[T:TIME] HUENINGKAI’s Math Study – TXT (투모로우바이투게더)


[HUENINGKAI is studying for his exams between shoots!] [Study Mode On!] It’s hard Solving math problems is actually fun I liked math because it feels good to solve problems [HUENINGKAI is having a hard time solving a math problem] At home… -you tutored me once
-Yeah I’m good at math Do you have any questions?
I’ll help you out You’re good? This equation problem [Will SOOBIN solve the problem…?] But, you know You probably forgot these
[SOOBIN’s flustered by the tough problem!] Don’t. Shh. Be quiet
[SOOBIN’s flustered by the tough problem!] Do you want to see the instructions? Mm-mm. I already know [SOOBIN’s not a quitter! He’s still on the problem…] What was I doing? I should square root this. Then…
[Did SOOBIN finally get it?] Four and x plus one…
[Did SOOBIN finally get it?] -Then it should be one half
-Yeah Then the three is the same Then it becomes 3x-1=x+1 If you get rid of these 6x-2=x+1 If you move this then 5x equals… Can you do the one you did earlier?
[SOOBIN was able to save face during the math lesson!] Okay, okay, same deal
[SOOBIN was able to save face during the math lesson!]

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100 thoughts on “[T:TIME] HUENINGKAI’s Math Study – TXT (투모로우바이투게더)”

  1. TXT Moonss says:

    1:27 Did Yu guys see how Hyuka Looked at Soobinnie? 🥺🥰🥰

    #sookai moment ❤️

  2. Anelim Prros Bv says:

    Hueningkai me representa a mi en cuarentena v:

  3. H.H says:

    thanks bh for posting this video, I miss HueningKai so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  4. آحُلُآمٌ مٌقًيـدهِ says:


  5. alison contreras cornejo says:

    Que lindo!!! Quisiera que soobin también me enseñe :'<

  6. lynn Diaz says:

    this gives me motivation to do my homework ㅠㅠ

  7. Imaselly says:

    Es el mejor vídeo que he visto (llorar) 😭😭❤

  8. IsabellaCristinaass MeloDeAndrade says:


  9. Adriana Rosell says:

    Que bonito TXT😊😊😊😊

  10. D.earmin says:

    so hyuka was learning something that im learning in my 9th grade class. Soobin, mind helping me? i dont know how to do it either

  11. •ɖıơŋყรυร 4'08• says:

    Remember what Soobin once said?

    "You don't have to learn complicated math formulas"

    "We have a calculator, why should we learn math?"

  12. Camila Ibarra says:

    DON'T MAMES SOOKAI (ok no)

  13. Baeh Engko says:

    Don't study tooo hard… 😅
    Enjoy your life😊..
    Fighting 💪…
    MOAxARMY always love #TXT

  14. Iana Marie says:

    Hueningkai, I am in Advanced Math and Calculus. I think we're in the same grade. I can do it for you. $1/problem:)

  15. Rossmery - says:


  16. beomgyu skz says:

    احباب قلبييي

  17. Its_just_kat says:

    Sometimes I forget he’s still in school-

  18. Sukaina Reza says:

    01:55 time to fall in love with Soobin

  19. Kpop Stan says:


  20. 이리지아lovely iridia says:

    Normal people: "wow, Soobin is actually good solving math problems :0"

    Me: "OmFg iS ThIs ChICkEn NoOdLe SoUp PlAyInG iN tHe BaCkGrOuNd??????"

  21. Selene Contreras says:


  22. Sunshine- Kun says:

    그들은 너무 귀여워 나는 진지하게 그들을 사랑합니다

  23. a k says:


  24. wiliam ethan says:

    Them So work hard to study😀💙💛

  25. maggieee says:

    i lost braincells while watching this

  26. Mainy Moon says:

    Kai its so cute, my heart 😘️😊❤️❤️❤️
    And soobin too

  27. Yaretzy Fernandez says:

    hyuka is supposed to be on the last semester…those exercises were way to easy and im in 4th semester bruh

  28. Busen Debbarma says:

    Pass the math and start fighting

  29. V R says:

    He should go to Namjoon next time 😂

  30. Brittany Adelayda Hudgens says:

    son tan HERMOSOS !!!!

  31. Joselyn Vidal says:

    am i the only one that has learned this stuff. i'm in 7th grade. I am confusion(._.)

  32. 134340 says:

    What I learned is Sagittarius like or at least will help you with your math if you ask them

  33. jacky th says:


  34. нттpyoonggυĸ says:

    I hate math with a burning passion. My math teach doubled it too! I swear he doesn’t teach me correctly. Like, I’m good, I just need it explained thoroughly to understand. So like one -on-one is good for me

  35. حو ر says:


  36. حو ر says:


  37. cecil park says:

    귀여웡 ㅜㅜ

  38. Monserrat Aguirre says:

    Solo vine a decir……. Sookaiiii 💞💞💞😁😁👌👌👌👌👌♥️

  39. Sofia Rivas says:

    But did he solve the problem tho?!?

  40. Ms. B. U. Tiful says:

    Wait. Did Soobin solved it?

  41. Biggie Boo says:

    Soobin: hates math but is actually good at math
    Meanwhile, me: Truly hates math and truly is bad at math

    Feel me?

