Vocal Coach REACTS to DIMASH – S.O.S Slavic Bazaar ~ Димаш Құдайберген – SOS “Славян Базары


Hello my name is Roberto delli Carri!
Welcome to my Roman vocal studio. I am a professional voice teacher, specialized in teaching the America technique of the “MIX”; I deal mostly with contemporary singing styles. I’m the author of the book “iMIX. La tecnica vocale secondo la didattica del MIX”, available on Amazon, a book for singers, singing teachers and anyone
who care more or less closely at the voice… and I’m one of the Master Teacher of the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), an International organization
that offers training to voice teachers from all over the world.
After my video of reaction and analysis of the song “Sinful Passion” by Dimash, honestly I had other plans; I had other songs in my “review list”,
but then I felt a strong sense of debt and gratitude to Dimash fans and anyone in the comments have expressed so much attention, writing me kind words of appreciation, encouragement, support, going well beyond my expectations… … and then I thought that maybe the fairer way to manifest my gratitude was just that of
react and analyze another Dimash video! Now, I’ve read a lot of
requests and it was pretty clear that “S.O.S.” was one of the most requested performances, certainly one of those that I shouldn’t have missed. And so here I am ready to react and analyze S.O.S. by
Dimash with you. Ready-set-go? Let’s begin! I really like so far this communicative intention, almost intimist, which seems to
marry perfectly the nostalgic “mood” of the song… and here he’s using a
a pure head register, with that beautiful quality, very light and
very clear that I had already appreciated previously… and these notes in “piano”, with moderate air between the vocal folds, attacked so softly…
I feel them a liitle bit like… a soul caresse… …It’s a pleasure to listen to them… And there
he also puts that “cry” effect, which makes the sound almost fragile,
vulnerable, which seems to mirror a little bit the fragility of the soul that
probably the song tells about… now the song is French and I don’t know French, but in short, having as its title the word “S.O.S” it seems to make sense to me… OK let’s move on! Nice! Nice! This scale is so nice! Okay, okay! First of all I really love this scale that he is singing It’s a B minor scale, on two octaves, from this B2 to this B4, which creates a nice contrast between the beginning in the chest register and then the
rest in pure head register… and this scale enhances the contrast between
consistency and lightness and it enhances his vocal “tessitura” as well… and then here I like really much this “release”… I like it
a lot how he is singing and sustaining with a beautiful vibrato that note, that is attacked softly and it’s completely free, “on the breath”… and
the image that comes to my mind is kinda that of a floating flag
softly caressed by the wind… and then here, shortly after, with this slightly darker sound, with this little lowered larynx and in “piano”, with a fluting-like quality… so beautiful! It’s
really nice! Here, he is generally doing a wonderful job with the dynamics. He knows how to dose the breath pressure, that is the pressure rising from the lungs
and that touches the vocal folds, with a surgical expertise, which makes it so
expressive! And among the advices I usually give to singers in order to try to
increase their possibilities from the point of view of the expressiveness, there is
certainly the one of varying more the dynamics, not just within the
macro-sections of a song, so to speak “verse-pre-chorus-chorus-bridge” but
even within the micro-sections, that is, within the same sentences of
one section… Ok! Beautiful legato here… And there he is!!! Now he begins to raise the dynamics with the “mezzo-forte”, using more chest register This is sooo nice!!! Ahhh…. All right, okay. I want to make you listen to this thing again here… This very small variation, which
may go unnoticed, but that it strikes me because it captures my
interest and my taste. He could have done…… But he did… This…. This in the musical jargon is called
“mordente”. And this is an embellishment used in music a little bit everywhere, particularly in popular and contemporary music, and to give you an idea of
what I’m talking about and of how this embellishment can make a beautiful
difference in singers performances…for example, if were to sing… I don’t know… “Stevie Wonder”… and I would sing… … so straight… But if I would put the “mordente” effect, it would sound like… This is what helps us create a little bit of “style”, to sing with a modern “feeling”, again, to put an identity in
music, just a little more recognizable…however, it’s important to use this
embellishment, like all embellishments, with a careful-eye,
because the risk in overusing this special effect is that it can easily become banal,
obvious and boring. Ok? Let’s move on! …wow… … Oh, well… I want, I want you to listen to this… I want to show you his facial expression… I mean, he stays muscularly free here.
He is completely relaxed, he remains almost passive… it’s almost as if he’s not the one that sings… but it is rather the voice that sings him! I mean, he doesn’t need to “do” things, in fact he only needs to “don’t do” in order to sing muscularly free, so with a completely free resonance, that generates and frees as a consequence this beautiful “ringing” quality. He doesn’t need to do who knows what for to sing with this “ring”, he doesn’t need to squeeze the sound or to make it nasal… This is a marvellous instrument, that was worked so
marvelously like a diamond… … Beautiful! He’s too good! … And now we’re floating with him… … and he doesn’t sing here… and yet he is playing anyway! He is singing and drawing a melody just by using his body language…and he is
extremely magnetic… … Beautiful! …Wow… Super high E! and also this “cry” that keeps
reinforcing the strong emotional charge… …as if that wasn’t enough already… And again this hand gesture! Beautiful!
He’s not marching to his own drum … he’s guiding us through his
performance. He’s giving us signals, he’s telling us… he’s talking to the
his audience… … and here is where it comes out all his
artistic personality, all his charism!
He gets you, he grabs you and he drags you with him, to be part of
this experience… …He is soo great! …wooow… okay…okay… I want to show you… … I want to show you this thing right here… The
backing vocalist remains… he gets stuck! He got stuck and they have to reboot him in…
sorry… they have to reboot him in “safe mode” … great!
This is the effect that Dimash does!!! …mamma mia… … and again… he’s playing with his hands. And one more time, he is playing with his own hands…Perfect! Wow! Oh well, there are no words for this guy… I mean (I want to clap too!) — he’s a mix of taste, intelligence, sensitivity, technique, style, heart, expressiveness…
He is an exceptional communicator and a Artist with a capital “A”, who does not lack anything and that makes… on stage, he makes some crazy performances!
In this regard, I believe that maybe you can fully appreciate him
only listening to him and looking at him “live”, rather than listening to him
simply in an album, because he can engage you in a 360-degree experience… and the interesting thing is maybe that we’re too much used to the opposite, that is to listen to performances by artists sound perfect in the studio, they sound
epic in the recording studio but then during the live performances they sound modest and tepid… great Dimash! One more hand for you! I’m glad to have
listened to this wonderful performance. I thank you for asking me to do it again and for allowing me to
continue admiring and being inspired by his strong artistic personality and
from the immense work behind every single detail that we see. I like to
keep hoping in some way that this video might help those who don’t
know Dimash to know him a little bit and who already knows him instead, to know him a little better! I thank you for your attention. I’m Roberto delli Carri and if you want to know more about me, about
who I am, what I do, about my lessons live in studio in Rome and anywhere online in Italian and English, then my website is: I would be grateful if you could leave me a like, if you could share this video, if
you could write a comment your impressions, from which I’ve sometimes learned about so much… and if you want to subscribe to the channel to stay up-to-date on the upcoming releases…
Well… you know you are soo welcomed! Thank you so much! See you soon, ciao ciao from Roberto delli Carri!

