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Hi guys, it has been ages since I did a
book club update. I don’t know why I have been reading loads of books but I just
haven’t really gotten around to filming the video. I had to go back to my last
Foodie Book Club to see what book I said I was gonna read and it was Walden by
Henry, Henry David Thoreau and it’s been a little bit of a while since I read it
but I had highlighted lots bits that I like from it in my Kindle. And actually
that’s the reason that I picked out reading Walden to start with because
when I come across quotes and things that I like online I often highlight
them and jot them down in my journal and I had collected so many Thoreau quotes I
thought I really need to look at the body of word that all of these quotes
are coming from. So Walden is about the time that he spent in the woods and by
Walden Pond and he built himself a little cabin in the woods.
He was there for two years and went totally off-grid and was self-sufficient. And the
book is about what he gets out of that time of connecting with with nature and
living quite simply. He doesn’t do a lot of work, he just does enough to get by
and takes a lot of time contemplating and reading and taking, taking in nature.
And those are obviously things that kind of appeal to me I guess and so many of
those quotes really resonated with me. “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. I say,
let your affairs be as two or three and not a hundred or a thousand instead of a
million count half a dozen and keep your accounts on your thumbnail.” I I really
like that it was written in 1846 and it was compiled from, he kept a diary while
he was in the woods and it was compiled sometime later from diary
extracts so the, the flow and the prose to me was a little bit, it’s not not a style
that I’m used to reading just because it was written so long ago. But
he’s got a really sarcastic manner, I guess kind of witty, sarcastic
tone to it and he very much pours scorn on the people who were living in the
town and just not getting what he’s doing and he kind of sees himself as, I guess as, above them that’s how it came across to me. Umm but it was
accessible despite it being so old and there are loads more quotes in there
that are really good and I am gonna share a couple with you. I highlighted a
lot of quotes from this book. Okay I’m gonna ,I’m gonna pick one not
too long “For more than five years I maintained myself the solely by the
labour of my hands and I found that by working about six weeks in a year I
could meet all of my expenses of living. The whole of my winters as well as most
of my summers I had free and clear for study.” That kinda gives you an idea of the
vibe of it and actually that’s really accessible prose right there isn’t it?
It’s not a book where you’re gonna find straight-up recipes and things but
there’s a lot of him foraging and living off the land like I said it’s so quoted. It, he really is big inspiration and was a big part of the transcendentalist
movement at that time and just about taking things back to basics and living
very simply which was why it really appealed to me. And then following on
from that I came across another book which was called Walden on Wheels and
this is a much more recent book and it’s about a student who starts living out of a
van, following Thoreau’s principles and trying to pair things back to be
quite simple and I found that really interesting. He was also inspired by
Thoreau and then he wrote a book about his experience of, he wanted to escape
this student debt and it was his story about living on campus in a van. But the
parts of his book I actually found most interesting was while he was trying to
save some money he goes out to Alaska and works a holiday season over there and
that was really interesting about his time in quite a remote area. I’m getting
a little bit diverted but if you enjoy Walden, it’s kind of
interesting to see a more modern version of it and the more modern version is
living in the van I guess. But they’re both really interesting great books next
time for Foodie Book Club I’m going to be reading the Urban Farmer
this is by Curtis Stone and he is a YouTuber and I really wanted to read his
book which is about starting an urban farm. Thanks for watching guys and I’ll
see you next time. Bye Bye. “For my greatest skill has been to want but
little” that’s, that’s a really good one. I think we could all do to remember that

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    Nice blog 🎃🍂🍁❤️

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    This is quite interesting I could never do it.

  3. Paul Sheridan says:

    Living off the land! They sound like my type of books, Laura. Thanks for posting this!

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    nice video…Do check out my new upload and sub if you like.

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    cabin in the woods sounds good – off grid not so good but if i had decent wind or and solar i could do that !!

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