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♪ [music instrumental
throughout] ♪>>Anita: I advise new freshmen
and new transfer students, to visit the library
early in the semester. Get to know the library
as a place. Know where journals
and books are shelved. Know where quiet study areas
can be found. Look for the Writing Center.>>Jessie: The interesting thing
about the Writing Center is that you can actually come in with
a project at any stage. So if you’re just trying
to brainstorm and figure out what you want to write about, we are more than happy to help
you with that process as well. If you want any type
of feedback we try to do a collaborative
tutoring approach to help student writers
actually become more confident and better writers,
and offer the services of cultivating those skills
that you’re going to need throughout your whole
college experience.>>Renee: The Writing Center
really helps you to like organize thoughts. It’s not
just the, the writing of it, but the whole construction
of it, of the paper.>>Quinard: I go to the Writing
Center a lot because my, my teachers love it. And I guess
they tell them about it. And when I turn in my papers
there, they are much thorougher, and better quite frankly,
when I go to the Writing Center.>>Naru:
It’s very helpful because English
is not my first language. I always need help
for my writing.>>Anita: Look for the area
where students can get help with technical problems
related to your computer.>>Bea: We are a free resource
for students who need help with any technical
or software issues. We also offer virus removal
and malware removal. And we’re always around
to answer your questions . no matter what it is. We’ll be happy to point you
in the right direction.>>Anita: The library has
wonderful areas for students to collaborate, large screen
monitors that you can group around and work with
other students.>>Renee:
We always had like our, [whispers] our group
meetings really quiet, like down in,
down in the main area. And then when I realized
like you could you know, rent out rooms it was just,
it’s really great, the boards, they have TVs. And it’s really good
for whenever you have big projects where you’re
studying together.>>Anita:
There is a common area. There is a cafe for that
coffee break. There are many places
for students to be comfortable, to socialize,
to get to know your friends. So that when students have
that very first assignment they don’t have to spend time
looking around. The students can focus on
finding those resources that will help with
a particular topic. Feel free to speak
with librarians when you’re starting a project.>>Leith:
We are here to serve the students,
and the faculty and staff. We are eager and very, very
interested in helping students. Whether it’s in a whole
classroom of students that come into our research labs
or if it’s just one on one. That’s what we’re here for.>>Quinard: I feel very
comfortable approaching the librarians because I mean
they’re, they’re always really helpful. And I usually get lost
in the stacks. And they, you know, they’ll
come up there with me and walk me exactly
to what I want, and suggest other things also.>>Helen: If you
find that you need resources that are not held
at this library, we have access to three
university libraries. We call it ABC Express. “A” for Asheville, “B” for Boone
and “C” for Cullowhee. You can request items from any
of the schools online. And it will be delivered. This system is free.
And it’s very popular. And if you have any questions
about how to use it, we’re happy to help you
navigate the system.>>Nancy: Inter-library
Loan is a system in which books and journal articles are
borrowed from other libraries throughout the United States
and Canada for your research. And we can help you
find those materials. And we can get those for you
within a few days.>>Leith:
The hardcopy books are still very much a part
of libraries today. However we have thousands
and thousands, if not millions
of potential hits to various full-text scholarly
databases that we subscribe to.>>Quinard:
J-STOR and LexisNexis are scholarly academic research
engines that you can use to find your articles. And those are the articles that
the teachers look for in my, for my degree in Management. And I used to have to, you know, search everywhere
on the internet to find them, through maybe Google
or another search engine.>>Barbara:
The things people are probably most aware of is all
of our great e-resources. This is the group of things
we offer for you that are available
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from wherever you are. Hundreds of thousands of online
full-text journal articles.>>Ave: All those scholarly
articles will really help you out for papers that you
have to write so that you don’t have
to read an entire book. Just read a really focused
specific piece.>>Anita:
We have a number of tutorials that will help you
learn how to use resources. There are other guides. There are research guides
that will help you focus on particular topics.>>Helen:
This is the place where we have many of the special materials
that are not able to be placed on the general shelves
in the library. It includes books,
oral histories, documents and manuscripts,
“realia” which means objects. We have a lot of primary
resources. We have two huge photography
collections up there that are all local photographs
from the region. It’s an interesting place
to do your research or just simply to study. It’s a good place
for that as well.>>Chris: One of the
main things that we do is we circulate equipment. We have a collection
of audio-visual equipment that students and faculty
and staff can check out for any academic reason. We’ll be glad to do a test run, show you how to operate it
if you are taking it off-campus. If it’s on-campus, we’ll provide
the technicians and the training to help make
those events happen.>>Kent:
Video production services are offered on the lower level
of Ramsey Library. Students can reserve
the television studio for classroom projects. And our production assistants
help students use the green screen, record
audio in the audio booths, or use the interview set to
conduct a small group interview. Students can also reserve time
to use the edit lab. And one of our
production assistants will help them assemble
their projects into a final presentation
for their class.>>Anita: The library is
designed for your comfort and for the best learning
experience that you can have. So we welcome students. We welcome faculty. We welcome creativeness
in our library.

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