U.S. Senate: Swearing-in of Chief Justice & Senators


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100 thoughts on “U.S. Senate: Swearing-in of Chief Justice & Senators”

  1. Ben Smith says:

    200 years from now, HBO will make a miniseries about how badly the Democrat Party destroyed themselves with their stupidity and hubris and their extreme lack of plain common sense and logic and critical thinking skills. I plan to be alive to see it.

  2. Glenn Leahey says:

    "all THEY have done since day one is to pick on this President". Well…in so many ways….his mouth and fingers have deserved some kind of direct response….but THIS probe…the information which came out of this Ukraine phone call///delaying the military aid in order to gain advantage in the 2020 election seems to MERIT impeachment..and now….removal from office. The Mueller probe was only connected to this Ukraine "mess" in that Trump has CHOSEN to run "fast and loose" when it comes to following certain norms of office. For me….when anyone says "THEY"….they're being divisive…better to use specific words like "Congressional Democrats" Yesterday, one of the Ukrainian brothers, who reportedly was "working" for Giuliani/Trump spoke at length on the Rachel Maddow MSNBC show. He seemed to confirm many of the allegations that were "on the fringes" of the Trump impeachment trial in the House…but NEW information tying most of it together, and placing DJT at the center of ALL of it. Again…a CHOICE by Trump….a BAD choice. More and more photos are surfacing of Trump and the rothers….together…posing. (embaressing) Photos don't lie….DJT does….regularly…with the balls of an elephant.

  3. God Gamer says:

    What time lapse they swore??

  4. wouldnt you want to know says:

    Trump is guilty.. They would want all the witnesses to testify if they were able to exonerate him. We will see if the Republicans will put this country before a temporary president since they come and go. This will be the test to see who their loyalty belongs.

  5. phantomkids888 says:

    What a big waste of time , taxpayers money , because DUMBOCRATS don’t like the President ! Need 2 year terms for all positions..just like the President.. need to get rid of LIFETIME representatives politicians! Funny how it seems those in office for many years are very rich .. on a government salary which is good … but not that good..what a sham DUMBOCRATS have been trying to get Trump out of office since day 1

  6. DrindyJones 00 says:

    I Democrats would look at the facts and not their own opinions and personal feelings/emotions. They would see that President Trump should not and will not be impeached.

  7. creatorr24 says:

    Case will be dismissed; trump win

  8. David Benton says:

    Another sham of a trial. This is going nowhere, doing this just gave Trump 2020

  9. Chris Johnson says:

    Hoax impeachment. The Senate needs to throw this garbage out.

  10. RQ -1136 says:

    The Trial of the Century

  11. MadJayhawk says:

    Warren came in late to call attention to herself. She should have waved her arms like a madwomen like she does on the campaign trail when she comes on stage. This is just a big circus.

  12. Natasha Trendell says:

    I wonder how much in tax payer dollars were spent on those impeachment party favours, that drunk Nancy Pelosi was passing out? What a mockery of the judicial system. She should be exiled to a poop encrusted tent on the streets of the district that she represents, while she's playing 10 martini chess.

  13. BEN- ny says:

    Why there is always holy Bible in the court, why not quran or any other religion book?

  14. Lourdes says:

    GUILTY !!!!!!!!! Remove Putin’s puppet.

  15. Misty Wisty says:

    They're all going to catch a cold touching that same pen

  16. Dylan KS says:

    Corrupt arrogant democrats accuse Trump of doing the exact thing Joe Biden actually did as seen by billions on video yet that is not what they impeach him for so they roll with obstruction of congress. Ha! Obama and all presidents did that hundreds of time with every bill they vetoed! It’s called separation of powers dim wit! Don’t like what the President does, take it to the third branch and take it to court with judicial. This is all political. No evidence or crime! Bi bartisan support for NOT impeaching. Waste of time and my money!!

  17. MrTimeless101 says:

    Whats going on with John Roberts hair.

  18. Neuby Doo says:

    God save America from tyranny 🥺

  19. Neuby Doo says:

    Trump is so innocent he suppressed & intimidated witnesses and withheld evidence.
    Republicans are traitors to democracy. And I will vote as republican wise guys.

