Washington, D.C. Reviews The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library | The Daily Show


– The Donald J. Trump Presidential
Twitter Library is open! (crowd cheers) (triumphant music) – The line is huge and rightfully so. This has been tragically,
hilariously gut-wrenching. – I just always thought
that he was a tad racist, now I think he’s a lot racist. – I can’t believe how wonderful
this is, this is the best. – I feel like everyone just came here to laugh together and I like that. – This feels surreal. – Terrified.
– Eerie. – Catharsis, even. – Covfefe, I mean, it’s
really like the Mona Lisa of this whole exhibit, like
I got the selfie with it so that was really what I was looking for. – I also enjoy the golden
toilet, that was pretty cute. It was a really nice experience. (beeping)
– What just happened? Oh, he just Tweeted, oh, fantastic.

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100 thoughts on “Washington, D.C. Reviews The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library | The Daily Show”

  1. jaspreet kaur says:

    😂😂😂😂😂this is so dope!

  2. Bella babe says:

    Now stand up for your living hero Julian Assange.

  3. RD4590 says:

    It'll be funnier if a bunch of Trump supporters come suddenly and perhaps try to vandalize it.

  4. Ayomiro. says:

    I was honestly surprised that this was an ACTUAL thing that they did.

  5. Hong Fei Bai says:

    The first comment is Australian:)

  6. Him Jalpert says:

    I waited in line for two hours to see this and it was WORTH IT! And the alarm went off when he tweeted!

  7. Matthew Tao says:

    A tweet alarm LMFAO!

  8. Rin Rin says:

    Really??!! This is hugeee

  9. Anisha Patel says:

    Please bring this Library to NC

  10. RickOShay says:

    A lot of 'Cute' and 'Like' comments.

    Wake up and realise you should be angry – you have been desensitised.

    For this idiot to be elected there have to be a lot of stupid Americans out there – brainless sheep – following him – baaaa.

    It seems Americans are becoming dumber and more superficial by the day.

  11. Naveh Halperin says:


  12. keir strainer says:

    0:49 prissyjoe, that is all

  13. Otherworldlytwo2nine says:

    My goodness that first woman was so hot 😍

  14. Khadar Abdullahi says:

    Trump is into you now

  15. Julia Connell says:

    this is such a brilliant idea – respect for actually doing it
    saw the other clip – with the tour – looks amazing – wish I could visit
    love that there is an 'alarm' when drumpf tweets – perfect

  16. Deus Costa says:

    absolute *MADLADS*!

  17. Akira Q says:

    Cant believe its actually real

  18. Ian Cole says:

    The bing bing alarm is the best part

  19. Rita Bento-Allpress says:

    The US is on my list of countries I refuse to set foot on due to their fascist/white supremacist/far-right govts but this made me almost get a ticket!

  20. BNAMusic88 _ says:

    EMMA G!!!!!

  21. Fauler Perfektionist says:

    0:55 "What just happened?"
    😳 😍 Why hello, my dear.

  22. Rifat Chowdhury says:

    Obama's birth certificate is most probably fake but as of now I don't think that u need to be born in the US to be eligible for presidency…..times have changed so should the law….

  23. stephan zenuch says:

    holy shit i thought they were joke, i'm so glad they weren't. LOL

  24. ripperman ichc says:

    Please go on a world tour and bring the Twitter library to Singapore! Trump is our favorite entertainment!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Mohammad Bashammakh says:

    Cofefe the movie, what ever happened to it ?

  26. Gautam Sangeeth says:

    This is gonna shut down.. waste of money

  27. H S says:

    Omg where is this. Do u have to pay cuz it’s not part of the smithsonian. Aww nvm it closed on the 16th

  28. william parada says:

    This isnt a joke?

  29. Black Toothless says:

    We definitely should do the same in Brazil!!

    Imagine the Twitter “Golden Shower!!”

    The stupidity human temple!

