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Electronic resources work is constantly changing. As with most resources that we acquire
The first step is identifying needs from researchers, faculty, students
or subject specialists who say “this is important for us”. We trial e-resources so that users have a
chance to experiment with the interface and see if the content
is what they’re looking for. Simultaneously, other players come into the
game — the licensing team. Virtually all our electronic resources have
a license agreement to ensure that we have terms and conditions
that meet our user needs for use as well as data privacy
and perpetual access. That’s one component to ensure that we have
the operating systems and the software requirements for the resources
to be usable. Whether you’re on your phone or on your
desktop on campus or you’re out doing field work
we make sure that the resources are available. Moe than one person can be using e-resources
at the same time. Generally, that’s what we try to license
for. Sometimes there are restrictions based on
vendor or cost. Then there’s the money: ensuring that we
have enough funding in place and whether it’s a one-time purchase or
if there will be ongoing costs. Maybe we can’t afford unlimited access for
everyone but we can afford six seats simultaneously. People can be working on a project using the
same resources even from different parts of the world. We’re doing what we can to work with publishers
to provide more Open Access content to support platforms that publish in an Open
Access way. We’re trying to be mindful of the needs
– that’s why we’re here.

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