  20. boombapboom says:

    So many SENIOR CITIZENS in that room.

  21. alondra says:

    28:57 Bernie Sanders!

  22. Maximus Alexander says:

    Do you swear?
    "I square"

  23. Erick W says:

    Not good when the chiefs justices hands are shaking the whole time. Doode is nervous as hell…

  24. Peek the Ankylosaurus says:

    Although I don’t support Trump, I think it’s scary to see just how divided our country has become to the point. Makes me worry for the future of our country seeing the tension between Democrats and Republicans will only become more serious regardless of the outcome of this trial.

  25. damien Smith says:

    Roberts sum to 33 in gematria. 33 is the highest degree in freemasonry. Check out Zachary Hubbard's channel for more info!

  26. J lc, says:

    reschedule iran leisure

  27. Taemin's Nose Mole says:

    Hoo, that one pen going through so many people. Flu germs be like 🦠🔊🎉

  28. marmar Blt says:

    I approve this message

  29. Katie Donovan says:

    To save the Party, there is only one possible outcome, despite all appearances to the contrary, this can only go one way if you expect there to be a Republican Party in 2024.

  30. Beth Weaver says:

    This is serious.I fear for this country.

  31. Ed Dee says:














  32. Ninja Potato says:

    Can someone explain the whole video to me like as if I’m 10 years old? Im actually twice that in age but I really confused

  33. Jack Chevy says:

    Lol these people taking oaths is absolutely ridiculous.. When you get a look at the people elected in this country it really makes you understand how stupid we our as a country

  34. Newton alomar says:

    28:53 The guy who's gonna actually fix things.

  35. puddin Tain says:

    US Senate….. Not Guilty can we go home now?

  36. Ace Edmond says:

    Everything the Deepstate and Left attempt will fail and accelerate their own demise…… "We are witnessing the destruction of the Old Guard… Q"

  37. jon doe says:

    Makes me want to vote for Trump in 2020 just to spite them.

  38. Cody Ellison says:

    I saw a lot of head shaking and what looks like impartial jurors on the republican side when taking the oath

  39. Olu Onamade says:

    This will always be part of US political history, positive/negative now depends on your political view.

  40. Spaceketeer Is in tha house says:


  41. elmagnificodep says:

    Facts don't care about feelings. The truth is this country is booming right now. If Pelosi spent as much time serving her constituents as she does focusing on Trump, then her district wouldn't look like a tent city dump.

  42. Grandma with 10k subscribers says:

    maybe I should run for president, you should know grandmas never tolerate cuss language or we will grab a bat😉

  43. Matthew James Davis says:

    Pelosi and her crack smoking Democrat gang are Treasonous.


    Disgusting !!!!!!

  45. antwalk 777 says:

    Wish i could carry on with my life while on trial I was innocent and still sat in that cold cell.

  46. jt directional1181 says:

    Remember in nov 2018 when all these dems got elected they told us they were headed to D.C. to get things done for the people not interested in playing house of cards???? How things change. The Democratic party doing everything it can do to destroy our economy. Won't work. He gets acquitted and re-elected leftist scum!

  47. jt directional1181 says:

    Read comments below. All these leftist talking about fairness and impartiality…🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🤦‍♂️ Because Dems were fair and impartial in the house when they Impeached Trump. OK. I'm voting for him this time.

  48. Eugene Bigay. 1990 American Skaters says:

    This is what happens when you try to drain the swamp, the swamp tries to drain you.

  49. shawn mann says:

    Democrats are scum

  50. shawn mann says:

    Not guilty

  51. shawn mann says:

    Fuck you Democrats

  52. shawn mann says:

    Democrats destruction of America

  53. Mar Lewin says:

    Roberts is not a good sign for the President. This is another take down effort of the deep state. Clever!

  54. The Way says:

    *Spoilers* The shame trial begins. Aaaand it is over. Trump wins.

  55. mini boba says:

    Can we just not have a government for once ?

  56. DC ROCK says:

    Wasting time and taxpayers money..

  57. Silent Punk says:

    Did Larry the Cable Guy was the caller early ?

