be a love story. one that ends tragically and one that starts at
Eddy’s bar in Saigon. what exactly did we learn as we watch these two meet and
watch Dr. Manhattan try to convince her to have dinner with him on the next
night? well we learned a bit about Jon Osterman as a boy. we learned where Mr.
Phillips and Ms Crookshanks characters came from and it turns out as a child
Jon Osterman and his father were fleeing Germany during Hitler’s rise to power. on
their journey out of Europe they are helped along by a couple who live in the
English manor that John uses as a model for his new world that he builds on
Europa later. after the events of the squid attack and the end of the comic he
goes away to try to create life and we find out how that all played out Dr.
Manhattan created his Adam and Eve figures to be kinder and gentler beings
that were designed to care for others instead of themselves. he made them not
in his image but in the image of the couple that cared for him and his family
and helped them get out of Europe. as it turns out this got boring for Dr.
Manhattan after a while. he says that all his creations wanted to do is please him,
to adore him. their love was infinite which is the very reason it’s so unsatisfying
and why he had to leave his creations behind and return to Earth.
during their conversation we also visit Karnak which was Adrian Veidt’s lair in
the Antarctic we see there how he continued to create the periodic squid
falls to help maintain world peace and we get a pretty good idea that Lady Trieu
has been keeping that up since he travelled to Europa in 2009. when she
took over his companies they found out he was missing when they traveled to
Karnak so she would have found all that technology when they went there. in
Antarctica we find out where the device came that Cal had inside of him that we
saw Angela pull out with the hammer in the last episode we find out that the
ring was something that Adrian made 30 years ago it was plan “A” for amnesia it
was gonna make John forget who he was but because of the way things played out
he had to go with Plan “B” which was blowing him up which in the end didn’t
work and yeah we all know how that played out. so the ring fits into the
current timeline for John wanting to have a normal life as a human being with
Angela. in exchange Dr. Manhattan sends Veidt to
Europa so that he can experience the Utopia that he was hoping to find after
he saved humanity. of course no one knows that he did what he did except for a
handful of people, so he’s been kind of lost not knowing
what to do with himself. we see a pretty interesting shot of him when we first
come in where he’s pissed off because they’re making more bombs when he’s
given them all these other options, you know humanity is still continuing to
make bombs and we hear John say as paradoxical as it sounds the bombs make
them feel safer. so we learn a lot and we pretty much understand how we got to
where we’re going. there’s more to learn about how things play out
in europa of course we get the end credits scene here well we see that the
Phillipses and Crookshanks just want Adrian Veidt to stay. they ask him if
he’ll stay and he says no over and over again as they smash tomatoes on his face.
in his dungeon the game warden brings in a cake we noticed that there are seven
candles which means it’s the seven-year anniversary of his arrival on Europa. the
game warden explains that he was the very first one, he is the Adam created by
Dr. Manhattan. after Adrian blows out the candles he finds a horseshoe baked
inside the cake and he starts to dig into the floor underneath his bed. back
in present time we watched things unfold as we pick up right where we left off at
the end of the last episode we see Dr. Manhattan wake up we see that the
Seventh Kavalry is outside they have a tachyon cannon to transport him before
destroying him it also sets up its own paradox as Jon’s walking across the pool
which is probably important because he tells her that she needs to see him do
that for later he sends the kids away to be with Will Reeves at the dreamland
theater in Tulsa he explains that he’s expecting their arrival because he told
him about it back in 2009 in that exchange Jon is still with Will Reeves
back in New York so Angela asks him how did he know Crawford was a part of
Cyclops and how did he know that he had that Klan robe in his closet of course
Will doesn’t know because it’s 10 years ago so this sets up the idea who killed
Judd Crawford was it Angela or was it Will? to dr. Manhattan it doesn’t really
matter but to us as viewers we’d like to find out I’m sure in the end they have
to face the Kavalry there’s the wonderful moment where Jon realizes
that he’s in love with Angela the question that she asked him before she’s
getting ready to go out and fight and he says I just told you you can’t save me
and you’re gonna try anyway it was pretty badass they even gave this away
in the trailer and it still landed when you see it in the actual episode outside
she does her best to fight them off eventually Dr. Manhattan has to
intervene to save her life and just when she thinks they won a Kavalry member
steps up to the cannon and transports him away. so it is a really interesting
episode of television perhaps I’m a softie but I really dig the way they
turned it into a love story it makes me think about that famous quote about
puppets he says to Laurie at one point in the comic we’re all puppets Laurie I’m
just a puppet who can see the strings and there is a kind of symmetry here
where in the comic he is a human that turns into a god here he is a god who
turns back into human and for what reason but love. so where does it leave
us for the final episode we did get mention of a little elephant Adrian
Veidt says a little elephant told him that Dr. Manhattan was on Europa that
would most likely be Lady Trieu and that would likely tie her character into
saving Adrian from Europa it also makes it more likely in my mind that Adrian is
the one she’s referring to when she says her father as far as we know
Dr. Manhattan is now in custody of the Seventh Kavalry and Senator Keene they’ll
be trying to move forward with their plan to turn Keene into the new
Manhattan but we don’t know what Will is up to and we don’t know what Lady Trieu is
up to except for that we know that she’s getting ready to make her millennium
clock go live so it should be a pretty fantastic finale seeing how Angela tries
to rescue dr. Manhattan what happens with Laurie Blake how Looking Glass will
figure in and I think most importantly what Will Reeves has up his sleeve since
he has had quite a bit of time to think about this and work with Lady Trieu he’s
almost certainly on some kind of a plan to fix the world just like Adrian Veidt
was trying to at the end of the comic so let me know what you think in the
comments what do you think about this episode what do you think about the big
reveals what did you think of experiencing time like a god like dr.
Manhattan does do you think they pulled it off did you find it frustrating that
you knew what was going to happen a lot of cases and if that’s the case do
you think that was the point it’s pretty interesting when you look at it through
that lens how will it affect the end of the story
is what’s about to happen to dr. Manhattan another black spot or does he
know exactly how that’s gonna play out as soon as the episode ends I always go
to the Petey files to see what it can fill in and this time it’s more of a mystery
than anything else well it does at least in my opinion confirm that he is lube
man that part seems to come out in his writing about Fogdancer
the incident report the memo about nothing ever ends is pretty confusing it
seems to be after whatever happens in episode 9 but I don’t think it really
gives us any answers as to how that’s gonna play out I’m gonna have to go back
and read it again and kind of pick it apart and see if there’s something more
that I’m missing but when I first looked at it I was like wait a minute is this a
mistake that they put the wrong one up and you have to look at it for yourself
but it’s kind of interesting how they had Petey look at the writing that he made
about Fogdancer when he was young and how he interprets that now so it’s
definitely interesting but not necessarily filling in any answers as
far as I can tell overall I really enjoyed this episode
I enjoyed the answer is the way they put all the pieces together of the puzzle
that they laid out for us in the process of writing this I’m just finding myself
liking it even more it definitely tickles the part of me
that loved this story and the way that it’s built off of it and the big-picture
stuff that they’re doing with Angela’s character it’s all becoming more and
more exciting and rewarding from my perspective the introduction of dr.
Manhattan certainly changes everything especially after this episode where we
get that from his perspective but it feels like they’re pulling it off like
they’re pulling off being able to give us a story that hits home on a human
level even when it comes through that perspective of someone who was human and
became a super-powered individual God through the choices that he made as
mentioned I really want to see how this all plays out as far as Lady Trieu’s plans
how they line up with Adrian’s plans what he does when he
comes back what ends up happening with Laurie and with Angela and how they’re
gonna wrap this whole story up so please like this video if you enjoyed it please
subscribe if you haven’t already thanks for watching I’ll talk to you soon

