UGA Study Abroad in Oxford, England

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(gentle piano music) – [Izzy] The most surprising
thing about coming to Oxford was how it just feels
like you’re in history. You walk outside and the
buildings are so old, half of them are older than our country. Everyone here was so warm and welcoming. They’re also very responsible,
very easy to get along with. Everyone’s just down to have an adventure and explore the city. – [Omkara] There’s such a variety of beautiful architecture,
beautiful landscape. UGA students are great, but there’s also a
whole world beyond that, and being able to interact
with Oxford students and getting their thoughts, and even just the people
in a different city, you go around, you talk to the waiters, you talk to bus drivers, you talk to just people
you see around the city, and you get different perspectives
on the world, on life. (gentle music) – [Carolina] There’s nothing
like running past a willow in the morning or seeing
swans asleep in their nest. It’s just something that’s very cool and it kinda distracts you from the fact that you’re actually working out, (laughs) kinda like, wow, I’m here. Another part about being
here, the tutorial style, meeting one-on-one or
two-on-one with the professor rather than having 20 kids to a class, you make such a strong connection in the short eight weeks that you have. They know you, they know
your thinking style, they watch you grow as a student. – [Omkara] It’s an opportunity
to take a greater initiative than ever before in your own education. In the tutorials you want to be engaged and do your work ahead of time. You’re fascinated and you
enjoy those conversations. – [Izzy] Studying at the
University of Oxford, it made me feel like I could
believe in myself a lot more and fulfill my potential. From academics to the environment, the culture, the people, everything, I don’t think anything could
have been any more perfect. (gentle music)

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