  58. DouglassRobert says:

    Now if only we could get rid of all these career politicians and put in people who will get the job done, like active duty soldiers and commissioned officers!

  59. Joseph Martin says:

    IMO Congress not focusing like a laser on #5G-LTE-WiFi6-AR #Broadband #Drones #Infrastructure is the real crime against America , #Oligarchs behind Schiff are winning, since they push these Technologies to China, with whom they have already made a deal to keep USA distracted while Industry moves forward over there & stalls in the USA, the new slavery.Fact is America is captive of Fake News CEO's instead of new streaming technologies , Trump must set new course for 5G-LTE-WiFi6-AR for all Americans right now & end the Fake News Monopoly.IMO it's obvious every US Student must get apps that show them the whole #ElectromagneticSpectrum , graphically , visually,so they can see new Propulsions, new Health, Nutrition, Financial solutions, imo this is why God let's charged particles from the Sun interact with Earth's magnetosphere & create #AuroraBorealis , the magnificent show in front of us telling us the way forward .

  60. Deborah Rhoades says:

    Saying it does not make it so

  61. Rene Roman says:

    Democrats are awesome!

  62. epigmelo says:

    hes guilty as hell. in more ways then 2. only people who support his white supremacy ways. criminal business dealings. if you cant see already. then you just dont want to see the truth.

  63. Open Eye says:

    Do you swear on your life to bend the knee to these domestic terrorist more formally known as Democrats? I do.

  64. Valmor says:

    Chief justice Roberts Is a total phony I mean remember him pandering to Obama so he would be lIked.Not to mention you know he hates Trump

  65. R Hopzing says:

    It's so disrespectful to make people put their hand on the Bible. It pushes Christianity. The peer pressure to conform. There is supposed to be separation of church and state but I see that will never happen. Just like in the middle East where Islam is the state religion, Christianity is the state religion in America. The reason for separation of church and state is that it favors no religion or pushes no religion on others. Buddhists, Hindus and nontheists are not respected. Christian's really have no respect for others as pushing their religion reveals.

  66. BE says:

    This is like the ultimate reality tv show. seriously.

  67. J P says:

    When you leave out the emotional rhetoric and look at the limited evidence available, logic dictates he's guilty of these charges. Whether he should be punished is up to the Senate. Although a lot of legal terminology is being tossed around this is not a criminal trial. This is a political trial. Right now Trump's team controls the Senate. His team will acquit him. They were careful to not disclose evidence that would have swayed public opinion. The public controls who is elected next term. This is American Democracy… might makes right.

  68. Roger Lucas says:

    I was having a flashback on the Michael Cohen testimony

    Michael Cohen has message for Trump

    When closing his public testimony to Congress, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen sent a harsh message to Trump, and a warning to his supporters. #CNN #News

    while watching the senators being sworn in for the impeachment trial, and I superimposed the scene from "Spartacus" in my mind, with them all standing up to say " I am Michael Cohen"

  69. Thomas Jackson says:

    I hope Evangelicals tune in to see Mitch McConnell LIE TO GOD when he takes the oath to be impartial.

  70. Pam Smitty says:


  71. MrHalvnir says:

    How can you have DEM/REP who "SWARE" they can be "impartial" with all the hate & anger they stirred up ? How can the members of the body who are running for The Presidential Office be "FAIR & UN-PARTIAL" ? This is a 'trial', but it's not a fair one, more of a 'WITCH HUNT', or a political BEAT DOWN WITH THE DEMOCRATS SMIRKING BEHIND THEIR HANDS. THIS IS B.S. and they know it.

  72. Dahvid Delkene says:

    Lets just be grateful that 2/3 of the Senate isn't corrupt like the House is.The Socialist Democrats will still try to turn this whole thing into a clown show like the Kavanaugh hearings.

  73. Dahvid Delkene says:

    Look at that,all the Socialist Democrats running for President are going to be impartial jurors,imagine that !!

