Using your Library: Entering the Library

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Entering the library. If you are entering the building from the ground floor, go up the stairs found within the ground floor lobby, or use the lift to the left of the ground floor entrance, you can alternatively use the stairs outside the main library to reach the first floor. When you reach the first floor, the entrance gates and the welcome point will be infront of you. You will need your university card to enter and exit the library. Please remember, hot food is not permitted past this point. If you do not have your university card available, you can receive a temporary day pass. To do this, please go to the self-help kiosk, to the right of the welcome point. To use this, you will need your normal IT username and password, and to follow the on-screen instructions. Please keep this day pass with you for the rest of the day as your library card will be deactivated for the entire day. Enter a gate with a green arrow showing. Scan your university card across the glass sensor to open the gate. You will also need to do this when you exit. If there is a problem when scanning your card, please go to the welcome point and wait for a member of staff to assist you. Please note the gate number that you attempted to go through, as this will help staff to resolve the issue. If there is an alarm when exiting the library, please step away from the gate and wait for a member of staff to assist you, again, please remember the gate number to help staff solve the problem.

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