Villain Pub – Penny For Your Fears


Making your way evil today, sure does take
a lot. Thinking of ways to distribute hate takes
everything you’ve got. Wouldn’t you like to rule the place. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody hates
your face. And the villains share your rage. You wanna be the evil seat. Heroes are all the same. You wanna go where everybody hates your face. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Well hallelujah boys its raining clowns in
here heeheheheheh what is this? where am I? Easy there, clown man You’re with friends. Welcome to my villiainous abode. what can I get you. do you have any children flesh laced with
human fear? Ughhh.. We have some children of the corn. ew! No thank you. You like Gremlins? We have lots of those. Sigh… no it’s just not the same
Why so glum my clowned face chum? You look like you got beaten up by a bunch
of kids with baseball bats. I did! Actually. Turns out… Kids are really violent! Oh I’m afraid children can be very evil. Isn’t that right Damien? (remooos, demenooos)
You want to eat Damien? I don’t understand what happened. I had the kids scared and right where I wanted
them but then suddenly they were all brave, and completely stronger than me. Why weren’t they scared of you anymore? I thought kids were terrified of clowns. I have no idea! I did my scary dance and everything. (boom boom boom boom)
See! Oh come on! Well that may have had something to do with
it That didn’t scare you? I must be losing my touch. Have you tried attacking them in their sleep? I find that to be way easier. I’m more of a daytime scare kind of guy. Have you tried scary dolls? dolls always work. Well… until your personality gets too campy
then it starts to wear off. I filled a whole room with clown dolls for
this one kid! Then I popped out and I was all Beep Beep
Ritchie! And then you ate him? No I just let him just run away. Oh come on man! I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Why are you even talking to the kids? Because they taste better when they’re scared. Well sometimes not saying anything is so much
more terrifying. Isn’t that right Michael? And isn’t that right jason? Do you see what I mean? If they used their real voice it would totally
ruin the effect. HEY thats not very nice you silly silly sith
lord. I rest my case. It shouldn’t be this difficult for me though. I can take the form of your greatest fear. Watch. I’m leaving the darkside my master. You were wrong and there is still good in
me and I’m gonna go join my son now because I’m not actually evil. You failed! you’re a giant failure and the
rebels are more fun! OKAY Enough! Please don’t do that again. And that is usually enough
Ah well here’s your real problem. you gotta follow through. Because now that you’ve hurt ole Palpatine’s
feelings he’s not going to let you do that again. Go on, try it. I’m going to throw you down a maintenance
shaft! Unlimited Power!!! You see there’s always a breaking point.. As fun as it is, you can’t just keep playing
with your target. It’s easy to get them scared at first but
eventually they are gonna get wise and turn and turn the tables against you. Heroes are so annoying. Yeah I had a girl hit me with a sledge hammer
and then light me on fire Sarah Conner squished me in a metal press. I got stabbed with deer antlers. *RAAAAAA*
Tell me about it! It happens every time. Well this sucks! Hey you’re starting to flake out. I know what that’s like. I guess I’ll just hibernate then. Oh don’t despair pennywise. Even though you’ve gotten your face beaten
in by a bunch of little children and it’s totally embarrassing, there is one thing you
horror monsters always have that gives you a second chance at revenge. And what’s that? The Sequels. And sometimes you get like so many sequels
you don’t even know what to do with them! Taking manhattan is not worth bragging about

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100 thoughts on “Villain Pub – Penny For Your Fears”

  1. Thor Odinson says:

    Was that a parody of a song at this beginning

  2. Dark Ink Central says:


  3. ClassicDiva33 says:

    Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. Livia Salle says:


  5. R4VEN says:

    1:52 what’s the reference

  6. Leiko Moon says:

    Villain pub=BEST PUB EVER!!!! (I wanna hang up there ^^ it s so cool)

  7. Gretch Ness says:

    "Hey you're starting to flake out… I know what that's like."