  74. MadJayhawk says:

    Keep in mind that this is not a real trial. Trial procedures do not apply. This is a political event. Democrats want this to last until November. They want to introduce more 'evidence'. If they call one witness they should call all of them. Do they really want to do that? They want to make Republicans look bad as possible. Parnas has given 6-7 different answers to the same questions. He has an agenda and is a criminal. Most of the Senate, including all the saintly Democrats, have made up their minds.

  75. BaldOldMan says:

    This is a sacred yet regrettable moment in the history of the United States of America. This video chronicles the start of the Impeachment Senate Trial. What you are witnessing is a rare moment in American History. I would caution all to remember one of the pillars and foundation of our legal system "innocent until proven guilty". The burden of proof (of guilt) lies with the prosecution (The Managers from the House of Representatives). The House of Representatives is given the responsibility to build the case against the President and to generate specific Articles of Impeachment. Each Article must meet the rigors set by the US Constitution as acts of Impeachment ("Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors"
    ). Unfortunately the term "Crimes and Misdemeanors" (in the language and understanding of the Founding Fathers) is misunderstood in modern terms. That will be key in this trial.
    The President will be allowed to defend himself. The Chief Justice will preside over the Trial, the members of the Senate will be the Jury.
    Unfortunately, the leadership of the House of Representatives, in my opinion, have mismanaged this process. They started the process on a false premise. They distorted the process with political bias. They corrupted the legal process by unjustly controlling: who was to be called as witnesses; what was to be said by witnesses; how the witnesses were to be questioned; properly allowing the defense to cross examine hostile witnesses. In a word due and speedy process was blatantly denied to the defendant. The way that Pelosi, Schiff, Adler and company have managed things is very disturbing. In a lessor court of law half of these misdeeds would not be tolerated. These offenders, in my opinion, are guilty of malpractice and the public trust. (That, by the way, is part of the intent of impeaching someone in civil office.)
    Impeachment is an unfortunate business. It must be done through the spirit of the Rule of Law as the Founding Fathers intended it. The Democratic Influence, in the House, has distorted that spirit in a shameful way. But I digress.
    Please, keep an open mind. Keep in mind the Spirit of the Rule of Law. What happens during these trial proceedings will affect this President and all other Presidents to follow. Put the shoe on the other foot. This is setting a dangerous precedent.
    I have great faith in the Majority Leader of the Senate and the Chief Justice. I believe these proceedings will be done in a legally professional manner. Personally, I don't think any of the Articles of Impeachment meet the threshold of Impeachment. I believe the Trial will establish that.
    I hope and pray that the Law will be administered in a fair and just manner.
    I hope that blatant politics, bias, and blind hatred will be kept out of the chamber.
    I hope that you will reserve judgement until the trial is over.
    I hope all the Jurors will do the same. (You would hope that a Jury assigned to sit in judgement in your trial would be fair and make their decision at the end. The presiding justice would instruct them to do just that.)
    I hope you understand that basic principle of our Justice System. What you are witnessing is a dangerous challenge to the Constitution of the United States…

  76. OTIS CAMPBELL says:

    As BARNEY FIFE would say , NIP IT IN THE BUD ! !💪🇺🇸🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸👎👎👎😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤳👀😎👀😎💪💪

  77. Haitham Mogherbi says:

    what a sham process; and for the Chief Justice to swear on the word of God (the Bible) that he would uphold the law is sad. We know what the Republicans have promised. Godless heathens masquerading as men of God. What a sham. Sham Trial for a pervert traitor who should be in prison.

  78. Haitham Mogherbi says:

    Keep supporting these traitors (Republicans) at the nation's peril; these traitors have sold out the nation to foreign investors (Chinese, Russians, Arab "sheiks", and other morally corrupt philanderers / perverts)

  79. Haitham Mogherbi says:

    God bless you? For carrying out the corrupt will of Mitch McConnell? Shame but the right has lost its moral standing

  80. Joseph Martin says:

    IMO all Senators, Chief Justice Roberts & Law Enforcement must demand to hear Evidence about 1 or 2 staff members of Schiff that had financial links to #Ukraine Gas Companies & their #Oligarchs, including #Burisma , as reported in the Media, these Schiff staff members links to #Burisma as well as contacts with the #whistleblower before he/she filed his/her complain are extremely important to understand the whole scam, many Legal Experts agree these conflicts of interests at Schiff office are at the center of any credible Investigation & Congress Vote.

