Using your Library: Booking an accessible study room

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Booking an accessible study room. To book an accessible study room in the main Library, University House Learning Grid 2 or the PG Hub, please use the booking link found on the Library website. Alternatively you can use the door controls outside each room
for same day booking. On the Library website click on Using the Library and then Accessibility. This will take you to a page listing the range of services and
technologies available to customers with disabilities or learning differences. To proceed, click on Accessible Study rooms. To proceed, On this page, you will find a description of all our accessible study rooms. Select the room that is suitable to your needs and and click on Book here. At this stage you will need to enter your University Username and password. When selecting Room type, a drop-down menu will display which rooms you are eligible to book. Select a specific date and press Continue. You can check the details of the room by clicking on the Information symbol at the top of the booking table. Select a slot, click OK and then Confirm. You will then be taken to the confirmation page. Please note that no PIN number will be provided. All you need to enter the room is your student card. The booking details will also be sent to your Warwick
email address. For same day booking, you can also book the rooms using
the units outside each door. Just press the Booking availability button on the touch screen. The door unit will show the available slots in green, which you can then highlight using the touch screen. To confirm, please scan your student card on the reader located underneath the timetable. If the room is available and you have booked the current slot, just scan your card. The door lock will then be released and you will be able to enter the room. If you require any assistance, speak to a member of staff.

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