US Senate Race 2018 Washington State Matthew Heines 12 Point Plan 0 BS


My fellow Americans and my fellow Washingtonians
I sit before you, really dumbfounded at the facts that I’m sitting before you asking you
to vote for me for the United States Senate but the fact is, I am sitting before you asking
for you to go for me for the United States Senate. Now did this ever happen? Well, I don’t want to spend a lot of time
it’s just going to take me a minute or so to explain why I’m sitting here telling you
to vote for me for the United States Senate. The first thing I’d like you to understand
is that I’m a student of history. I studied history at Washington State University,
I’ve always loved history. The first book I ever read was called among
the Shoshone by a man who lived among the Shoshone Indians captured as a white in the
frontier days. I’ve always loved history, I’ve always loved
learning about things that happened in the past. Now my love of history has given me a lot
of education about the history of this country, and some of it’s good and some of it’s bad. And what I want to talk to you today about
is that we are going into a very difficult time. You look around you, and you can tell yourself,
I don’t have to tell you things are not getting any better. And all you have to do, is look no farther
than your politicians. Because the politicians you’ve been electing
for the past 30, 40 years have been nothing more than corporate employees who have gotten
into office and do nothing but further the agenda of corporations. So, is this the kind of world that we’re going
to continue to have? Because right now the corporations control
basically everything. They control the whole election process through
their control of the media. Through things like Facebook and through all
of the social media sites and then, the delusional, dishonest people in our Senate and House of
Representatives keep talking about how Facebook or the Russians or somebody manipulated the
elections were more than 1.3 million illegal aliens voted and nobody’s mentioned anything
about that. So if you are like me and I’m sure you are,
you say enough is enough. It’s the keystone of my campaign. We’ve had enough and I’ve had enough and that’s
why I’m running for the United States Senate. Now why should you elect me? Was going to keep me from being a crook just
like anybody else? Well, as the Scriptures say,”By their works
you shall know them.” I’ve been a teacher all of my life. Out of high school, I didn’t go to law school
my folks were poor, or my mother was poor. I had to go to the Army just to afford college,
but I did. I did my duty, I didn’t go and serve as a
cook, or something. No offense to cooks, cooks are great. But I served as a paratrooper and I was in
the special forces and at any time I could have died. What I got out of the military I found out
that it didn’t matter for much. In fact, it didn’92t matter for anything. Well, I see that it does matter. In fact, when I got into education they really
went after me when they found out I was a veteran. So I’m here to stop all that. And I say that it’s time that, there are a
lot of people here that hate this country. And that’s fine, they can live in another
country. There’s lots of countries that would take
them. So, if you don’t like America it’s really
time to rethink what you even doing here. But I think that it’s time that we Americans
band together and we really examine where were going and what’s happening with us as
far as the people were living in that the country, how much control the corporations
are having, how much the banks are having control of our lives. I’m going to be talking about, I have 12 different
agenda that I would like to see carried out. And I think that not one is more important
than the other. I believe in social justice and I believe
in equality and foremost and with what I’92m doing now I’m just trying to level the playing
field for all Americans. This country, right now the rich basically
turning the poor on each other with their racism, their media and the way they exploit
people’s fears. So, we’re going to stop that and we’re going
to hold people accountable for that. I’m not here to tell you that I’m going to
make your life so much better. I’m here to address problems so I’ve got 12
things I’m going to do. If you like what yo hear so far, continue
to watch. And if you agree with me, vote for me in the
next election. Support me, and I guess I’m going to need
money so, you can donate to my campaign as things go along. So, I Matthew Heines I’m running for the United
States Senate. I’m not here to get rich I’m not here to further
anybody’s agenda or anything I’m here to protect the United States and to make the United States
safe for everybody and nothing else. So, I hope you watch my next video on how
we curb and why we need to curb the government’s deficit spending thanks for your time.

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