Vonigo Case Studies – Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver’s Online Booking Software

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I’m Ryan Smith I’m the Chief Retail
Officer with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver we run a thrift operation
we run a thrift store similar to take a Goodwill and a Home Depot and mush those
together we take all of the money that we generate and he goes right back into
funding homes for low-income hard-working families here in the Denver
metro community we selected Vonigo because we looked across the
organization what we were doing internally and for 10 years we’ve been
open for 11 years and for the first ten years of being
opened we ran our entire pickup system on paper and pencils and pens and
colored markers and all kinds of different funky ways but we found out
that was an incredibly labor-intensive person intensive operation in order to
do this Vonigo was a very cost effective
solution for us it was a SaaS based solution so we didn’t have to invest in
Hardware and significant upkeep on our side
it was very user friendly and easy for us to learn one of the key things that
Vonigo has helped us do is to grow without significant investment in people
we have been able to increase our donations by 25 percent we’ve been able
to move from every single call at every single donation that somebody wanted to
make they had to actually talk to somebody so I had to staff a call center
they’d actually talk to a person every single time we have moved over 50% of
our online scheduling to Vonigo’s online scheduling system so now we have
a donor who’s interested in donating to us they can do that entire process all
by themselves the software does all the work for us and then we’re able to spend
our energy and our effort I’m partnering with our customers and selling to our
customers and picking up our donations when trucks out on the road rather than
staffing a call center supporting Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver are our ReStores and our ReStores actually it’s the largest ReStore
operation in the country. We’ll do over five million dollars this year in sales and a
hundred percent of the profits that we generate go right back into funding our
affiliate and are building homes locally here in the Denver metro area
what we’ve been able to do with the support of Vonigo and the online
scheduling system and the scheduling system we use in our call center is
we’ve been able to see a 35% increase in sales and a 40% increase in earnings
it’s been an incredible advancement for both technically simplicity wise for our
affiliate for our stores and for all the folks that work on our call center and on
our trucks

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