unboxing youtuber’s books | ZOELLA! SHANE! et al.


hello! contrary to popular belief and to
the disappointment and dismay of many I’m actually not dead!!! (aww 😮 ) so you know…. what
does the G stand- stand for? the G stands for nothing cuz I’m SITTING *forced laughter* when you subscribe to my channel and you click on my videos this is the type of quality content that you sign up for so just a disclaimer don’t say that I didn’t warn you you are you can’t sue me anymore since my last upload your girl’s just been busy doing important things- as you can
see in my face I’ve just been GETTING THICCER no really I’ve never had such
bad grades in my entire life like me and my last three brain cells
really out here breaking up I don’t even know if they’re gonna come back together
like you know the Jonas Brothers or if they’re just gonna be like Jason Derulo-
I’m riding solo i’m riding solo…. solo let me show you what I’ve been reading- I’ve been
reading hold up- ok -whAT where is the book that I’ve been
reading i’m -oh- ok I I’m reading a book I know I know – you
don’t have to clap for me you can sit down okay y’all sit down granny’s gonna
take you through her war stories from back in the day
I’ve always been an avid reader ever since I was a young child but I feel
like young adult was like the catalyst that got me into reading a lot especially Hunger
Games Josh Hutcherson may or may not have had quite a large proportion to do
with it when I saw him in the trailer and I thought oh who is the spice but
I’ve been trying to get back into reading so okay yes okay I remember I
used to be the b* read like two books a week 100 books a year I’m now 200 pages in
and it’s been three months but baby steps okay baby steps and what type of baby
am I talking about? an ant not even an ant a bacterium you feel very inadequate
from 19 to ages of 25 you have this pressure to have your life sorted and
everything’s amazing I feel like everyone goes at their own different
pace so don’t feel pressured to move your timeline in a different speed okay
some people go 100 miles per hour they have every blink every breath they take
scheduled into their daily routine and other people just live life as it is but
it’s fine don’t don’t feel you know under pressure
to go at the same pace as everyone else because we all have our own pace okay started off being as a metaphor for why
I’m reading so slowly but it actually became fake deep and um Yeah, just Stop
Deeping It yeah? TWO k 19 so thank you for listening to my ted talk 🙂 if we come to
like month six whatever that is I haven’t reviewed these two yet UNSUBSCRIBE what do booktube channels actually do? right consumerism we make
book unboxings I used to make a hell of a lot of book unboxing videos back in
the day when I was a solid booktuber right but I stopped doing them because I
don’t agree with the idea of unboxing THAT’S MY OPINION go back to my roots and just take a very
typical booktube oh my god this is so heavy because I just bought so much stuff with
my money okay hopefully that also used to happen a lot everything is falling
apart just like my liiifffee I’ve had this little pile
for months because I thought to myself if I actually buy some books
maybe they’ll motivate me to actually read and it’s been so long that I don’t
actually you know what books that I ordered anyway I’m gonna explain my
reasoning to why I stopped making book hauls it’s because okay I understand the
concept of making unboxing videos for like tech for example or if you’re
having like if you’re ordering like monthly books subscription boxes cuz
that that that is cute you know what I mean? they have like glitter and like… nice fancy
paper and stuff but like oh my gosh okay this what am i showing you what’s inside
here nothing it’s literally just a package so tech things are expensive and
not everyone can afford to buy tech stuff so it makes more sense to review
things straight out of the box but with a book what am i showing you like hey ha
this is the cover and um this is how thick she is oooo look at all those pages
you know she THIIICCC look how my unboxings used to go is I
used to be like look at this book I’m so excited to read it I don’t know anything
about it because I haven’t read the blurb so to me it just didn’t make sense as
to why I would continue to make book unboxing videos because what is the
purpose but to be fair though what’s the purpose of like anything now it’s just
getting deep so I’m gonna read this and I’ll review it sometime in the future so
this is like me trying to get my white jeans off like why is IT SO TIGHT Why
when did I order this and why did I order this???????????? It’s girl online by my favorite
youtuber this is girl online by Zoe sugg it was published in 2014 and it received
a lot of controversy because first of all people say that it was sh– secondly
there was a whole controversy because it was ghost written and she didn’t
explicitly state the fact that it was ghost written so she was basically
claiming that yes I am a writer I write even though someone else wrote the book for her and she just didn’t it was just the fact that she didn’t acknowledge [it].