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41 thoughts on “Watchmen Episode 8 Breakdown | A God Walks into Abar Recap | Season 1”

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    Such a good episode, so many answers. Tell me how you think it will end.

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    I'm confused as to why his turn from white to normal when he's in his true form

  6. Michael Eze says:

    This episode basically explains that curiosity killed the cat.

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    He told her if someone was to eat the egg they can walk on water. She is going to eat egg before senator to turn into Dr Manhattan first.

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  13. dantelo88 says:

    pretty cool in terms of the episode with how they shot a linear timeline instead… AV will be in position to take Dr. M powers after Lady T rescue him from Europa…

  14. Kingsta2000 says:

    Watchmen has been firing on all cylinders. Each episode subsequently getting better and better and tonight’s proved without question that this is one of the greatest shows ever. I can not wait to see what the finale has in store.

  15. dfailsthemost says:

    Definitely my favorite so far. Finally find myself caring about Angela and rooting for her.

  16. Oat lord says:

    There's never any question: the person who committed the act is the person responsive for it. Will is responsible for killing Judd no matter what was said to him.

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    Where is the eyeliner? Horrible Dr. MANHATTAN makeup…..lazily done!

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    If a God can experience an emotion of love he's not a God.

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    I'm a bit puzzled about the time line. What year was it when they met in the bar in vietnam?

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    Maybe the walking on water is a Jesus reference. More importantly the resurrection…

  21. Sebastian Fair says:

    Alright, hear me out.

    Angela: "Could someone get your powers?"
    Dr. Manhattan:
    "I could put them in organic material like this egg "

    ten years later

    "I want to make some waffles" (has no reason to eat)
    "Watch the eggs "
    "You need to see me on the pool, it's important for later."

    So, what if he put an egg containing his powers at the bottom of the pool for Angela to find, mirroring the way he created life on Europa.


    Will is already empowered with Doctor Manhattan's powers.
    He pulls an egg from boiling water and and eats it in episode 2, and even says "Maybe I'm Doctor Manhattan."

  22. Jock Allen says:

    Does Dr Manhattan accept his fate by getting teleported and then presumably destroyed because he knows that he's too dangerous for humanity? That part kind of confused me as to why be just accepts that he can't be saved.

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    Best episode so far. However, I'm STILL wondering how Cal and Angela could afford that huge, beautiful home with a pool, two new vehicles, support three kids, and [presumably] pay rent on the bakery, on a policeman's salary.

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