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Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy
vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and this is our very first show so Iím excited to
have you with me here today. It is New Years day and I hope you all had
a wonderful New Years Eve. The first day of the year in case some of you have made resolutions
to switch to a healthy diet or switch to a vegan diet and your feeling like hmm, what
will I make now? I really want something wonderful and satisfying.
What can I make? Well Risotto great way to do that and weíre gonna do a squash risotto
so that it will leave you feeling nice and full and it will be creamy and wonderful. So what Iíve started with is I have my squash
cut up and I have it in a pot on the back burner here and itís just cooking with a
little bit of boiling water at the bottom. I salted the water before I put the squash
in and itís been cooking on the back there just to get nice and soft to be incorporated
into the risotto as it goes. I used very little water so that any of the
nutrients coming out of the squash could be added into the risotto as it cooks. I also
got some water heated back here as well to be the cooking liquid for the rice. Very important
when youíre making risotto, the cooking liquid that your gonna add slowly through this dish
needs to be hot. So Iíve got that heated right now and the
first smaller liquid that Iím gonna add is actually some honey wine that Phil made and
it works really nicely in my risotto so Iíve got that just sitting next to the burner so
that its fairly warm as well. And the front pot here Iíve got heating up
and itís just nice and hot now so Iím gonna add some olive oil and your just adding enough
to cook the onions. So probably like a tablespoon maybe two depending
on how many youíre creating for and the nice thing about adding the oil to a hot pan is
that its gonna spread out, itís gonna thin out so you donít need to use as much so we
add it once the pan is hot. And I put my onions in here so Iíve got the
onion all chopped up and just throw that in the pot. You should hear bit of the sizzling
but not too much. We donít really want to be frying the onions just getting them nice
and coated in the oil and weíll cook them until theyíre translucence. So not quite
brown, theyíre just nicely cooked. And Iím just stirring the onions here to
get them all coated in the oil, itís gonna seal their flavor in as they cook with the
rice. So Iíll just give you a peek of what the
onion looks like so theyíre not brown but theyíre just translucence so that they start
to look shiny. Thatís what youíre looking for. Ok! And actually the next thing Iím gonna add
is the seasoning so a little bit of salt and Iím gonna use sea salt, unrefined, keeps
its minerals. Table salt doesnít have many minerals left and Iím also using fresh thyme.
For those of you who donít know what thyme looks like fresh, there it is thatís actually
from our garden so Phil does the gardening, I do the cooking. And as we throw that in there, you just give
it a little squeeze with your hands with your fingers just pinch it, it will helps release
the oil. It also makes your fingers smell good. Yeah! And just throw the rest in there. Grains
are fairly blend so you can be pretty liberal with your use of herbs. I like the combo of
thyme with squash and weíll just add more salt than Iím gonna stir this around so that
the thyme gets infuse with the oil. Really adds to the flavor of the herbs when
it gets mix in with the oil and Iíve got about a cup of rice which are good for two
people as the main dish and risotto is nice and creamy so itís good as the main dish. And you can see Iím using sharp grain brown
rice, most risotto will tell you to use Arborio rice which I can only usually find in white
variety but any kind of short grain brown rice will work. The key to risotto is having a slow cooked
grain thatís gonna release its starch. So long grain brown rice wonít work for this
kind of recipe. Alright! the thyme is looking like its nicely moisten by the oil so itís
time to add the rice and thatís gonna go in right now without any cooking liquid. And Iím just gonna stir it around so that
the rice gets coated with oil and you could leave this to cook for a few minutes. It doesnít
need to, itís a flavor thing. The rice will have more of a nutty kind of flavor, if you
let it cook for a few minutes here. What Iím gonna do is just get it coated with
the oil and then Iím gonna add in my honey wine which I just have half a cup and again
it needs to be warm so that it doesnít shock cool the grain. Pour that right in, stir it around and you
wanna keep moving this until all of the wine has been infused into the rice grain and youíll
see them expand a little bit and this is the key to risotto is adding liquid a little bit
of a time so that the rice grains release their starches and thatís what makes it creamy
without having any kind of dairy or nut base cream in it. You can add some in the end if you like but
you donít need it. Isnít that great? Ok, Iím gonna let this sit for a little bit and
soak up the wine and perhaps Iíll have a little bit of wine myself. Alright! So you canít cheat on your risotto,
you gotta wait until the wine is all been absorbed, thatís the way to make it really
nice and creamy. So Iím getting really close so what you do when itís all been absorbed
is you take some of your cooking liquid. Iím using water over here that you have just barely
boiling. I took one soup ladle full and add it to your
rice. And then just keep that heating over here and keep it stirring this over here.
Stirring also helps to bring out the starch of the rice which is how it gets creamy so
the more you stir, the creamier itís gonna get. And if you want to make something really rich
and satisfying thatís the texture you wanna have so keep stirring. Not kind of dish that
you can just leave and go work on your computer but you know what? The more attention you
put into your food the more nourishments itís gonna give you and the more satisfaction youíll
feel from having made something really delicious. Alright! Iíve got the last bit of water just
absorbing into the rice now and Iíve used three cups of water because I like it really
moist and creamy risotto but if you like yours a little bit more sticky you can add less
water. And Iíve turned it down a bit becasue Iím
gonna add the squash now and if I keep it high I have to stir the risotto too much and
my squash which I like to keep a little bit whole together will get broken up. So I turn it down a bit and Iím gonna put
the squash in here with its cooking liquid so I have to get that absorbed in the rice
as well but itís got nice nutrients in it from the squash so Iíd like to keep that
in the dish. So weíre just gonna be really gentle now
and not to try to break the squash up to too much. So Iíve got our bar nap squash risotto
ready to go just sprinkle a few roasted pumpkin seed on top there. Crack a little bit of black pepper and Phil
and I are gonna kick back with a little glass of wine and enjoy ours. Hope you enjoy yours
and I hope you enjoyed the show. Iíll see you again next week. Happy New Year!

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