Tutt Library Renovation


It’s been very exciting to see the
vision for this building really come together the hope was that this would be
just alive with students and with faculty the academic heart of campus and
that has really proven to be the case the first day of classes day one of
block one the students flooded in they filled all of the spaces and it’s been
that way ever since the building is designed with a number of spaces in mind
a number of ways of engaging in sort of scholarly conversation if you start in
the garden level where there are the compact stacks and the special
collections it’s a quiet serious environment where you can really delve
into the scholarly record you go into the first floor and it’s this high-tech
hub you know where you’ve got the vis- wall you’ve got the Apple Genius Bar
you’ve got the GIS lab you know you’re in a 21st century university on the
second floor it really sort of epitomizes the academic hub and all of
the student success services that are here in the library you have the
Colket Center which brings together support for excellence in writing and in
quantitative research you have the research librarians who can help
students find the best sources for their papers and critically evaluate the
sources that they’re finding so it’s all of these student support services all in
one place and I’ve already heard from the library’s librarians and the library
partners that they’re engaging more with students and more substantial
engagement because I think as it’s all in one place it makes it easy and that’s also
really important for the Block Plan which the schedule can be intense and
having all of that together makes it so much easier for the student to explore
and to grapple with the ideas going on to the rest of the building the third
floor is where we have Susie B’s Cafe and Susie B’s Cafe is where everybody from campus comes it’s just that sort of sociable buzzy alive space and then the fourth floor has its grand views of the Rocky Mountains the sense of place that is so important for the
college is so clear there and the fourth floor is also where we’re going to be
starting our extended hours so that will be a place where students can both
concentrate on their work and gaze out and sort of refresh when they’re doing
those long hauls as we go forward we’re hoping to see student research art
projects performance events the things where sort of people can share what
they’ve learned and what they’ve discovered and their unique insights and
in this very public space where people across campus maybe just passing
through might sort of get this whole new idea sparked by something they
see in the library by an event they stopped in it by an image on the
visualization wall I think it’s really going to truly be a place of discovery
of both those focused searches where you’re chasing after a particular
question as well as sort of these chance encounters that come when you bring
people from across campus together in these different sorts of conversations
so it’s really exciting and I think it’s really what an academic library should
be it’s sort of the fully realized vision and we’re so lucky to have it
here at Colorado College

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  1. Om Prakash Shah says:

    The library is really beautiful. Such kind of advanced library really help students in their academics. I am Om Prakash Shah, a Nepali student and I will definitely apply to this college for undergraduate studies for fall 2019, within a month as it is one my top choice.

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