  30. TheFourthWinchester says:

    Americans would rather have war mongers as their President (Obama, Bush) than an idiot as a President? Strange. I'd think not going to wars would be a good thing. And this is coming from a third world country's citizen. Guess Americans really are war-crazy.

  31. Kohl Martin says:

    Trump's presidential library will be a casino with a McDonald's and KFC for fine dining. It will contain no books or documents with the exception of the unsold copies of The Art of the Deal. It will also contain an impermeable safe with Trump's tax returns.

  32. Max Knight says:

    Need more coverage on this..

  33. blue4me43 says:

    Traitor evil mentally sick old trump will not have a library, but we will get to see the Pee Pee tape and lots of movies about his love for Putin, Kim and Salman of Saudi.

  34. Amy E says:

    My soul dies a little more every day, even with the laughs.

  35. Davari02 Gaming says:

    what's up with everyone's name tags?!?! Prissy Joe LMAO!!!

  36. Sibongiseni Jeans says:

    Trevor will get deported lol😂. Love your show bruv.

  37. InYoFace 05 says:

    How much y'all wanna bet that Conservatives would say that this Praises The President because they put his tweets in a Museum.

  38. Angel Chronicles says:

    All people, no matter race, gender, and age, agrees

    That shit is hallarious and sad

  39. u2good2b4gotn says:

    I'm really surprised John Oliver didn't think of this.

  40. littlesame says:

    Come to LA!!!

  41. if it ain't foreign it's borin! says:

    Every time trump talks, I picture the Billy Madison part where the judge rips into sandler

  42. Shawn McCarthy says:

    Hey, that was Emma G!

  43. Jean-Marie Boucherit says:

    Danger is not at your door, it’s inside the house

  44. Chris Seavers says: bing bing

  45. JA Gonzalez says:

    All those people inside are idiots for supporting that racist piece of shit fuck donald drumpf that’s he’s real last name not trump, google it!!!

  46. Starlight1710 says:

    Somebody please make a ringtone of his "bing bing". 😀

  47. Caroline Taylor says:

    I dated one of the guys who shows up in this video, so Killian, if you’re reading this, which you probably are since you have an ego the size of a truck- hello!

  48. TheGlassSword says:

    This is perfect

  49. SwiftBlade4 says:

    Guess the president really is making people money.

  50. What ! says:

    US PRESIDENT .. best laughing topic of all times .. How shameful

  51. Einar Vargtass says:

    Liberals are gay. Conservatives are real men.

  52. Terry G says:

    When does donnie get his private tour?

  53. Mr. W says:

    Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian, Library of Congress, the National Mall, Ford’s Theater, a tour of the Capitol, I never thought a TRUMP monument would be the one to finally get me to buy plane tickets to D.C.

  54. solid snake says:

    Why would people want to embrace his Twitter nonsense?

  55. Allan G. says:

    U guys have a President!!!

  56. yon says:

    Ooooo i wanna see it so badly but Im from Germany. Just in case 2020 goes down the toilet, please do a world tour. Please. For education.

  57. Hexanitrobenzene says:

    "Tragically hilariosly gut-wrenching…" 😀

  58. Manki Tsui says:

    Please make one in California!!!!

  59. Alex Joseck says:

    Oh I thought the Library was not a real thing, just something which Trevo Noah just makes it up.

  60. Creative Life says:

    Nooooooo 😩 Why did I just find out y’all in my city days after the facts!! 😩😩 Come back!

  61. maestrogringo says:

    Get ready for a lawsuit, guys! It's…what he does…

  62. Itsyourkingwolfy says:

    I thought they were joking when they said this 🤣

  63. Nancy Ramirez says:

    This is hilariousssss😂

  64. Magpie says:

    Wait… they were serious about this…. o.O

  65. haytian05 says:

    Lol I really wanna go! 😂

  66. J Lee says:

    "Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won't see another black president for generations!" 11/25/2014 -Trump
    I hope they have this one posted too

  67. Erutanx7 says:

    That signal is going to get some work out now that he is campaigning😆

  68. thedeadbeat says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! This is the best for a laugh and a sob of horror!