I’m not the target audience for this but it’s about a girl who becomes a famous
blogger so yeah this is gonna get me straight back into reading oh my god I must have been smoking crack when I added this to my shopping cart and I ordered these books what why do actually want to
cry why and Why Am I Holding THIS DOESN’T EVEN have a blurb (it ended up being on the inside) look at the background what
even is this uh-uh I’m disgusted suddenly I’m blind and I can’t I can’t
see you have to listen okay this line is actually gold hello ok
what is the magna carta what is the declaration of independence Jake relates the most hysterical and
intimate details of his life thus far all with the signature humor honesty and
unstoppable attitude that have won him millions of devoted followers $12.99 are
you kidding me I was shocked to learn that Jake Paul had a book out and I was-
does that boy know how to write? He can barely speak English how’s he gonna also be out here writing books. I’m actually dead the title is here are full ass like
and dead ass just YouTube video titles listen to this- the most fun night I ever had
and that was before I met Miss Teen Texas in person in BrAcKeTs first date
tutorial 10 thoughts I’m having right now Alyssa violet five things I know
about Jake THAT YOU DON’T The mystery of my shaved eyebrows (lol relate) solved like with any
good unboxing video you always leave the biggest box last because you have to
keep your viewers enticed waiting thinking “She GONNA OPEN THE big ASS BOX yet?! wHat’s in thE BOX? Oh mY goD iVE never seen a BOX IN MY LIFE” it’s always an Amazon box
and apparently I’ve already opened this do I really hate myself what am I doin-??? It’s adultolescence by Gabi Hanna I believe this is a poetry book
yes it’s an illustrated poetry book by Gabi Hana
oh OK this I actually don’t mind so much this is the amazing book is not on fire by Dan and
Phil I feel like back from the OG youtubers the only people I still keep
on watching is A) Shane and B) Dan&Phil and D&P are like sometimes as well. I probably watch Shane more don’t know if this is like a collection
of- interviews? oh this is actually very interesting look at this an absolutely
remarkable thing by Hank green it gets worse a collection of essays by Shane
Dawson author of I hate myself same I think the way that my brain was organizing this was I wanted three
fiction books then I wanted to see how it compares to sort of like the
autobiographies so we have obviously Dan&Phil and so we have Shane Dawson who I
still stan I know people don’t stan him sometimes but I feel like Shane
Dawson is really changing the game of what youtubers are possible capable
of doing he’s out here being a director he does make mistakes but everybody makes
mistakes everybody has those days clearly this was a mistake
I have to read and review because I’ve said it now I’ve spoken it into
existence it’s okay to not read 700 books a year or own physically all of
these books if you feel like it helps you then it’s fine don’t feel as if you
have to have a massive bookshelf with like 600 books in order to be a reader
or an order to you know fully belong to the community because I know like you
can get sucked into this whole consumerist mindset of feeling the need
to just be on top of reading everything but just look at me yeah I’m a booktuber… Do I even read? When people are like “yeah divya do you read books?!” I’m like I’m like I read book singular so it’s
fine hopefully I’ve inspired some of you guys
to feel less like crap because I also used to be in the position where I just
saw all these people buying so many books and they were reading like book
upon book and book book and I just felt like I couldn’t catch up but you know
what I’ve taken like a five-year break and it’s fine
you know we stopped Deeping it okay it ain’t that deep
2 kay 9teen the progress may be slow but progress is progress who knew I was gonna
be an inspirational Ted talker as well as a booktuber I’m really out here doing
the most you know? so yeah this is what an unboxing video is I’ve opened some boxes showing
you books and Thank You booktubers and yes okay bye If we come towards the halfway-mid–
what MONTH are we in okay

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