  8. Reptiles4U says:

    Well yeah, IT 2 is coming out later this year

  9. Soccer Superhero Spider says:

    Taking manhatten is not worth bragging about, Jason!

  10. Outcast Lair says:

    “there is one thing you horror monsters always have that gives you
    A second chance at revenge”

    “And what’s that?”

    “The sequels”

    2019 IT chapter two coming

  11. Fortnut Deno says:

    Take the L

  12. JohnSydney225 says:

    my favorite episode of the villain pub because it has Horror movie characters

  13. Ravenclaw Reader says:

    Pennywises scream at the beginning reminded me of the Shrek version of Pinocchio's scream 😂

  14. Steven Ortega says:

    I love how this takes place in 1989 and the best villains at the time was Freddy Kuger and Joker lol

  15. RAYJIZ Hungry Shark & Hungry Dragon says:

    3:03 what song

  16. Mechanized-Mechani-Mecha says:

    3:05 what song

  17. Captain Phoenix says:

    Taking Manhattan is not worth bragging about, Jason!

  18. Killgarragh Forever says:

    Why is Luigi wearing Loki's helmet?

  19. Jet the Jango phett says:

    You’ll float to

  20. Wallyian Massò says:

    I wonder how Michael sounds like

  21. Bighead1740 says:

    Reasons the villain pub is unique:

    1: The real villains
    2: The Horror monsters and mobsters
    3: "Heroes are so annoying"

  22. TheWolfGamer says:

    I love the cheers intro lol

  23. luis cabrera says:


  24. WJZAV says:

    "Yes, sequels. Lots and lots of sequels. Oh, and don't forget to include campy humor in them, totally undermining the threat you pose. Oh, oh, and you have to go to space at some point. This is like, a rule."

  25. C Skilly says:

    Do a chucky one

  26. Tayjayblah says:

    Love this

  27. Blood Rose says:

    It's CHEERS Villain style!

  28. CHIBearsManiac 46 says:

    Taken manhattan is not worth bragging about Jason. I love it

  29. MikeGamer023 says:

    3:27, my favorite part

  30. Salem Mostafa says:

    Who is here after It 2 trailer

  31. Paola Borgonovo says:

  32. Wilfred Yu says:

    Penny wise now have a sequel.

  33. Shoron The Dreamer says:

    Make how IT-2 trailer should have ended please.

  34. Caleb hope says:

    1:42 its sad cause itstrue

  35. Donna B says:

    Go Team Darth Vader

  36. Ddrff —- says:

    Pennywises red lines are meant to be on the sides of his lip not above… mint vid tho

  37. Rezo says:

    Well haleluja boys it's raining clowns in here!

  38. Angela Lee says:

    Comes back in 2019: yep the sequels

  39. Robert Benavides says:

    IT CH.2!!!

  40. William Simmons says:

    What movie is Damian at 1:53 from?

  41. BoonChong Tan says:

    Pennywise’s scary dance isn’t scary at all!

  42. John Palos says:

    They pridicted IT 2

  43. Phantom weeb says:

    I came back after watching the IT 2 trailer and I'm H Y P E D!!!

  44. kaito tatsuya says:

    Jack Nicholson joker is wiser than I thought.

  45. OldNewGamer92 says:

    Have you done any research on the original? Like, at all? (And by research I mean watch Nostalgia Critic's video)

  46. The something else gamer YT says:

    Hahaha I love you guys!

  47. SolarPowered says:

    You missed out on making Emperor Palpatine into Chancellor Palpatine

  48. Jokerz X says:

    I always find it hilarious that the picture behind Palpatine in the intro is Ivan drago 😂

  49. Ahmet Göktuğ Göver says:

    I died when Vader Popped up! XD

  50. Nehad Mohamed says:

    I think my principal went there

  51. Latoya james says:

    Poor penny

  52. Kim Joo Law says:

    Pennywise 😭😭😭is ok

  53. typical erick hoodiniLT says:

    so the emperor has been the cafe for 30 years and explain everything

  54. typical erick hoodiniLT says:

    did hishe spoil stranger things 3 and 4 with a demogorgon in 1989

  55. Prime brix says:

    But soon he will have his chance!

