Trying out the Prima Foil Watercolor Coloring Book


– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here, welcome to another video at
my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going
to be showing you this watercolor coloring
book, and it’s from Prima, and all of the images
inside are foiled. Half of the book
is in silver foil and the other half is in gold. And the images are
really really beautiful. I showed kind of a
sneak peek of this book, in my last video on Friday,
and I wanted to break it out and do a little bit of painting on maybe one or
two of the images, just to try it out
and see how it works. So, I thought I would show
you each one of the pages before I get started, and
flip through and show you all the different images. I really like that all
of them are floral, because I don’t know about you
guys who like to watercolor but I find myself really
drawn to watercolor flowers. And I really love to paint them, and it’s hard to
freehand paint them, especially if you haven’t
had a lot of experience drawing flowers
or floral images, so having these already
on the page, foiled, ready to go, it’s a great way to experience
watercoloring flowers. And in particular I really
like that these are foiled because the foil is a
really slick surface, and so it repels and resists
any of the watercolor you put on top. So it’s a little bit
like when you use a heat embossed image and
then watercolor over the top, it’s a little bit like that, because it will kind
of keep your colors contained within the shape. But then also it’s more flat. So you won’t have the
same kind of like, mountains and
valleys, and barriers, as you would with
heat embossing. So this is kind of fun, at
the very back of the book, I wasn’t expecting this,
they have some postcards that are printed and
you can paint them and cut them out and send
them to friends or family. They also have
some smaller tags, and, with a lot of
different sayings, and some just have
flowers or lines. And then they have some
tags and bookmarks. So I thought that
was just really cool, I didn’t even realize that these were in
the back of the book, it’s kinda like a
little extra bonus. So I’m gonna go back to
one of the postcards, and that’s the image,
or the project, that I’m going to
be working on today, I’m gonna work on the
top one right here. So I’ve just cut
that sheet in half so I’m only working with
one of the postcards. And I’ve taped it
down to a hard board, and this is gonna help
the paper to dry flat after I’m done painting. So I put down some clean water, and now I’m just
bringing in some color that was already in my palette. I’m using my Mission Gold
watercolors from Mijello, and I tend to not
clean off the palette after I’m done using it,
I just let the colors dry, and then I can reactivate
them with more water the next time I’m painting. So that’s exactly
what I did this time. I just used the colors
that were already there. So I have no idea what colors
I mixed to make those colors, but I think it’s kinda fun. So I’m adding some soft colors, kind of like a soft gold green, and then also more of
that kind of muted, kind of aqua color,
and I’m using that as some nice soft watercolor
around the flowers and also filling in the
gaps between the flowers. I used my heat tool to
speed up the drying process but if you don’t
have a heat tool that’s specifically
for heat embossing, you could definitely
use a hair dryer or something like that. That would definitely
speed up the process. I’m now painting the leaves that are in these
little clusters. And I’m dropping in a couple
different colors of green, a lighter green and
a more intense green, just to get a little bit
of a different color shift. I then took a nice
golden yellow color and added that to the centers
of the smaller flowers. And then I’m gonna
grab some red, and I’m gonna bring that
in and add it around the outer edge of the flowers. And it’s going to pull some
of that yellow to the edge, and have a nice mix
of color on the paper. I like to do this,
especially on flowers, because it gives a more
organic color change. So, this paper from Prima, if you’ve watched my
videos in the past, you might know it’s not
my most favorite. (laughs) I’m not the hugest
fan of this paper, but you know what,
painting this with the foil and doing really
simple painting, it doesn’t really bother
me too much right now. And the soft colors I
used for the background, I really love how that dried. I think that turned
out really well. And so I’m not, I don’t hate
it in this coloring book, I don’t know, I’m sure
it’s the same paper, I doubt that they’ve changed it, but if they have, I
notice the difference. I have no idea why. I think, part of why
I’m really loving it is that, for the most part, the images in the coloring
book are really wide and open. And so you have a
larger surface area to kind of work with the paper. And you can do a nice
wash of color, let it dry, and then do another
wash of color on top. So I think maybe that
might be why I like this a little bit more. Granted, the painting
I’m doing today is one of the postcards,
so the images are smaller, so I’m not sure how that
would come into play. So I’ve finished
all my painting, and I’m just hitting
that with my heat tool once again to speed
up the drying. And you can see in the light that that gold
foil is so pretty. I love those really
kind of faint watercolory colors and
washes on this postcard, I thought it was
really really pretty. So I’m using some scissors
to trim out the postcard. And then I’m going
to address it, I’m just going to grab some ink, and then I’ll add
someone’s address on there. So, I’m using some sepia Bombay
ink from Dr. Ph. Martin’s. And I put that into
a smaller container and I’m using my
pointed pen nib, and a pen holder
from You guys have seen
this particular pen
holder in the past, in previous videos, and
it’s one of my favorites, I really love how it works, and I’ve just been really
in love with it recently. So this is another address that was shared
with me on Facebook. Not too long ago I asked you
guys if you had an address that you were comfortable
sharing with me, and that I could
possibly use in a video. And Kathleen shared her address, and I thought I would just
send her this fun postcard. So, I’m adding some little
swirls and swooshes, and then here is her
complete address. Hope you guys enjoyed
today’s video. You can purchase this
foil watercoloring book at,
or at Amazon. As usual I will have them linked down in the video
description below or in the show more
section at YouTube. And also at my blog in
the supplies section. Thank you so much
for watching today, and I will see you
in my next video. Thanks for watching. (soft acoustic music)

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54 thoughts on “Trying out the Prima Foil Watercolor Coloring Book”

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