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Twitch has music, and the Xbox One lowers
its price…again….. I’m Fig, and this is DB News! Twitch streamers now have a library of free-to-use
that will not trigger Twitches Video on Demand stream backup system.
This new featured is called, the Twitch Music Library. It currently has over 500 songs from
several record labels, and Twitch promises that more approved songs are on the way.
Chief Strategy Officer at Twitch, Colin Carrier states, “Our community has been vocal about
the importance of music for their broadcasts and their love of music in general. By working
with both established and upcoming record labels, we are now able to offer music for
them to use that is cleared for live broadcasts and archiving.”
With this new feature Twitch also launched a Music category where musicians can have
live stream concerts the same way people stream games now. With that, “certain established
labels and artists” will also be able to host radio-like shows and broadcast music festivals.
There is one thing you have to worry about. If you’re the type that sent their recorded
streams to your YouTube Channel, you may want to hold up on that idea. While those songs
are approve for Twitch, they may not be approved for YouTube. So you may still get a copyright
notice if you upload your twitch stream to YouTube. In other new, that surprises absolutely no
one, Microsoft announced that they will lower the price of the Xbox One to $349.99. Claiming
that the sale during the holiday season was so great that they are bringing it back. Mind
you, They only just raised the price to $399 after January 2nd. So basically, it took Microsoft
about two weeks to realize that no one wanted to pay that much for the Xbox One and $349
is the standard. Now let’s see if PlayStation matches any
time soon. Especially if this tactic leads to stronger sales by Xbox in the long run. Put your thoughts in the comment section below.
Thank you for supporting DB News, and as always – thank you, for being awesome!

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8 thoughts on “Twitch Music Library & Xbox One Price Drop | Digital Boundaries News”

  1. DBFig says:

    Twitch introduces music and the Xbox One sees a price drop! Find out more in DB News!

    Twitch Music Library & Xbox One Price Drop | DB News 
    #xboxone   #youtube   #dbnews   #twitch  

  2. LowTide Apparel says:

    I plan on buying an Xbone so this is good news for sure. 

  3. DBFig says:

    Thank you all for supporting DB News! I used a new technique to edit my voice audio. Hope it came out well. 

  4. Leechimane says:

    Keep on dropping prices for my pleasures

  5. ArjuRealm says:

    Im planning on pc 1,000 build

  6. werdman24 says:

    Definitely gonna get a One when I get my refund.  See ya on KI someday.

  7. The WiggyAlmighty says:

    price back and forth, that's why I won't feel bad about buying a PS4 around tax time

  8. TheeWendylove says:

    PS4 needs a price drop for meeeeeee. lolol XD Great video, Fig.

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