Use ePub Format Books on Your Kindle – Part 1A

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Hey, this is Bill Jelen from MrExcel. Hey, this is an optional step. This is a troubleshooting step. If you download the e-books, instead of getting
a .epub, you get a zip file, there’s one of two reasons that cause that, okay? And one of them could be my fault. Our shopping cart- cart software requires
us to have electronic products delivered by- as a zip file. So, if you buy something from MrExcel or many
other sites, it’s going to show up in a zip file. But some people have epub files up there and
as you download those, depending on your browser, the browser thinks it’s smarter than you
are and it renames it to be .zip, alright? So we have to figure out which one of the
two we have. Now, by default, you’re not going to see
the extensions for this so we want to turn that back on. So we understand that we have a zip file. If you don’t see this menu bar in Windows
Explorer, you want to press the Alt, A-L-T key, to get that back and then go to Tools,
Folder Options, click on View; and right down here at the bottom, Hide extensions for known
file types, uncheck that. Click OK. Then we can see that we have .zip and .zip. Alright, now if it’s due to the shopping
cart and we double-click the zip, all we’re going to see inside is a single epub file. This is easy. Right-click, copy, go back up to the previous
folder, right-click, paste and you now have your epub. That’s situation one. Situation two where the browser’s renaming
it, it’s not that simple. When we double-click, we don’t just see
a single epub file, we see a whole bunch of stuff. And in fact, if we go into this folder, we
will see all of the texts, all of the images, hundreds of things inside of here. When you have one of these, it’s actually
simpler to solve. What we have to do is right-click, Rename,
and we’re going to change the .zip to .epub. Now, Windows is going to warn you, ‘hey,
this might cause problems’. Yeah, okay, I understand what I’m doing. It’s not going to become unusable. Yes, I’m sure I want to change it. And gee! I really wish that the browser wouldn’t
have changed it on the way down. Alright, so when you end up with the dots
of file, it’s going to be one of those two issues. Just double-click and see what’s inside. Single epub file, extracted, copy, paste. If it has a whole bunch of contents, then
you are going to want to just rename it from .zip to .epub. And again, you may not be able to see the
extension unless you go to Tools, Options, View, and uncheck Hide extensions for known
file types.

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