  69. Kongolox says:

    America.. the comical shitshow LOL xD

  70. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    "tragically hilariously gut-wrenching…"

  71. Kojak0 says:

    This is genius. I mean seriously, the thought of making a twitter library for the dump in charge is priceless.

    Now I want to go there.

  72. Timefliesbye says:

    BORING!!! Didn't even include the best ones Don "Dumbest" Lemon.

  73. Idon'tevenknow says:

    Omg this will be in someone high school history book someday. I can’t wait. The president Twitter will be legend that as elderly people we will tell our children that it was the best of times but also the worst of times.

  74. The Don says:

    I’m totally fine with this…but why is this allowed and monetized on YouTube but Steven crowder isnt

  75. Ujvala Sai Devineni says:

    First they elected trump now opened trump's twitter Library next display of trump's used toilet paper rolls untouched by anyone
    even if i am not an american i used to like the charm,royalty,Bossy now see a pee nut head with corn hair is president man how much dump a country can be peace out!!!

  76. Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin says:

    Bing Bing alert goes of whenever Donald Trump, the Disgraceful Moron™ tweets? Impressive.

  77. Gustav Gnöttgen says:

    That's sweet 😂 don't snitch him that you even earn money with that

  78. Plastic Hooks says:

    Who is Sporty Spice with the Australian accent?

  79. apotebill says:

    Is this real bcs I am currently in DC . I need to go to this .

  80. Bears and Beats says:

    Wow I just got to this in my notifications so I apologize for this late but undoubtedly deserved congratulation…

    … omg you guys. This is just, yes.

  81. Alfred Price says:

    What song is this

  82. Tragoudistros.MPH says:

    The tweet alarm is brilliant…

  83. Murtuzaali says:

    They used actors all folks interviewed were actors

  84. Play with Ekram says:

    Donald must be so happy to see this. His work of art framed and up on the wall….awww

  85. Independence In Mind says:

    Lol another liberal gathering place for losers who believe the propaganda and are being further fed in their echo chamber.

  86. DS GAMING says:

    Were is this

  87. Louise Zhuang says:

    OMG it’s soooo funny!!!! Hail Daily Show!!

  88. Jenn has ADHD says:

    Emma!!! So cool to see a Kiwi here random asf! <3

  89. Indominus Wrex says:

    Whyyyy do I live so far away?!

  90. Mour says:

    No shit…now I definitely need Thanos’ glove to snap this mofo out of this world!

  91. ayatollah ferkah says:

    People don't like trump but would go to a meseum just to read his tweets .

  92. Buddhika J says:

    TRUMP 2020 FOR SURE….

  93. Sol Encarnacion says:

    I NEED to go … Haha 😆… the tweet alert 🚨

  94. R Mad says:

    This is "comedy" created for the Desperate Dems. Too bad their "candidates" are a bunch of ignorant, weak, faggy, left-wing flunkies and cowards. lol Viva Trump y la REVOLUCION! Gracias!

  95. R Mad says:

    CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS against social media companies who have kicked out many Trump supporters to the Dems' advantage! We don't want Chinese-style censorship in USA! The Trump haters can be very vicious but still not "violate the rules." The Dems are ok with Twitter & others censoring Trump–but they would be "outraged" if it happened to AOC, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, etc. Twitter Google Facebook (even Microsoft's Bing) are ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE! America fight back or lose your country!

  96. Anisa Mazaki says:

    This looks like so much fun. Sucks that I can join the experience…

  97. MrSlanderer says:

    There should be running tickers everywhere in sight, with Trump live-tweeting for everyone to watch, and realize that he’s just as crazy now as back then.

  98. martin gutierrez says:

    I want to go to this museum and admire all the stupidity the orange buffoon has been saying since his presidency

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