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    I don't mean the exact terms in vocal -at least at that time :D, but since then I have learned a lot because I have watched many analysis videos …I like to see when somebody has not only an emotional reaction, but he/she also knows exactly what are these incredible, wonderful, extraordinary, inimitable, brilliant things that Dimash does, and can understand how incredibly difficult are these . … when a lot of professional experts' mind becomes blown away and they become emotional, have goosebumps…:D
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    Mi sono imbattuta per puro caso nella tua reazione ed è la tua prima che ascolto, aggiungo anche che raramente commento. Ma SOS è il brano che mi ha fatto conoscere Dimash e resta tuttora irresistibile per me. Ho apprezzato molto la tua reazione, perché è un misto di considerazioni tecniche (a me ignote) e di sensibilità umana ed artistica. Spero che vorrai continuare con altre reazioni su Dimash, nel frattempo mi iscrivo al tuo canale.🤗

  85. Раушан Мукалиева says:


  86. yohana Romero says:

    Gracias….Amo y amare siempre a Dimash♥️♥️♥️♥️, y te lo digo con lágrima en los ojos, es es tan pero tan super mágico que tocó nuestros corazones y nuestras almas….saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪 reacción a Hello, Adagio, Día inolvidable de Gakku, Know, PASSIONE gracias…💋

  87. Guillermo Lorente says:

    Yours is one of the best Vocal Coach reaction that I have seen, It shows Your real expertise!, the other one Vocal Coach reaction that I recommend to You to see is coming from Tara Simon Studios Thanks for all Your comments, we all can learn and appreciate music and singing much better after that!. Gracias Roberto una de las mejores reacciones, explicaciones y lecciones que he visto en un Vocal Coach.!

  88. giovi pinto says:

    Ciao Roberto vorrei proporti un altro cantante da analizzare. Si chiama Hua Chenyu, Cinese e la canzone più bella secondo me è DAD I'M HOME. Divertiti e qualcosa di unico. Ciao
    Dimash è il numero 1

  89. Powder says:

    Gloria Wu on youtube translates his songs.

  90. Farida larman says:

    Роберто, спасибо! Спасибо, что данную реакцию сделал в благодарность поклонникам Димаша! Вот уже несколько лет ежедневно слушаю Димаша, летаю на его концерты и всё равно его мало. Димаш какой-то магнит! Димаш много песен исполнил именно на итальянском, хотелось бы, чтобы их послушал и дал им оценку. Спасибо что с нами! Удачи и успехов! С благодарностью их России.

  91. NarnianLady says:

    Ciao, ciao bello, e grazie. Dimash <3!

  92. Jenca says:


  93. Affifuddin Yaacob says:

    Pls react to Love Is Like A Dream

  94. Ина Чир says:

    Спасибо за реакцию! В словах комментирующего содержится "СМЕСЬ ВКУСА, ИНТЕЛЛЕКТА, ЧУВСТВИТЕЛЬНОСТИ, ТЕХНИКИ, СТИЛЯ, СЕРДЦА, ВЫРАЗИТЕЛЬНОСТИ"…)

  95. илья половой says:

    роберто привет. послушай еще димаша с песней passione, посмотри обязательно, спать точно не будешь.

  96. Mickey Jones says:

    Superb reaction.

  97. Gian Carlo Gnappi says:

    vorrei sentirvi dire un commento su dimash cantando ogni pietra

  98. Gian Carlo Gnappi says:

    roberto mi piaci come parli di dimash come lo giudico nel suo modo di cantare è stupendissimo

  99. CHERYL KURUCZ says:

    Wow Roberto! Once again you gave a amazing reaction to my Dear Dimash!!! Thank you so much for your full package reaction!!! I'm looking forward to your next Dimash reaction video. Good Bless from a grateful Dimash Dear in Lakewood, Washington USA

  100. Harlam Space says:

    Отличный разбор.Хотя забирать думаю бесполезно есть такие моменты где просто нечего сказать ,это просто сила природы и харизма этого Perfecto Artisto Димаш.Браво спасибо.

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