  42. ABBY JOANNE says:


  43. 계속잠들지못한밤 says:

    아 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 귀여워

  44. Ysa• •army says:


  45. Ysa• •army says:


  46. Jennie Mateo says:

    heuningkai is so cute
    support heuningkai and other members of txt

  47. Jimin_ Store says:

    I don’t even know MATH even when I’m in 6th grade

  48. Hosanna Tandi says:

    this would not be me

  49. Miro Vio says:

    Kai is like my youngest sister, asks me to help her with her assignments, Soobin is like me, would do it all instead(I'm not bragging, I felt bullied😢) 😂

  50. Magda Hernández says:

    0:02 Song??

  51. ユンギペンBTS says:

    Soobin is kind!
    I wish you were a good brother.

  52. 내 통장비번 최수빈생일 says:

    1:18 최수빈 목소리 실화냐 알람설정하고 싶다

  53. C.M.C C.M.C. says:

    SO CUTE💞

  54. Lola Gonzalez says:

    I really hate maths

  55. Peachy Kooky says:

    Tomorrow times together

  56. Mackie Beato says:

    Soobin is really a great leader
    He is there to comfort the member's if they need help 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    😁😁😄😄😊😊 great job soobin
    don't let us underestimate you for being a leader do what you learn and use it as an instrument to guide you and for the sake of all members 😊😊😊 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  57. Jhosse says:

    I love to see them happy even when they are solving math problems, I would already be losing my mind hahahaha

  58. 방탄소년단RV_Seokjeonmin7 says:

    Hahaha fighting!! You can do ittt!!

  59. 방탄소년단RV_Seokjeonmin7 says:

    So tell me, Soobin's answer correct?

  60. 해빈 says:

    시험공부해 아 너무 귀엽다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  61. Ava BTS Stan says:

    ㅏ먀 ㅜㅈㄷㅇㅁ 내ㅐㅠㅑㅜ 랙 ㅗ디ㅔ ㅐㅜ ㅗㅑㄴ ㅡㅁ소 ㅙㅡㄷ제가 솜ㅅ ㅑㄴ ㅓㅕㄴㅅ ㅁ액ㅁㅠㅣㄷ

  62. r h i c e k i m says:

    the problem is soobin hate the marh subject hahaha

  63. Kali PF says:

    I’m hueningkai in math

  64. Firevulkannn says:

    Home boy bout to fail becase of soobin 😭😂😂😂😂

  65. 이수아 says:

    아 맞아 고3이였지…

  66. Mary Bickham says:

    You young me stay safe and healthy

  67. priki says:

    hueningkai, math, and study in one sentence is just absolute clownery

  68. priki says:

    soobin: i'm good at math
    also soobin: why do you need to memorize complicated formulas when we have calculators?

  69. kanika k says:

    i wish i was still in algebra… even tho i'm hyuka's age…. i miss it.

  70. ersa chika says:

    수빈이 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋ

  71. 이소민 says:

    하아..외국인..같이 주접떨고 싶은데..온통 영어야..하아..한국인 어딨어요?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  72. Lovly Jk says:

    I want soobin to teach me math

  73. Sook Min says:

    Que lindos 💕✨

  74. Nana says:

    Pake branly mas easy peasy

  75. khate Garcia says:

    Why am I imagining things like RM teaching ningning? hehe😍🥰

  76. john tamala says:

    I hate math but ended up taking a Mechanical Engineering course HAHAHA ( dying laugh )😔😂

  77. Choi soobin says:

    An answer is x=3 Soobin ah

  78. hhaiev says:


    soobin: doing the math

  79. SingsInSnippets says:

    oh god every time I see them in a uniform I'd automatically feel like i'm in an Anime series… and they the popular ones and I'm nothing just casually staring from afar lol

  80. I M says:

    Soobin : i hate math
    Also soobin : good at math


  81. Jjunii says:

    Kai’s laugh 🥺💜

  82. Iphone Phonehouse says:

    You can come to Cambodia 🇰🇭,please 🙏🙏

  83. Iphone Phonehouse says:

    You can come to Cambodia 🇰🇭,please 🙏🙏

  84. Владимир Степанов says:

    (CROWN) Virus

  85. Владимир Степанов says:

    corona • virus

  86. Владимир Степанов says:


  87. Владимир Степанов says:

    Thieves • Xperia • Together

  88. Владимир Степанов says:

    corona • MINUS°

  89. Владимир Степанов says:


  90. Rhianne Lois Valentin says:

    Heuningkai's habit while studying is tearing of the sides or corners of the pages. 😞

  91. Sʜᴏᴏᴋʙɪɴ says:

    Soobin during Vlive: I hate maths
    Soobin in this video: I'm good at maths

  92. myoidfxx 29 says:

    Now I think how hard and tired they are study when they already become an idol…
    Definitely it's not easy

  93. babi says:

    that's so cute pls he's helping his little brother 🙁

  94. Muskan Shaikh says:

    All the best baby … I pray that you stay healthy and your exam goes nicely ….

  95. 전민주 says:


  96. khairat the good girl says:

    What name of that song in the beginning?

  97. emmaidn says:

    Soobin-ah~ you are the type of kid that my mother want

  98. Sharon B. says:

    Hyukas more popular then the Talk x Zero episode 😂 also watching Hyuka studying hard made me feel motivated to do my homework too 👉👈😅💛

  99. MASTER CHIMS says:

    this is me and my seatmate trying to solve a one problem in math🤦🏻

  100. memewarlord says:

    i need to know what song is used on the opening

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