  56. Alex Atterbury says:


  57. Milton Alves das Neves says:

    4:34 Vei,até o Demogorgon de Stranger things está aí kkkkkkkk

  58. ZOMBIE SLAYER99 says:

    They should make a michael vs jason movie

  59. Esther Hulst says:

    Just love that intro

  60. Alex Gonzalez says:

    Bro they have stranger things

  61. tught Yught says:

    4:33 i thought u dint have voice

  62. Mc Gpp-5 Gonsarou says:

    0:56, 😈This Is You,😂Falling To The End Of Your Movie.

  63. nilson correia says:

    Poor penny

  64. toopoop 07 says:

    Pennywise: Um Where Am I
    Chucky:Your in Underground

  65. This Channel Name Good says:

    i got snapped out of existance

  66. DyDyMiDi says:

    3:15 sheldon that u?!

  67. Cool Man says:

    Is anybody else watching this in 2019

  68. samuraiboy497 says:

    Why do I like jokers voice ?

  69. Justina Fulwood says:

    Make how stranger things should have ended

  70. PiNkí88 says:

    Awesome jack Nicolson impersonation!! And just all round cool in general 👏🏻😂

  71. Graceable says:

    4:34 – 4:37 That is the Demogorgon rom Stranger Things!!!

  72. Eagercheetah20 W says:

    I want to hear a full version of the Halloween theme from this video

  73. Sherlock Strange says:

    damien back in the alternate hishe endgame,but why is so different?? 1989+34=2023 and why he is so young??concidence???

  74. King Kay says:

    "Tasty tasty beautiful fear."

  75. Gabriela Guarisco says:

    The Joker, Freddy and The Emperor being therapist's to Pennywise 😂😂😂😂 This was too good.

  76. Lil Reece Williams says:

    So the movie was based off of 1989 but everything looked like the new days.

  77. Elaine Bates says:

    Penny wise:*screams loudly*
    Joker:Hallau it’s raining clowns in here
    Me:HA XD

  78. allaroundme says:

    I think this one is my favourite of all 🤗

  79. Jurassic Jameson says:


  80. vendeter power says:


  81. EL LOBO says:

    Wow, pretty impressive. If you're ever looking for help, I'm a graphics arts student. But very cool man, very funny.
    [email protected]!

  82. Sans badtime 10 says:

    This year pennywise is getting his sequel

  83. Sans badtime 10 says:


  84. Deska Vlog says:

    Demogorgon ❤️

  85. Sam Daniel says:

    Please man stop show the predator with the evils

  86. ALM production's says:

    Isn't that right Jason Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha …

  87. Jacob Michie says:

    anyone else find it both funny and so fitting that the joker is giving scaring lessons to what amounts to an eldritch horror?

  88. Sebastian Velasquez says:

    Make a how should have starger things end becuse the demgron make a cmeo

  89. Joseph Chabaud says:

    How it 1990 sould have ended

  90. Moses Perez says:

    You wanna eat damion!? 😆

  91. Moses Perez says:

    Taking Manhattan isn’t worth talking about Jason….. 😆

  92. Matthew O'Brien says:

    When the Demogorgon comes in 😂

  93. Kronos says:

    What is that music on Damien!!
    Ive been trying to find it for so long but i cant find it…

  94. Yasitha Abeyrathne says:

    Where Everybody Hates your Face

  95. Aziz Shah says:

    UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Ben Hertzog says:

    Who is that alien at 4:35?

  97. Kevin Zhang says:

    And now there is an IT Chapter 2

  98. Justin Mays says:

    Joker of 89 sounds just like Nicholson

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