Victoria Elizabeth, the transgender magician from Newham – Londoner #25


I first started getting in to magic when I
was a little kid. Paul Daniels was on telly at the time so I
used to get magic books from the book club at school.
When I decided to become a magician, I largely wanted to become
that lady there in this lovely white dress with the chicken.
She’s making that chicken appear. I think it’s important to bring the glamour,
the dressing up back into magic which takes you away from
your grotty hum-drum life I find. I got made redundant in 2012 and once that
job was out the way, I just went full-time as a woman.
That was the only reason I was really staying as a boy, was to go to work.
Have a great show, thank you very much. Well tonight we’re going to go and do a show
on Battersea Barge. They do a cabaret there every month
and your going to get a great comedy magic show.
And if nobody laughs then it’ll just be a magic show.
I’m trying to remember my act, you know, when you get old
you start to forget what to do. I’ve never had a horrible crowd.
I hope they’re not horrible today. They might throw me off into the river.
Please welcome to the stage, Victoria Elizabeth. So it’s the gorgeous Victoria reporting for
duty. Well I used to put up with a lot of abuse
off people. And none of that happens anymore.
When I went full time as a woman that just stopped.
I’ve just had my boobs done, do you like them? You don’t?
Better get the audience to vote on the best act at the end.
Nobody ever comes to see me. Nobody knows me.
I just have to reach out for the audience, form a friendship from them and hope they
don’t reject me. House number three, Princess Victoria Elizabeth
ladies and gentlemen. The cabaret’s called cheese and crackers
so that’s what he’s going to give out as a prize,
which sounds like it’s worth winning. Because cheese and crackers, I like both of
those things. But I never win, I never win anything.
I’ve never won anything in my life.

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6 thoughts on “Victoria Elizabeth, the transgender magician from Newham – Londoner #25”

  1. Whetsit Tuya says:

    Beautiful lips and adorablicious voice

  2. Fronika says:

    You look good, Victoria.

  3. Mike Ryan says:

    That's an artistic video.  Victoria was artistic too.  Wit – did you all notice?

  4. sam meredith says:

    Victoria looks fantastic , I do magic myself. Perhaps we could do some creative magic and create a double act together .

  5. abutts02 says:

    She definitely passes for a cisgender woman.

  6. Aggie The Border Terrier says:

    Beautiful! And talented xx

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