  81. Benjamin Dada says:

    I'm not American but how can someone say that. In 1998 u impeached a president for lying under oath during a deposition. I'm sorry but if we can't hold people accountable for their actions and we continue letting them get away with it that is how world war II Started. Or are we forgetting that. We the rest of the world think America has become a joke and instead of u's actually looking at the evidence u are just talking. It was a quick pro quo. Yes he didn't specifically say it but do u really think he would have said it on a pwublic line knowing everyone could hear him. He said we should read the transcript we did and it was still proof he said we should read the Muller report we did, do u know what we found out that ur president is hiding something big. And u his supporters don't seem to realize it he has been bankrupt 4 times, he seems to be impeding every investigation. If someone is as innocent as they say they are why did he impede all the investigations. Why was it that when the Muller committee was set up he said it was the end of his presidency why is it that Muller said he didn't exonerate him but couldn't bring charges against the president. What I'm trying to say is that a leader is meant to lead. He should be able to take what ever is thrown at them and not throw u guys really think the Democrats are going to put out all their cards now I can get u there are more incriminating witnesses than we have already seen.

  82. arik lewis canada banker says:

    deputy you help me ,me refrensi for suryA palo politycal indonesia and prananda palo for study in usa political and she kill people eoropa give studi free and kill in usa very rich in indonesia aset for usa oke thaks militery call presiden donal trump for speack surya palo and fucking she wife

  83. Zebra tom says:

    Now every president is going to be impeached from now on .

  84. Tanya Lane says:

    Dont trust that Chief Justice hes the same one who fucked us all over with Obamacare!

  85. Wwe Fanatic says:

    👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 Nancy is working for ISIS.👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  86. KC Bowman says:

    Lordy, there are gonna be tapes (of GOP Senators forswearing their Oaths).

  87. duhduh jackson says:

    They talk about impartiality but how could that exist with dipshit bernie sanders and goofy grandma warren running for is that not a conflict of interest. This is complete b.s.

  88. ThothHeart Maat says:

    Donald Trump is on trial. This is gonna be good. I can't wait to see this. Get em Donald..

  89. Marcus G. May says:


  90. Victoria Alfred-Smythe says:

    why ad on c-span?

  91. Jeremiah Rios says:

    We could use Mr. McCain right now.

  92. Anton-Scott Goustin says:

    Mitch McConnell has proudly stated that he is NOT going to be impartial! Throw him in jail!

  93. megaohmz says:

    Semper Fi Mr President! After all the money spent on this, the guilty
    parties (democrats) should be held liable for all the tax payers money
    they spent. Over three million dollars, plus all the legal expenses.
    This debacle is one of the most ridiculous things the deep state has
    pulled. It just keeps getting better for Mr. Trump. Where is HUNTER? LOL
    The real trials will begin soon…Bwaha ha ha ha! [Jeffery Epstein
    didn't kill himself]

  94. megaohmz says:

    Semper Fi Mr President! After all the money spent on this, the guilty
    parties (democrats) should be held liable for all the tax payers money
    they spent. Over three million dollars, plus all the legal expenses.
    This debacle is one of the most ridiculous things the deep state has
    pulled. It just keeps getting better for Mr. Trump. Where is HUNTER? LOL
    The real trials will begin soon…Bwaha ha ha ha! [Jeffery Epstein
    didn't kill himself]

  95. megaohmz says:

    Youtube did the multiple posts, not me…What is really going on?

  96. megaohmz says:

    Youtube did the multiple posts, not me…What is really going on?

  97. King Peppy says:

    Anti-American Oath Desecrating Malversant Republicans.

  98. ricardo alvee says:

    I have no faith in government and expect Republicans to cover up for donald trump.

  99. Bon Lued says:

    So sad that the Demonrats are wasting our time, money and insulting us with their 🤥 made up fantasy impeachment nonsense. 😠😠😠😠

  100. Justin Brazelton says:

    Trump dosent care about his voters, unless they are rich.

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